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Manchester County Court Verdict: Lincoln City Supporters Trust Elections Declared Invalid

Lincoln City Supporters’ Society, according to a press release,  has lost a court case against former Lincoln City Football Club Associate Director Michael Foley who is also a Gold Member of the Supporters’ Trust. Mr. Foley has been awarded costs.

The press release is as follows.



At a Hearing in Manchester County Court on Monday November 24, elections held by Lincoln City Supporters’ Society (the Trust) in June 2012 and May 2013 were declared invalid, void and of no effect. The elections concerned are those that took place for positions on the Society Board prior to the AGM in May 2013 and the election of a nominated Gold Supporter Director to the Board of Lincoln City Football Club in June 2012. At the Hearing, His Honour Judge Stephen Davies found that candidates for election to the Trust Board in 2013 had been wrongly disqualified from standing and in both cases that the true and correct version of Rule 54(a) had not been applied. The claim had been brought by former Lincoln City Football Club Associate Director Michael Foley who is also a Gold Member of the Supporters’ Trust. Mr. Foley has been awarded costs.

No further statement will be issued at this time.


Mike Foley Feels Fans Pain

With a fans protest planned for September 15th, Mike Foley, another of those mystery investors the board have turned down, has told Save the Mighty Imps just how frustrating it is to be forced to sit on the sidelines.

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Mr Foley had this to say when he spoke to Save The Mighty Imps earlier today. A man of few words, who likes money and well planned business strategy to be to the fore, his short answer to the calamitous board was “Go!” But he feels our pain and of course shares the fans frustrations.


“I don’t think I was as depressed as this even at the time of Administration. At least then we could all pull together and see a Phoenix rise from the ashes. All I see now is ashes. Ashes upon ashes. And all this from a Chairman / Board guilty of one disastrous strategic error of judgement after another and serial mismanagement. Dorrian’s record as Chairman must be the WORST in our over 100 year history, and worsening by the match / minute. And still he can afford to turn down / scare away potential investors and shun help offered by life-long supporters. Aided and abetted by a Supporters Trust implicit in the Great Share Robbery. May they NEVER be forgiven for what they have done to OUR Club.


STMI put the following to Mr Foley with regard to the club’s plight: The fans were AGAIN willing to give the Manager and Chairman the benefit of the doubt. However it looks like many have already made their decision and decided not to pay through the turnstiles. This is more alarming than what is going on, on the pitch. And this alone needs for direct action to be taken against Chairman. This is his 4th Season and what have we achieved? WHAT? absolutely nothing!! We have been in reverse for his whole leadership and we are about to vanish in to either the BSN or we are going to cease to exist!!  The Chairman was even on the radio yesterday defending a budgeted loss, at a crisis club now hemorrhaging £10,000 a week under his stewardship,  unless we get the gates up an unrealistic 2,800-3000 gate.  This despite the board affording the manager a paltry 400,000 budget according to his comments to the official BSP site a few weeks ago. ARE WE going to sit there and let this happen?? Injuries, budget, players, managers? No the problem is the leadership from the top and until it is changed WE ARE DOOMED.

As concise and to the point as ever Mr Foley replied:  I am not going to argue with any of that. It’s death by a thousand cuts. A chicken is put out of its agony rather more quickly….
Mr Foley also pointed out that Bob Dorian was also in charge of the pro-football activities in the latter part of Steff Wright’s tenure (Mr Wright was in fact not part of the selection committee that chose Chris Sutton) so Mr Dorrian’s responsibility for these catastrophes actually goes back quite a long way indeed. He’s certainly written himself into the LCFC history book… possibly the worst Chairman EVER.  he has got no credibility left and it is difficult to imagine anyone less likely to inspire confidence. No wonder people stay away in droves….
For those who want a recap of Mike Foleys open letter to Bob Dorian in March of this year click the STMI article HERE

Michael Foley: An Open Letter to Bob Dorrian

“It’s Time for You to Go”

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Dear Bob,
I have until now maintained a dignified silence since the settlement of my case of defamation against you and Lincoln City Football Club. However, and as a life-long supporter of the Club, there comes a time when it is necessary to speak out . This time is now.

