The Boyce Choice

Andrew Boyce has naturally played the waiting game with the Imps, although the gossip suggesting Chesterfield FC, Scunthorpe United, Luton Town or Mansfield Town might come in for him, appears, thankfully from an Imp perspective, to have turned to dust. Top Hatter John Still scuppered any link and Cox, still looking at a centre back after the surprise Exodus exit, like any other manager, has failed to formalise any tentative enquiry.

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Boyce, almost let the Imp out of the Cathedral, in today’s Echo, when he commented on concerns at the duration of the contract on offer. The Imps want a two year deal, but at 23 years old, 24 in November, should he, as desired get a shorter one year deal,  Mr Boyce would be a free agent with no fee payable. This would mean we would get a nil return on our investment, namely a 10k fee to Trinity last year, as well as the time the management team will put into moulding the lad during the course of next season. One where he and we look likely to go from strength to strength.

Mr Boyce should have no fears, for even if he signs a two year deal, City, will not want to stand in his way, beyond trying to get a fee, albeit via tribunal, that we so desperately need. Of course the higher the fee, the greater the impact on a signing on fee and subsequent weekly wage, for both the agent and the player. But if Boyce maintains his progress, he will be playing far higher than the BSP or League two this time next year.

Andrew Boyce is an Imp hero, a talisman, who has really started to make progress. Having seen him next to Waterfall at Trinity, the bravery was never in doubt but the brawn was certainly a worry. To his credit, he has curbed those elbows well, improved his positional sense and timing, yet he still needs experience if he is to see his professional dream come true.  That was dashed at Doncaster, Kings Lynn went under as turbulence and uncertainty threatened to end his chances in the full-time game. He will get consistency and assurance under Simmo and Grant, at a club that will give him guaranteed minutes on the pitch, something other sides may not.

STMI christened Boycie the Beast of The Bank when he arrived. But he is now more than that. Already a hero, his never say die attitude will blossom next to Nat Brown, who can back him, or Tom Miller, up, when they dive in too early. Give it another half season, or so,to round off those rough edges and Boyce may well be plying his trade in League 1 sooner rather than later.  There are a few sides in that League knocking on the Championship door, where the TV money is a very healthy cushion indeed.  Then again, perhaps Peter Swann, who reluctantly had to let him go, may just have to do business with the Imps one more time at least.

STMI Biopic

Sq No NAME Starts Sub Mins Goals Shots Assists Fouls Fouled YC RC
5 Andrew Boyce 45 0 3999 4 44 2 49 37 10 0
Boyce’s Backissues  
Date of Birth 05/11/1989 (age 23)
Height 6′ 3″
Weight 12st 9lbs
Youth career Doncaster Rovers
Former Clubs Kings Lynn Gainsborough

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