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STMI Q & A David Parman Lincoln City Director

Lincoln City and TSM (Timber Stair manufacturers Ltd) Director David Parman has kindly agreed to do a Q & A with STMI.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

 A big thanks to Mr Parman for his time with this. So let us cut to the chase and find out a little bit more about David Parman,  the fan, director and businessman

1) What are your earliest memories as an Imps fan and who took you to your first games.

Sitting in the old St Andrews stand with my Dad 1975-76. And covering my bedroom wall with squad pictures cut out of the echo etc…


2) Who have been your heroes over the years

75-76 squad, John Ward, Derek Bell and Colin Murphy, who must be one of everyone’s LCFC heroes – Motorcycling would be Eddie Lawson – Modern day Footballer Ronaldo.


3) I know you are a massive motor racing fan too but how did you become involved with the club and how did you feel being in a position to help the club

Yes be it racing, sponsoring or running a team I have in some way or other been involved with motorcycle racing since 1984. However nothing is for ever and after coming back to watch the Imp’s with my son in 2010 the fantastic thrill I experienced as a boy watching the Imp’s at Sincil Bank with my dad was soon re kindled.

An invite into what is now the VIP Club by long-time supporter Jim Lammin and subsequent introduction to then Commercial Manager Tim Poole was the catalyst, that lead to my “involvement” in the Football Club.

Tim in-turn introduced me to our Chairman Bob Dorrian, whom by the way is someone I admire greatly and has my full support as Chair and figurehead of our Football Club.

Following a number of positive meetings and discussions I finally decided to join the Board and my involvement was announced just prior to the 2011-2012 season. Not an easy time to come on board i.e. post relegation and pre EGM – but despite the challenges ahead and all of the negativity that surrounded us at that time I was extremely proud and excited to be joining this fantastic Football Club.


4) You, David Featherstone and Chris Moyses came in at just the right times and your respective financial contributions have been massive along with the Chairman. Can you go into just how much you have ploughed in as a pretty much unsung hero it has to be said?

I think it’s worth mentioning that despite some major financial challenges primarily our relegation from the Football League and of course the economy, since February 2011 the Club and Board have “to date” managed to attract, four new Independent Main Board Directors, fresh Corporate support and as mentioned in your question seen a massive statement of intent from our Chairman Bob Dorrian. Given the current climate this level of support, commitment and investment is something that speaks volumes and should be held up as a real positive for the football club.

From a personal point of view the level of investment required to be offered a seat on the Board is well publicised as is the share register. Let’s just say I have not been shy with regard my commitment & support of the football club and will continue to help in any way I can.


5) Things have been made tougher off the pitch by a terrible run and circumstances on it. How close were we to going into admin and now that things have stabilised do you feel about the future prospects so long as results start to go right?

Let’s not beat around the bush – from the moment the final whistle blew on our 2010-2011 campaign and our defeat against Aldershot became a result, the financial continuity and in turn survival of the Football Club was going to be a major and very real challenge for the Club and Board. Although input from new Directors, the Lincolnshire Co-operative and Lindum Group certainly helped – without Bob’s fantastic commitment, administration “at that time” was fast becoming a very real possibility. It would be fare to say that without Bob’s valuable injection or an alternate cash injection introdced, administration would have been almost inevitable.

If you run a business for any length of time you soon realise the graph moves both up and down. In many business sectors a prolonged buoyant period is followed by a down turn in trade and when this comes you will have to very quickly re-establish the root costs of your business. This can be a very difficult and painful exercise, but realities have to be faced and Lincoln City has now faced its reality and done a fantastic job in reducing its costs.

After losing our parachute payment from the Football League the current season was always going to be an extremely challenging one, but having experienced the pain we are now a much leaner and fitter business than we were. With regard the future, providing we remain pro-active, grasp all possible income opportunities, control our costs, run an affordable pro-budget “and enjoy some much needed success” we will have every opportunity of developing a financially stable football club.

Success is a very important ingredient because while we remain based at Sincil Bank albeit “a fantastic footballing facility” it does unfortunately lack the type of facilities that will generate alternate “material level” income streams to complement down turns in gate revenue. Without a major investor or a complementary income stream only positive results and in-turn higher numbers of spectators will ensure the long-term future of the football club is a stable one. We all know how many imp’s there are out there and what a difference gates of 3500 to 4000 thousand would make to our long term future and of course chances of achieving the levels of success we all crave. YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!


6) All fans would love to win the lottery and put in a big wedge, but money aside, if your dreams for the Imps could come true, where would you like to see us in the foreseeable future? Go on be optimistic everyone could do with that right now.

First goal – Football League, but longer term I would love to see Lincoln City FC competing for top honours in the Championship.


7) What would be your Best Lincoln City 11

I am sure “HOOF” Grant Brown would be in the centre of my back four but right now I am 100% behind our current squad and will support them 100% win, lose or draw.


glasses 8 Best goal you have ever seen.

Really couldn’t say but really enjoyed Conner Robinson’s goal up at Gateshead this year.


9) Where did you first sit or stand as a lad?

Nearly always sat in the old St Andrews stand but also have memories of enjoying pie and peas in the left hand corner of the South Park end.


10) Best home game ever

I was there with my dad for the final home game of the 75/76 season, 5-0 against Doncaster Rover, what a fantastic experience for a young man.


11) Best away-day ever

Other than a cup game in the early eighties at Leicester City, 82 or 83 I think, I only attended home games as a youngster, so will save that one for the future.


12) What is your funniest memory Impwise?

Really can’t tell you, but still makes me chuckle.