I have been galvanised into action by the statement issued by the Board of Directors following indications by long suffering fans of a demonstration on the day of the match against Newport. I know nothing by the way of what is planned but can understand the pain of fans at the rapid and seemingly endless decline of the football club that means so much to us and provides a thread that unites supporters around the world. This statement, that you presumably sanctioned, is a “disgrace” (note the inverted commas) and is illustrative of the gulf that now exists between you as Chairman, the Board and the fans who, in spite of the dire performances served up week after week, month after month, turn up to support the team. They deserve better than this.

And what has been your contribution to the fortunes of Lincoln City Football Club?

Directly or indirectly you have made disastrous strategic choices in the management of the Club . You appointed a rookie Manager in Chris Sutton and then exercised no control over his actions. You did not manage the Manager. You subsequently appointed someone in Steve Tilson who had not applied for the job but who you headhunted. And when that went pear-shape you stated that the fans should accept “collective responsibility” whereas the only responsibility that mattered was yours. Following the humiliating relegation from the Football League, and Tilson’s inability to get the few necessary points in the remaining eleven matches, you then inexplicably renew your confidence in the Manager and entrust him with a speedy return from BSP obscurity. We should be so lucky! For having finally woken up to use your words that the person YOU headhunted was, and I quote, a “bloody awful manager” you then appoint someone who was told that he would have to work with the squad he inherited and who has since signed an almost record number of players (as he did at Mansfield) with no corresponding improvement in the Club’s fortunes. That is a pretty miserable record of managerial appointments by any standard and argues that your judgement in these matters is deficient.

In the discharge of your responsibilities as Chairman of the Club and business entity, you have been “economical with the truth” in your communications with shareholders. When you were interviewed at the beginning of the season, you inferred that there was a “small” problem with the Club’s finances. You also laughed off the possibility of the Club having to go into administration. Several months later, you were forced to admit that the Club faced severe cash-flow problems and that if new finance were not injected into the venture, the Club would not be able to meet its salary obligations to its employees by March and that, in other words, administration was just around the corner. It follows from this that either you did not fully appreciate the financial state of the Club (in which case you were negligent) or you did and in which case you made deliberately misleading statements. In either case, you are culpable.

Perhaps you are really a magician? A latter-day Tommy Cooper? How else to explain the creation of this mysterious Holding Company that has been established without any consultation with shareholders, without so much as a whiff of an AGM or EGM, without the Supporters Trust feeling it necessary to consult its members (now there’s a real DISGRACE if you want one) . As your former Vice-Chairman (who was neither consulted nor informed) has stated the constituent parts of the consortium (amounting to approx. 55% of voting shares) did not need to form a Holding Company to have the deciding voice on strategic issues such as a take-over. In other words, it was totally unnecessary. What it has done, however, in total contravention of corporate governance principles, is effectively to create two different classes of shareholders: those, the majority in numerical terms (including the legion of small shareholders i.e “supporters” ) who have seen their shares reduced to junk status, and those in the Holding Company who can claim privileged creditor protection if / when the Club goes bust and can cash in on the Club’s only asset of any value (no prizes for guessing what that might be). The idea that the Holding Company somehow makes LCFC a more attractive investment proposition is one for the birds. Utter and total crap.
A poster on a message board recently stated that in over sixty years of following football, he had found the current Chairman of Colchester United to be the best he had seen. ( He also said that he couldn’t recall ever seeing such a crass statement as that issued on behalf of the Board of LCFC vis-à-vis its “supporters”) In all my years of following and “supporting” Lincoln City Football Club, I am struggling to identify a worse Chairman than you. Your judgement is lousy, you are a one-man walking PR disaster, and you are far too willing to blame anyone and everyone (including the fans) but yourself for the Club’s predicament. Yes, you have put money into the Club but so have others and how many substantive investment offers have you either ignored or rejected? Meanwhile, you have made someone a Vice-President of the Club who was charged with attracting inward investment and who produced…..nothing. If you really care as much about the Club as you pretend, please recognise (as one of your predecessors did) that YOU are now an obstacle to progress and announce your decision to resign from the Board and as Chairman immediately at the end of the season whichever League we find ourselves in. And to those who say “there is no alternative” I say “there is always an alternative; you just have to want it”.

“Michael Foley, IMPs “supporter” and former Associate Director”.

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