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The Mind of An Imp by Adam Barlow

The Mind of An Imp, a blog by Adam Barlow,  is as much a journey through non-league football, as it is the thoughts  of a Lincoln City fan. STMI would urge   BSP fans to take a look and bookmark it as it has some rare links including one to a Football programme forum


Before we cut to the chase and give you the link

a brief forward from Adam. 

A few years ago I decided that I was going to try my hand at writing. I have been watching the Imps since the early 90’s and thought it more than about time to share my memories and let people read about what it is like following Lincoln city. Being a keen follower of football I also include visits to other local non league clubs as alas I can’t always get to Lincoln away games. But I still need my footie fix at weekends (and mid week too).

Dont expect much in-depth analysis of the games. Just my humble view on the grounds I visit, the Imps and football in general, plus any other ramblings I feel I need to share with the world.


Well played Adam!

Click & enjoy