Chairman Bob & CEO Steve ‘Q’s at BBC

Chairman Bob Dorrian and Steve Prescott were on BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning to face some questions with regard to Lincoln City’s current plight. Billed as a ‘Lincoln City call to account phone in’, it would serve as an opportunity for fans to call in, or email, to quiz the duo. To follow a synopsis of proceedings, although later in the day a podcast will go up and be available for seven days HERE

Thank you for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Mr Dorrian introduced himself, stating that he felt the role of Lincoln City Chairman to be an honour, for a lifetime supporter, introduced via his Granddad in the 1950’s.  He feels the role to be one of a figurehead who consults with the other directors , more a pass-time than a business one, as it is almost impossible to make money at the non-league level. Steve Prescott sees himself as one who sits side by side with the manager. His job is to keep the non-football cost down to a minimum. 

First caller ‘Steve’ quizzed the duo on what was being done to attract new investment and how the club is attempting to make itself look more attractive to potential investors.  Mr Dorrian confirmed that 3 directors had put in £75k thus far. There will also be a new investor in the new year. Talks are ongoing with another who is looking to put a substantial sum in. Mr Dorrian concluded turning on-field form around will ultimately make things most attractive. 

‘Dave’ questioned the board’s oversight, how they had sat on their hands over Tilson and why they appear to be doing so little to get people down to the ground.  Bob reiterated what he has said before. Peter Jackson had been more focused on his health and family. Chris Sutton looked a good choice given Martin O’Neill had agreed to provide us with free players after Peter Jackson had spent the budget.  Left-winger Somma had been a particular success, with Sutton turning him into a central striker capable of keeping us up.  

Dave then concluded that fans are not going due to the boards ineptitude, Mr Sutton did not warm to the fans and that the club is now down to 1500 because the football is dire where it should be 5,000.Although I may have missed a line, the central ‘Tilson’ question was not covered. 

A question with regard to how long David Holdsworth would last was defended comfortably by the Chairman.  The manager may lack experience but he has a lot of potential and the board have great faith in him.  A caller then phoned in championing the merits of being a director for the day at £125. This is also available for away fixtures where the experience extends to a ride there and back with opportunities to chat to the board and CEO. 

Stuart then asked about a price drop, another email had also enlightened us that Wolves provide entry for £25.  The CEO felt TV money allowed ticket prices to be subsidised by bigger clubs. He then went into the fact that the early bird scheme affords fans a £2 discount opportunity.  Season ticket holders at Sincil Bank enjoy entry at an average of £12 per game.  Mr Dorrian said that he would love to drop the prices but the club cannot afford to do so.  The Club had also brought in the flexi-pack which had given fans the opportunity  to purchase between 1 and 23 tickets at a £4-£5 reduction per match.  From Monday the 6 pack offer will return. The only detail given on this was that an Adult would be getting Co Op tickets at £14 per game. 

An email question asked about off-field costs.  Mr Dorian reiterated what had been said at the fans meeting. Staff had been reduced from 24 to 8. By the end of the year the club’s off-field costs would be half of the previous year with  Mr Prescott doing 3 jobs.

Joanna then asked what the budget was for this year and previous, by way of comparison. Mr Dorrian confirmed a pro – budget of £400k. The transfers of Carayol, Smith and other initiatives had seen this rise to £475k.  This had alloed Mr Holdsworth the opportunity to bring in Larkin, Fofana,  Oliver and Miller.  This season’s budget appears to be £200,000 down on the previous one.   The next question brought up average earnings. It would appear the current squad average is under £20,000, although this is spread across 44 weeks, the norm for non-league (£454.54 per week).  Mr Dorrian felt that a move to part-time would show a lack of ambition.

The next question moved onto the ground, who owns the land and relocation.  Mr Dorrian confirmed the council would be due 50% of any sales fee.  He was in conversation with regard to a ground move. He  and the CEO are due to have two meetings at two newly erected grounds soon.  The old stadium he feels is not fit for purpose.  Mr Prescott then went into how we were in pretty good shape and overdraft aside we are debt free.  Mr Dorrian confirmed that only 3 BSP clubs are solvent, of which the Imps are the most solvent. 

A caller asked about the notion of a terracing area within the Stacey West. Mr Dorian would like to bring terracing back but there would be a high cost and passed the question over to Mr Prescott. The CEO gave the figure to be £30,000 based on a feasibility study. 

A caller asked whether the manager could engage Lincoln’s large East European Community, by signing a player from those parts.  The CEO agreed that it was a market that could be reached but quality and cost are a factor. 

An email from a fan named Keith asked, baring in mind the £500k input last year with a recognised £150k short-fall at the time, whether the club was nearing administration.  Mr Dorrian replied that the club had received an extra £100,000 of investment in. He said that he could categorically confirm we would not be going into administration this or  the end of next season. 

Another email asked if the club would put the directors and their business interests up on the clubs new website.  Apparently this had not been done in the past but it could be looked into. The CEO changed the subject by stating that the clubs creditors had been reduced by £250,000 including outstanding amounts to Arsenal and Celtic.   This appears at odds with his debt free boast four paragraphs back.  Bob added that he was sure the fans will come back if we are winning. 

The next question asked if more youth players would get a chance in the first team as opposed to being sold.  Mr Dorrian confirmed that 5 of the youth system had been signed up to the first team in the summer.   Groundshare was next up and Mr Dorrian confirmed that he would be happy to ground-share.  (As an aside and for information only, Lincoln Ladies had tried to do so, electing instead to play their Women’s Premier League games at Lincoln United). 

With John Ward leaving Orient, the question of him replacing Mr Holdworth was next up. Mr Dorrian confirmed that he was on record as saying that he would not want to ruin his Lincoln reputation.  Mr Dorrian then pointed out that a manager only has a 5% chance of success. The Imps had been unlucky that Chris Sutton had decided to leave after 9 games after being afforded a good budget. 

Mr Prescott then brought up the Big game against Luton, stating that flyers would be going out and that there would be offers for children. No further details were given. 

