Ken Bates Saves Football League Chief’s Skin – Its 3 Up 3 Down Time

Leeds United President Ken Bates and the Championship sides have saved Football League Chairman Greg Clarke’s skin in a vote of no confidence that has split the top and bottom of the not so merry 72.  His successful motion ‘to dismiss concerns and move on’ might even see a big enough split in the Football League to help the up-coming Conference vote? Yes the Portugal Jolly aka the Football League AGM is under way with the 3 Up 3 down vote looming.

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Mister Bates and the Championship clubs are welcome to their £4 million+ each (see below for the latest League cash carve up) but naturally we Conference fans want three promotion spots.  So Ken and co’s defeat of  a vote of no confidence led by League 2 clubs – the very clubs we would love to back us in our  Fair promotion and relegation cause (an act akin to turkeys voting for Christmas) – has led to an almighty rift and some bad feeling.

With the Premier League graciously giving its ex-members £60 million in parachute payments the gulf between the haves and have-nots in the Championship is harder to bridge than promotion to the elite band of 72. Add to that the lack of a sponsor to replace NPower and the little guys are feeling miffed. Eighteen League 2 clubs backed Gills owner Mr Scally in the mutinous no confidence bid.

I think solidarity negotiations have been poor and I think there are different agendas that he (Greg Clarke) has failed to address. I don’t think he has led the Football League into new pastures. We don’t even have a league sponsor at the moment. I think that’s a scandal and it should have been done a year ago, maybe two years ago. I don’t think he has led the league particularly well.”

The collapse of the £21 million three year deal B & Q deal, will certainly hurt League 2 clubs even if their cut of the New £5 Bn Sky & BT TV deal has grown. Those in the Championship not receiving parachute payments will get £2.3m each ( plus £2 million from their  cut of the League’s own 3 year £195m deal) . League One clubs will receive £360,000 and League Two clubs £240,000, equating to  a 6.6% and 5.4% rise respectively and split the remaining £17 million a year TV deal very much in the League 1 teams favour.

Chairman Mr Clarke agreed to appoint a day-to-day chief Executive to help out, as a pre-emptive strike ahead of the vote of no confidence. From a Conference point of view this latest development suggests his relationship with the smaller clubs is not that great, given they feel he does not do enough for them. As he has survived the vote of no confidence thanks to a counter proposal from Leeds President Ken Bates and the big boys, let us hope he and they continue to undervalue the League 2 clubs and vote for 3 relegation places from the League and help – dare we say it – the far less fortunate to enjoy some pastures new……………

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