STMI Writers

The Save The Mighty Imps Lincoln City writing team roll of honour, see footnote if you wish to join them

Authors – Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

The fan who started this  site and continues to be the main contributor. Neil was Lincoln City Volunteer of the Year in 2009 , won Football League on-line fanzine 2009 and has been nominated and short-listed for 3 football writing awards by the New Football Pools.  Has had further nominations, become a published author and written hundreds of websites as well as becoming  a well known Football writer in his spare time. Noticeable successes include 442 (plus ghost written articles for others), Football BusterLincoln City MadVital, (Lincoln & England). Started Vital Lincoln with the aim of posts paying for shares in LCFC (led to Vital Lincoln raising £3,000 a year for Lincoln City at its peak). Once wrote an article that attracted 250,000 reads in 45 mins, that went on to comfortably break the million. This and abuse from a small section of Imps with an agenda inspired Neil to set up his own independent website – Save The Mighty Imps.  Currently banned by Lincoln City Football Club from going to games even though the article was fully researched and factually correct. Keep the faith, the truth is out there, it just takes a dogged journalist to find it.  For any would-be bloggers out there  – Despite the abuse it is all worth it.

Authors – Chris P Bacon

A humorist from the media sphere who cannot give his name for professional reasons.

Authors – Dale Radley

Does not mince his words and would gladly give any under-performing Imps a free taxi ride to their next club.

Authors – Fox Mulder

A management consultant who wishes to remain anonymous for business reasons.

Authors – Michael Foley

International entrepreneur and guest writer

Authors – Oracle Of Optimism

An amalgam  of contributors who wish to use a nom de plume.

Authors – Prof Albeanz-Present

Another NG-H nom de plume – you would be surprised with the ramifications of facts and stats. Originally a character from a book, an accountant, the name lends itself well to the numbers side of the people’s game.

Rose Tinted

An amalgam of contributors who can only see the bright side of life.

Sincil Shades Of Gray

A nom de plume for a massive Imps fan who also cannot afford to see his name on google for professional and business reasons.

Authors – Vic Erzantarz

NG-H first used this nom de plume to ensure opposition fans did not make life unpleasant so to speak.  He was another character from a book (vicars and tarts tabloid stories), the man who digs up the dirt and rants and raves about all things Imp. Vics synopsis and rants racked up the reads that led to Vital Lincoln raising £3,000 a year for Lincoln City.

Want to join them?

Everyone has a story or two in them. Why not try a one-off article because if an Imp memory means something to you it will mean something to us. Dale recently wrote his first two part article and the average was in excess of 750 reads.  Don’t worry about prettying it up we can add the pics and the links. Its your passion that matters.

Interested in adding to STMI on a non-committal basis?  Then contact Neil Gentleman-Hobbs on facebook for an email and telephone number

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