To round off the hour, Mr Dorrian understands the Frustrations with him and appreciates it comes with the territory.  He feels if we had taken our chances this season we would be in a play-off position.  Drawn on tonight’s result he felt a point would be good.  Mr Prescott concluded that great work had been done behind the scenes to keep morale up. 

Later today a full unabridged podcast will go up and be available for seven days HERE

Matt Carmichael Q & A

Matt Carmichael played for Lincoln City, Scunthorpe United, Doncaster Rovers, Preston North End, Darlington, Boston and 12 non-league clubs in a 16 year career. He only turned professional at 25 illustrating the work ethic and determination he has to offer. He also inspires and these are just the traits that Lincoln Moorlands Railway need in a manager.  Lincoln City Banter and STMI thank Matt for his time and hope his troubles are behind him after a difficult last 6 months.

STMI Biopic
Full name Matthew Carmichael
Date of birth 13 May 1964 (age 48)
Place of birth Singapore
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Playing position Forward, Defender
Club information
Current club Retired
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
Durrington Rangers
Salisbury City
1987–1988 Wycombe Wanderers
Basingstoke Town
1989–1993 Lincoln City 133 (18)
1993–1995 Scunthorpe United 62 (20)
1994 → Barnet (loan) 3 (0)
1994–1995 Preston North End 10 (3)
1995–1996 Mansfield Town 1 (1)
1995–1996 Doncaster Rovers 27 (4)
1995–1996 Darlington 13 (2)
1996 TPS Turku 4 (1)
1996–1997 Aylesbury United
1997–1998 Ilkeston Town
1998–1999 Stamford
1998–1999 Boston United
1999–2000 Grantham Town
1999–2000 Stamford
2000–2001 Wisbech Town
2000–2001 Lincoln United
Teams managed
2012- Lincoln Moorlands Railway

1 You took most of the training sessions – how hard is the fitness training pre-season and what do the lads go through. Has it changed since you played

I have a philosophy that its harder to work with the ball than just running. We worked hard pre season and they never had conditioning coaches

2 Who was the best manager you worked under at Lincoln. 

Colin Murphy though had a good working relationship with Steve Thompson.

3 Who is the biggest mentor on your career and how did you get into the game?

 Not one person as so many good managers.

4 What tips would you give any buddling players out there and can they work on things on their own?

 Never give up on playing professional football I was 25 and Keith Alexander was 29.

5 Who were your football heroes when you grew up?

Kenny Dagleish, Glen Hoddle & John Greig who played for Glasgow Rangers

6 Who would you say you have tried to emulate.

 Foreign football. Spain

7  What was it like to debut for the Imps and make it as a pro?

As I was 25 I was shell shocked and started so well,was hard to keep it up

8 What was the first game you went to see as a fan 

Rangers v Celtic

9 Who did you follow and do you still support or ever see them nowadays given the chance. 

Rangers still support but not been for years.but did give Sutton some stick about Celtic.

10 Its been a long career and you have experienced some clubs on the slide and clubs on the rise. What are your best worst and funniest moments.

Obviously Rangers demise is shocking alongside Lincoln, Darlington at Wembley and Lincoln when S Thompson took over we went on really good run.

11 When you dust off your favourite medal, what emotions and memories stir?

Player of the year from the fans was special also goal scoring record at Scunthorpe still going today 19 years on.

12 With only 2 points needed how was the morale over that final relegation run in. How did you try to keep the spirits up?

 Morale was very low as never knew where next point coming from, am always a positive so tried to encourage lads.

13 Was it hard leaving the Imps?

 Extremely both times as have made this my home since murphy brought me here. Something you can’t understand unless you had a dream got it then lost it twice.

14 What is it like to be a manager

 I love it I’m not about shouting at players for getting things wrong but for not trying in the first place.

15 How is the squad shaping up?

Doing well starting to take onboard how I want to play and with belief they can play that way which is hard as keep hearing in kick and run league.

16 Any characters?

Craig Turner keeper really nice young man and great clubman

Anything you want to say to the fans

Would like to thank all the fans over the years who have supported me and made it a pleasure to be here.

Paul Musselwhite Q & A – Yes He Is A Pompey Fan

Paul Musselwhite is a cult hero with Scunthorpe United,  Hull City and Port Vale after a League career spanning 619 games.  He then went on to make 57 appearances at Gateshead as they gained promotion from the Northern Premier and Conference North in successive seasons.  A 619th League appearance as a sub against Southend would be our former player-coach’s  only game for the Imps. Now 43 he is on the verge of a return to the League with York City.

OK let us cut to the chase, here are his answers to the Lincoln City Q & A

Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngScunthorpe United FC logo.svg

Q – Lincoln or Scunthorpe Paul?? – Answer carefully haha
 – I enjoyed my time at both clubs but I did play over 250 games for scunny and had 6 years in 2 spells . Lincoln have always been a fantastic club and were unlucky in the play offs a number of times.

Q Who was the best manager you worked under at Lincoln – Jacko, Sutton or Tilson
 I enjoyed working under Peter Jackson and Chris Sutton . Peter thought I was good enough after a coyple of years in non league to be the goalie coach/no2 goalie which I took as a compliment. Chris just let me get on with it.when Burchy left he told me to sign who I wanted that showed me how much confidence he had in me.  I still think we would have stayed up if him and Pearcey had not resigned . Steve Tilson I felt never really fancied Joe Anyon which left me in a difficult situation.It was no surprise when he brought in Trevor Carson and Elliot Parish .I was also left in a dfficult position at the end of my contract where I actually never got offered a new one.

Who is the biggest mentor on your career and how did you get into the game?

I was lucky to have Alan Ball and Graham Paddon as manager and assistant and Peter Osgood as my youth team manager when  I was an apprentice at Portsmouth. Ossie was the first football person who gave me the confidence and belief that I could have a career in football.  Mick Buxton then signed me as a19 year old and made me his number 1. He had so much confidence in me and I am forever grateful that he gave me that chance.

Who were your football heroes when you grew up and who would you say you have tried to emulate?

My hero was Ray Clemence,  I always wanted to be left footed so I could emulate him. I was lucky enough to play against him for Pompey reserves against Spurs near the end of his career

Who did you follow and do you still support or ever see them nowadays given the chance.

I still support Portsmouth , its not a great time to be a Pompey supporter but I try to get to watch them when I can. I went to the 2009 cup final against Cardiff , it was a great day out .

How did you feel when you were signed as a youth by Pompey and who had you been playing for before.

It felt great when I got my apprenticeship at Portsmouth, being my hometown club and the team I supported. I had played for my local teams and all the Pompey schools and rep teams from about 10 years old. I was also on schoolboy forms and played about 6 months in the youth team the season before I became an apprentice.

Do you feel the gap between the BSP and League 2 is now close enough for a 3 up and 3 down system.

I think the difference between League 2 and the Conference is very narrow now. I think this has a lot to do with a number of ex-league teams being in the Conference. The Conference chairman would probably want 3 up 3 down but I doubt the league 2 chairman would agree to this.

Would you like to have a crack at management one day?

I have never wanted to be a manager its something I have never fancied plus goalkeepers dont usually make good managers


Onto your Lincoln Coaching role

How do you coach a keeper? Was Joe a good pupil?

I think you can coach young goalkeepers in all aspects of goalkeeping, technique, handling, positioning, crosses, diving, shot-stopping, kicking but I feel u get to a certain age and you are set in your ways. Most pro goalies are set in there ways so its a case of working hard day in day out , going over DVDs of games and talking through any problems. Joe had a fantastic work ethic not just on the training ground but also in the gym. Burchy was also the same as Joe, usually the first in the morning and the last to leave.

Are you a family man or are you planning to raise a future England No 1.

I am a family man, I’ve been married 18 years and have 2 boys aged 18 and nearly 16. . My oldest lad plays for Brigg.

As a coach you have to help lift the spirits, how hard is that to do and do you feel the Imps dressing room held up well under the circumstances across a season that saw improvement before that awful run. Was the relegation a bolt out of the blue for the players given we only needed 2 points after a decent revival had come to an end?

I personally did not feel it was a good changing room towards the end of the season, there was a lot of experienced players on the bench who felt they should be playing. I felt that everyone thought we would beat Cheltenham ,who were on an horrendous run ,and everything would be alright. When we lost against them it was then hoping Barnet did not win 1 of their last 2 games. I think one of the most disappointing things about getting relegated was that we had got our selves out of trouble and looked comfortable near mid table and it still amazes me now that with the players we had at the club we should have won at least 1 of our last 11 games.

Favourite food

I m not a fussy eater ill eat most foods but i like a nice spaghetti bolognaise or a nice medium rare steak and chips.

Favourite curry

My favourite curry is wimpish korma.

Have you any words for the Imps fans

A few words for Lincoln supporters……keep believing ,you have a fantastic club, I think you will get back in the league its took the club I’m at now York 8 years hopefully it wont take Lincoln as long.

Paul Musselwhite 28-04-12.png
Pic (Thanks Wiki)
Personal information
Full name Paul Stephen Musselwhite
Date of birth 22 December 1968 (age 43)
Place of birth Portsmouth, England
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight 14 st (88.89kg)
Position: Goalkeeper
Current club York City (player-goalkeeping coach)
Number 1
Youth career
?–1986 Portsmouth
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
1986–1988 Portsmouth 0 (0)
1988–1992 Scunthorpe United 163 (0)
1992–2000 Port Vale 367 (0)
2000 Sheffield Wednesday 0 (0)
2000–2004 Hull City 103 (0)
2004–2006 Scunthorpe United 82 (0)
2006 Eastleigh 8 (0)
2006–2007 Kettering Town 2 (0)
2007 Port Vale 0 (0)
2007–2008 Harrogate Town 8 (0)
2008–2009 Gateshead 57 (0)
2009–2011 Lincoln City 1 (0)
2011– York City 3 (0)

Exclusive Danny Lloyd Answers Questions

Danny Lloyd McGoldrick shares a passion for Everton FC with now departed Richard Butcher. A season ticket holder from the age of 4 Danny thrilled to the wingmanship of Andre Kanchelskis and Ryan Giggs before going on to try to emulate Arteta and Messi besides.  His cameos – 3 goals in 3 starts and 9 impact super-sub appearances, looked to set him up for an exciting full season next year, but alas this seems not to be.

Save The Mighty Imps championed him when he arrived, whenever he played and we are truly gutted that he has left the Imps. He has the ability and in the right side can thrive in the Championship just like DNG,  Mustapha Carayol and other ex-Imps wide boys before him.   The Imps cash limitations certainly make a mockery of Danny’s glowing impressions of our club. Still hoping to sign he is unrepentant –  “I also hope the imps go on to bigger and better things, a club like yours deserves to be in the football league and doing well”


Good luck to you to Danny. To cut to the Chase

the Danny Lloyd McGoldrick  

Q & A

Q Who was the biggest mentor on your career so far

A – Apart from my grandad, I would have to say it was Allen Smart (reserve coach at Southport).


Q Who were your football heroes when you grew up?

A – Duncan Ferguson, Andre Kanchelskis, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs.


Q Who would you say you have tried to emulate

A – Mixture of Giggs, Arteta and Messi.


Q What was the first game you went to see as a fan

A – Had a season ticket for Everton since I was 4 but cannot remember my first ever game there.


Q How did you feel when you were signed bySouthportand who had you been playing for before.

A – I joined Southport as part of the Youth set up, I was delighted to sign my first professional contract.  I’d also played for TNS, Stockport as a 16 yr old and Blackburn Academy for 6 seasons. I’d also played for Skelmersdale and Chorley on loan from Southport.


Q Favourite food

A – Nandos


Q) Favourite curry

A – Balti


Q Favourite position – on the field Danny on the field lol!

A –  Left wing.


Q Favourite goal (career)

A – Probably free kick for Skelmersdale…a proper 25 yarder – Top bin!!


Q –  Favourite goal for the Imps

A  – The one against Bath.


Q –  You were doing well at Colwyn Bay how did it feel when you got the call from the Imps.

A –  I was made up- because it was a great opportunity to play full time footie for a great club.


Q Any funny memories during your time at the Imps

A On the whole I’ve had a brilliant experience but I’d have to say it was when Tyrone Thompson came in wearing a proper Ragga outfit & it got cellotaped to the back of the dressing room door!!!


Q – What was your favourite moment as an Imp on the field

A –  Scoring against Darlington at home.


Last but not least  a parting shot from danny that suggest the fans hopes are not quite extinguished just yet………………..

If I don’t stay I would like to thank all the fans for how well you have treated me. Always tried my best and gave my all, would have loved to have stayed longer but if it’s not to be it’s not to be. I would like to wish everyone connected to the club, fans and staff all the best for the future and every success for the club.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png
Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick’s  Imp stats 2011/12
No 18 Comp Starts Sub Goals Assists Shots Fouls Fouled Mins YC RC
Winger BSP 3 9 3 1 6 7 10 572 3 0
Full Name Danny Lloyd-McGoldrick
Place of Birth Southport
Date of Birth 03-Dec-91  Age 20
Height 5’9″
Weight 11st 4lb
Teams Appearances Goals
Southport  0 (4) 0
Colwyn Bay 18 5
Lincoln 3 (9) 3

Rob Bradley – His Own Honest & Open Views

Rob Bradley will always be regarded as a hero to Imps , perhaps even the saviour of Lincoln City in our time of need 10 years ago.  With Lincoln City Banter looking to try to change things at the Trust to a point of even getting our shares back he answers some key questions and pulls no punches as ever.

You were one of the people who helped form LCSTrust, and held numerous important positions. You were also on the Supporters Direct Board and held the position of Vice Chairman. You were on the Board of LCFC and were Chairman for around 5 years. You rejoined the Trust Board last year after resigning and have now resigned again. Could you explain why?

A – I didn’t want to look like a serial ‘resigner’ but, much as I like the people on the trust board, I couldn’t stay involved when in my view some fundamental trust principles were ignored when the holding company thing was decided. I helped set up the trust, have been involved on and off for quite a time, and I just cannot get my head round the governance of the club being so fundamentally changed for the first time in the club’s history and it not being put to the members for their views. As a trust we should have also pressed for the club shareholders to have been consulted too. We always used to say that if anything major needed deciding, trust members would have their say, and the trust reps would take their views into the boardroom. That was how the whole thing was supposed to work. They weren’t even asked.  


With it looking like there will only be 6 or 7 Trust Board members by the AGM, has the Trust lost it’s credibility with members and fans alike?

A – The trust needs a strong dynamic board. It needs to have a queue of people ready and waiting to join it. Within the board there should be candidates all keen to put up for election to the club board. Those that are keen to represent the trust on the club board should have the skills to make a telling contribution in the running of the club. The trust should be battling to grow the membership and raise thousands for the club. The trust should be open, engage with fans young and old, and be seen to be an organisation that people want to be a part of. There are literally hundreds of fans organisations at clubs at all levels that would kill for what Lincoln City have got – a stake in the club they support. I’ll leave it to others to assess how well our trust have done over the last few years. 

What are your views on the new set-up at the Club, and are you in favour of the Holding Company?

A – To be honest I haven’t a clue how the new set-up will work. I have severe reservations because their hasn’t been a football club in history who split their governance into two companies, and years later everyone said how great it was. Usually it’s been the opposite. I can see trouble with it in the future, but if it works out, attracts investment, and serves LCFC well then I’ll eat my words. And my hat for that matter. Without doubt though, the new company should have been set up after the whole proposal had been OK’d by existing shareholders. For years people have been implored to buy shares, and then this idea comes along and they find out afterwards. If existing shareholders are happy with that then so be it.

Why was Jean Foster, the Gold Member representative on LCFC Board not offered a place on the Board of LCH?

A – I think you should ask people who have responsibility for this who are still involved.

The general view of shareholders left in LCFC is that their shares are now worthless, and in the (unlikely) event of a ‘takeover’ would not be required to be purchased by any investor. With Gold Members holding well over 200,000 shares and around 2 million held by others, does this mean, in your opinion, the Gold Membership scheme and other purchases of shares in LCFC (excluding any major investment that would be transferred across to LCH) will inevitably start to dry-up?

A – If I had a few grand to spare (as if) I wouldn’t buy shares in LCFC Ltd. There may have been some value in doing so previously but it doesn’t seem so now. However I’m an Imps fan so there are other things to invest in like youth sponsorship and so on that might still be attractive. It’s the dilema of not agreeing with recent changes but not wanting to stop helping the club.  

Are you in favour of one million Trust shares being transferred to Lincoln City Holdings Limited, and if not why?

A – Not at all. What those shares represent and what can happen with or without the approval of the trust has now changed. I’m not going to break confidentiality rules so suffice it to say, as I think I can afterwards, that I don’t agree with it. I hope I’m proved wrong though, and I might well be. 

With David Beck being a LCFC Board member he would be involved in the discussions with the accountants to split the business. When the decision was brought to the Trust Board to vote for or against, did the accountants carry out a full presentation to enable all those present to get to grips with, and understand the new set-up? If not how was a vote or decision made without knowing all the facts from the experts?

A – I’m not able to discuss at great length how decisions were made by the trust board. They were confidential. However, the club board has two trust reps on it and they are the people who should be keeping trust members and, for that matter, all fans, informed and aswer questions like these as much as they are able. As you can imagine, I can’t discuss how the trust board reached its decisions when I was involved.

Bob Dorrian said “The existing Company set up was not working.” Do you agree?

A – The existing company set up has worked in the past. It has worked when a good manager has made the most of the resources he’s been given and put a team together that has competed. LCFC have had the resources to remain in the FL and be sustainable without the need for extra investment or loans all the time. There are plenty of smaller clubs still in the FL that have smaller crowds and less income than we did. This constant emphasis on new money coming in is a diversion because that can only happen once in a while. Spend what you’ve got, work extremely hard, and all work together can achieve success. 

Some of the Trust Board stated they had no idea the ground re-location was an issue raised during the discussions regarding the new set-up. David Back is part of LCH, therefore one would presume he did know of this. Shouldn’t this have been mentioned to the Trust Board prior to any vote regarding transferring one million shares across to LCH?

A – Again, it’s no good asking me about confidential discussions. This is not fair on the trust and the people concerned. I think the ground move idea is a diversion and the club should be looking at this as a separate and confidential proposal to the general running of the club. If a move brings in a huge sum of money to the club then that’s the message to get across. If the idea is to break even and rely on better corporate use of a new ground then I think this is a huge step for a small return. The best way of making a ground fit for purpose is to win a few games and get some decent crowds in. We’re a football club after all, not a convention centre. In my opinion, Sincil Bank is a cracking ground and even driving past along South Park Avenue I still look across with affection at it. A grey tin covered bowl somewhere else might not have the same effect ! 

What are your views that LCST should call an EGM, or at least follow Supporters Direct Rules to give members the opportunity to vote via a postal ballot on important matters?

A – I don’t think an EGM is a good idea. What has been decided in the past has gone. The trust needs an influx of intelligent energetic new people to join the board and join the people who are there already. It needs a lift, and they do too. Finally I need to add something. I was on the club board at a time when we had an excellent manager and the members of the board did a superb job. I did the PR and watched it all happen. I don’t want people to think – ‘here’s Rob B again spouting off’ as if I know better. I was very lucky when I was involved and don’t want current people to think I’m being a clever so and so. My comments here are purely as a fan of the club, that’s all. 

For the LCSTrust to once again become a movement that benefits members and fans alike, and gives them the opportunity to put forward their views, what immediate actions needs to be taken?

A – See above.  

In the Newport programme on the 24th. March David Beck wrote the Club’s directors’ article. Apart from speaking “on behalf of the (Club) Board” he never once mentioned anything relating to the Trust, or the fact he is the representative from the Trust Board. Now he is on both LCFC and LCH Boards, does this mean he no longer needs to ‘push’ the Trust at every available opportunity?

A – I was surprised that David didn’t mention the trust. I think the trust and the club urgently need elections to take place to chose new trust reps, to get in new blood, to lift the trust, and to bring something new to the club board ( and the holdings board I suppose! ). 


Thanks Bob I think we need to take our Trust back as soon as possible.

We live  here

Lincoln City Shareholders AGM & David Holdsworth Q & A

Save The Mighty Imps were at the Lincoln City AGM on Thursday,  which was very much the expected damp squib,  bar the enlightening Q & A with the manager afterwards. We are a football club primarily and there is  a time and a place for the politics so we will centre on the managers comments for the purposes of this article except to say this was to be expected,  given the need for the Trust and board to maintain the status quo for as long as they can.

Clearly even the trifling matters of the relegation, the huge losses,  inconsistensies on the part of the chairman, including a private settlement with a potential investor (and want-to-be director)  and a £42,000  guilty plea from a member of the Trust board on the Tuesday; were never going to be topics for free and open discussion. Should anything come up a longwinded patronising comment would do the trick, although thankfully it was only called upon the once, although once was clearly enough. So without delay – and perhaps choice – onwards and upwards.

David Holdsworth

What a likeable chap David Holdsworth is, captivating you with his cockney charm in an instant. You can tell he wants it, is genuinely  feels honoured to be managing a big club like Lincoln City and he relishes it albeit a tough task and a tough ask given thwe cupboard appears to be all but bare. He opened proceedings with a meet and greet that had us in the palm of his hand…. bodes well for the players who share his enthusiasm and want to work then?

David Holdsworth, or DH if you will excuse the initials – like GT the great former manager he is becoming more and more like –  is a big fitness fan it appears, yes although we have heard that little chestnut before – an old one in the game –  DH adds the applience of science with ex sponsor the University of Lincoln partneres in the scheme of things.  The fitness aim is to be Premiership standard with a database created to monitor twice taken body fat and VO2 Max levels (Fitness can be measured by the volume of oxygen you can consume while exercising) to ensure the players inhalation and airwaves are at a peak.

VO2 max is a measure of a person’s aerobic fitness. (liters per minute) or ml/kg/min (mls of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute). A player is considered to have reached their  VO2 max if several of the following occurrs: a plateau or ‘peaking over’ in oxygen uptake, maximal heart rate was reached, attainment of a respiratory exchange ratio of 1.15 or greater, and volitional exhaustion.

The table below categorizes VO2max scores for adult men and women of various ages. These are relative VO2max scores, in the units of mls of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute (  The following  table are the norms expected for we non finely tuned folk.

Max oxygen uptake norms  (ml/kg/min)

Men only by Age
rating 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 65+
excellent > 60 > 56 > 51 > 45 > 41 > 37
good 52-60 49-56 43-51 39-45 36-41 33-37
above average 47-51 43-48 39-42 36-38 32-35 29-32
average 42-46 40-42 35-38 32-35 30-31 26-28
below average 37-41 35-39 31-34 29-31 26-29 22-25
poor 30-36 30-34 26-30 25-28 22-25 20-21
very poor < 30 < 30 < 26 < 25 < 22 < 20

Not wishing to be sexist, here is one for the ladies.

Women only by Age
rating 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 65+
excellent > 56 > 52 > 45 > 40 > 37 > 32
good 47-56 45-52 38-45 34-40 32-37 28-32
above average 42-46 39-44 34-37 31-33 28-31 25-27
average 38-41 35-38 31-33 28-30 25-27 22-24
below average 33-37 31-34 27-30 25-27 22-24 19-21
poor 28-32 26-30 22-26 20-24 18-21 17-18
very poor < 28 < 26 < 22 < 20 < 18 < 17

This dovetails nicely with DH’s concerns over recovery rates,  with two games a week always a big part of the first half of the conference season and the latter should inclement weather force postponements. As could be seen at Newport last week the pitches are poor on a good day.  DH is big on stretching post match and diet in general with his meticulousness –  hopefully not micro management as that can be counter-productive and alienating in the extreme – stretching to dental hygiene and the regular brushing of the players Hampstead Heath – teeth.

DH was diplomatic when faced with a question of ambition, namely promotion – staggering that it was to ‘oohs and ahs’ from a thankfully aging audience.  he is a polished character and sidestepped it well with survival clearly the name of the game.  You cannot be over confident but he is looking upwards, ever mindful of the dangers and pitfalls that fill face us when we consider the financial downsize and limitations he has inherited. Doubtless on and off the pitch.

Former Trust Chairman John Roddam – oh that they and we ex Trust members could do with your stewardship now –  brought up the ‘players into the community’ adage.  DH is a big fan and brought up the fact that he has been heavily influenced by Graham Taylor throughout  his career, thus this is a big part of his philosophy at Lincoln City going forward.  To this end the players to the local children’s ward at Lincoln next week will hopefully be the first of many involving the team and management.  Towards the end of proceedings DH professed a desire for the players to meet the fans more.

Andy Blow the eminent local  historian ( ) quizzed the manager on his youth policy, with neccesity clearly the mother of invention at the Imps nowadays. Have no fear, having coached youth for 18 years, DH is keen to talk to Grant Brown on a regular basis and believes that if you are good enough then you are old enough to play in the first team.  Heart warming stuff DH and also very Tayloresque?

The prickly keeper issue and the need for a big albeit more mobile centre-forward came up with next.  The expensive Anyons is a luxury we can’t afford, even if Farman cannot kick and DH initially brushed this issue aside in favour of the Kyle Perry problem.  Essentially KP is doing the right things off the pitch having lost a stone and Tuesday was just not his kind of game hence the substitution. The realities of a small club left him as our only fit option for a while and with Medley Cup tied on Saturday, along with Farnham giving Jo a go between the sticks,  you have to give the lad game time.  Taylor is almost match fit, Laurent is seeing an ankle specialist, Hutch may need surgery and  Smith is a little while off so competition is not a luxury the Imps enjoy at the minute.

The Anyon issue was then pushed again, with DH ever the diplomat,  side stepping the elephant in the room to an extent. We have two great young keepers with differing strengths and weaknesses, both still learning their trade. Jo will get a chance to earn the shirt on Saturday. Is this a rare chance to put him in the shop window thanks to Farman being cup tied and a rumoured move to Crawley in January?  As to former favourite Marriott coming in during the window, it is as unlikely then as it will be when his current deal expires in June.

David Holdsworth then went into one of his inspirational monologues, not excitable but then never understated. Let us hope he is backed he could as yet be the 21st centurey enticer.  DH wants channelled aggression and passion. When he arrived the dressing room was a lacklustre place, inevitably heading downwards.  Popularity stakes were never an option  as the new torch-bearer attempted to show them the light, with a my way or the highway approach.  It is his way or he will take them where they want to go.  Arnaud has gone back to France and Sheridan has now fully joined Team-Lincoln after working notice and finishing his last two days in a factory last week. Jake is working on his fitness and there will be a lot more to come from that lad.  DH expects at least one or two more to follow the Frenchman’s lead.

The disciplinarian has instigated a social media ban at the club,   the big brother world is almost as big a problem as players egos it seems. There is a mobile phone ban in place to avoid the text distraction and head phones are frowned upon as it is not conducive to team building.   DH does not want his team selection and shape revealed to the opposition ahead of the game, a practice he jovially enjoys.

DH’s phone meanwhile is red hot with players wanting to join although lack of cash and a desire to avoid journeymen in favour of the young and the hungry who wear the shirt with pride, will focus his approach. He may get a boost in January with a £100k cut from any Loach deal, unless the cashflow requirements eat it up as feared.   Reiterating both his no I in T-E-A-M and the community aspect DH professed a desire for all of the players to meet the fans both regularly and soon.

With new centre half Jason Beardsley joining the following day it was no surprise to explanations to the whereabouts of  Danny Hone and Adam Watts.  Danny needs games and Barrow were keen to oblige. When and if he comes back he will have an opportunity to fight for his place although DH was appreciative that his wages were currently coming back into the club.  Adam Watts has now lost his father and is currently in London. STMI’s thoughts go out to you Adam.  Two other players have also recently lost family members, condolenses again, from a dressing room morale perspective,  they do say things happen in threes.

David Holdsworth, a raconteur until the end, then left us in no doubts that Team Lincoln will avoid relegation and fight for every point.  Well here is to a festive Bank bounce-back and a financial boost in the new year.  With the directors unsure of the cash-flow projections for January, my money is on a new Chair and vice chair plus a six figure windfall from Loach.  David Holdsworth with a war chast  mmmmm Sincil Salivates…………………….

Lincoln City Banter Q & A Ben Wright

We would like to thank Ben Wright – the Chelsea slayer and globe trotting ex Imp striker aka the Sincil Swan for taking the time to kick off the Lincoln City Banter Q & A season.

With Ben now in New Zealand the opening question has to be what is a guy who scored 26 goals in a dozen games doing at the other End of the world from his almost native Lincolnshire?

Hi  Imps, it was a strange one with me, I got injured towards the end of the 2009/10 season while I was playing at Macc and thought if I just rested it over the summer it would be fine come preseason.But as it was I required an operation and as I was without a club it took a long time to sort out.So I did my coaching badges during that time and then a few months after my op the consultant told me that although my knee was fairly stable there was a chance if I kept playing it would go completly.

This opportunity came up in NZ to do some coaching with the view to play a bit if the knee holds up which I was really grateful for so I took it.It wasn’t a great standard of football. I really enjoy NZ tho a beautiful country with a real relaxed vibe to it. I still always look out for Lincolns result and have a few friends on facebook who are Lincoln fans that keep me updated with whats going on at the club. There aren’t too many people left at the club that I know now but its a good club in a big city and of course I wish them the best for the future.
Nottingham Imp What’s your fav curry house in Lincoln then Ben?

Well I remember going to one a few times i think it was the Bombay,was always a good feed but I do probably prefere a good chinese if im honest i love sweet and sour.

Ricky Frankman – Is the standard of football different in New Zealand from England and does he having any plans of returning to England?

Hi Ricky yeh its completely different there is just the one pro club over there Wellington Phenix all the rest are amateur.Im not one to plan to far ahead but im 31 now so i think my playing days as a pro are behind me.

John Daft Lad Franks – What was your best moment as an imps player Ben?
During my first year at the club i had a few good moments John,my favourie being probably when we won away at Stockport who were a good team at the time.It was under the lights on a tuesday night and i got a couple of goals.

Ben Harrison – Who’s the best manager that you have played for and why?

Hi Ben i would probably say Benny Lenardson who took me from Bristol city over to Norway.He was great with the younger players,really helped them develope.

Colin Morton – Q Ben what attracted you to playing for richmond as opposed to the big two of Auckland city or Waitakere utd ?

Hi Colin yes they are the two big clubs that have dominated the national league over in NZ which is played in the summer period.I only played in the winter league this season.I went over there mainly for the coaching to work with the young kids in the Nelson region which is on the south island.

Stephen Simpson – What was your favourite goal in a City shirt?
Hi Stephen i enjoyed my first league goal for City as it was at home against Peterborough but one i scored away at Rotherham was one of my favourites

Jacob Easterling  – What do you see for the future of Lincoln

Hi Jacob you have to look at the positives.Its going to be a hard journey back but with the right plan in place and everyone working together right throughout the club and with the stadium,history and support already in place there has to be hope.

Neil Gentleman-hobbs – You spent a lot of time in Scandinavia what are your reflections (including the goal against Chelsea) of your time there and how does the style and standard of football compare both their and in New Zealand where you are now?
I really enjoyed my time in Norway Neil,i think its a great experience for anyone living in a foreign country and learning a new culture.I was leading goalscorer in two succesive seasons and got to play with some great players.Its a good standard of football its not as frenetic as in england but more tactical.

Stephen ‘Day’ Freestone  – How did you get on with Adrian Patulea?

Hi Stephen I got on well with Adi he’s very honest and didn’t have any kind of ego to him.

Matthew Coe  – Whose to blame for the mess at Lincoln?
I don’t think any one person is to blame Mathew.Stabilty is vital now if you select a gaffa you have to stick with him and trust in what he does.Its hard in england because everyone wants results quickly.I’ve seen even by just coaching at a semi pro club how important it is for the structure to be right with everyone working together giving 100% and understanding their roles.

Thanks Ben, for some candid answers not to mention  some great goals and moments during your time at Sincil Bank, the Theatre of the Absurd.

YEARS Team Apps (Gls)
1998–1999 Kettering Town 11 (0)
1998–2001 Bristol City 2 (0)
2000–2001 Woking (loan) 3 (0)
2001–2002 Viking 48 (7)
2003–2007 I.K. Start 68 (29)
2006 Moss FK (loan) 11 (2)
2007–2009 Lincoln City 67 (17)
2009–2010 Macclesfield Town 39 (6)
2011 Richmond Athletic 16 (26)

Lincoln City Banter Exclusive Ben Wright Q & A

Stylish striker Ben Wright has agreed to do a Q & A for members of the Lincoln City Banter Page.  Be-nny Wright Wright Wright  – aka the Sincil Swan – banged in 15 goals during a season of struggle for the Imps and was one of our few shining lights.
With Jackson’s midfield unable to feed him Ben was released in May 2009  despite a not to shabby return of 18 goals in 43 games.  hardly a just outcome for a player who scored with a header to stun Chelsea in the 2002 UEFA Cup. He then turned up at Macclesfield with big Keith restoring the 6′ 4″ strikers confidence. Ben is now plying his trade in New Zealand and was more than happy to oblige Lincoln City Banter with its first Q & A.
Thanks Ben click here for the Q & A and see below for some stats
Above link will no longer direct you to the article as it has gone too far down the page. LCB is a closed group and chooses to no longer carry STMI articles. Any fans that put up one of our links are threatened with a ban. 
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
1998–1999 Kettering Town 11 (0)
1998–2001 Bristol City 2 (0)
2000–2001 Woking (loan) 3 (0)
2001–2002 Viking 48 (7)
2003–2007 I.K. Start 68 (29)
2006 Moss FK (loan) 11 (2)
2007–2009 Lincoln City 67 (17)
2009–2010 Macclesfield Town 39 (6)
2011 Richmond Athletic 16 (26)