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Power 3 Match Ban

Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero faced no further action when the ref failed to deal with his two-footed tackle on on Chelsea’s David Luiz last April. The norm for violent conduct is a 3-4 match ban but governing bodies can add longer to set an example. Let us hope the FA will also not want to add to the ban Lincoln City Captain Alan Power is sure to face after his two-footed studs up challenge on Cambridge Utd’s Taylor yesterday.

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Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngA badge depicting a shield with an eagle behind it. On the shield is a picture of a ship, the initials M.C.F.C. and three diagonal stripes. Below the shield is a ribbon with the motto "Superbia in Proelia". Above the eagle are three stars.

The FA could not have acted in the case of Aguero incident due to a loop-hole although they can  with Power.  Under FA regulations, if the official is deemed to have seen the episode as a whole, the incident cannot be re-refereed following the match.  However if it had happened off the ball and away from referee Foy’s field of vision then Aguero  would have peen punished retrospectively. Power has seen red of course so he will get a ‘three’ unless the ref’s report is damning.

Power put in a two-footed challenge on Taylor in injury time to end any lingering hopes the Imps had of salvaging a draw.  The linesman immediately put his flag up with the straight red inevitable even before the ensuing challenge.  The Sergio Aguero two- footer, described as a stab tackle, divided the football world but the FA decided against setting a precedent and ordering a retrospective ban. The FA have the prerogative to add to the mandatory 3-4 match ban handed out by referees who supply a report of the incident to the powers that be.

It was an ugly challenge, no doubt about it, but there was no malice as Power is not that sort of player. He has strengthened the defensive side to his game this season, but the mistimed tackle looked worse than it thankfully was.  Taylor, on as a sub was overlapping at pace, with both players going for the ball – indeed both had studs showing.

The captain certainly merits a mandatory ban for his poor choice, but anything further would be unjust.  Luke Foster looks a good candidate to take the captain’s armband for Monday.

Good luck Alan.

Stoke Dilemma: Can Hughes Or Di Matteo Eclipse Pulis Power

The Stoke City job appears to be going to former Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, QPR and Fulham boss Mark Hughes, although Roberto Di Matteo (who has managed MK Dons, WBA and Chelsea FC) looks to be the latest of the ex-Chelsea contingent (Gus Poyet has been approached too) to be linked with one of the Premiership’s toughest asks.  Chelsea charm comes with cash, whilst Stoke’s Premiership lineage has been forged as much through perspiration as inspiration. Pulis power is about physical prowess, under him the realism of the artisan’s toil, reaps hard won returns and the reliability of regular rewards. But that is not enough for some, who chastise long ball football and the stiff necks that come from looking skywards. But how many ex-Premiership chairmen later lament reaching for the very same sky.

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Tony Pullis has never been relegated as a manager, but image and perception is so much more than substance, facts & stats and the boring, solid day-to-day stuff that goes on behind the scenes. We live in a media-orientated world alright, where the people’s game seems to be less and less about traditional values and the virtues of hard-work, particularly once  the Premiership glitz and glamour has caught owners in its midst.  Stoke’s owners may feel they are secure and ready to take the next step, but in reality they start on zero points in three months time like everyone else. Ambition may also be a great virtue, a wonderful way to fill a stadium, but failure empties a stadium of the fickle fans, faster than a winger can skin a full-back.

If carpet football is the top priority for Stoke City, then Roberto Di Matteo is the man to bring it. But he, like favourite Hughes, who will bring a more physically robust approach to the table, will need plenty of cash to take the Potters to the next level. Many have tried and failed to break into the Premiership’s platinum plated cartel.  Failure in the Premiership brings a short sharp shock to many sides who fall not once but twice before steadying the ship again. Ask Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester City, Norwich, Charlton et al.  But football is about theatre, dreams and optimism, so here is a run down of the two who could take Stoke City to the next level.


Mr Di Matteo started his career well at MK Dons, succeeding Paul Ince in 2008. He took the, perhaps unfairly nicknamed, Franchise club to the League 1 play-offs in his first season, losing the semi to Scunthorpe. It was enough to get him the WBA job, where he repaid the faith with an instant return to the Premiership, as runners up behind Newcastle.  Despite getting hammered at Chelsea on the opening day of the 2010/11 season the Baggies recovered well earning Mr Di Matteo a manager of the month award in the September. The swashbuckling style was superb, sweeping counter attacking carpet football, played, perhaps, as only a sweet-toothed Swiss-Italian can conjure.  The defensive side of the Italian game let him down when the wheels well and truly came off the cart. One win in ten cost him his job, with Michael Appleton replacing him, steadying the ship sufficiently to finish 11th.

After failing to get the Birmingham job, Chelsea cast him a lifeline as assistant manager to AVB. Upon his sacking in March 2012 Mr Di Matteo took the helm, winning the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League. Although this was a fantastic and unique double, many will argue he did little but reverse the square pegs that had been put into round holes by AVB.  That Chelsea side was and still is, nothing short of breath-taking on their day, with a midfield that is a credit to world football. To follow that first three months anywhere, would be a tough ask, but then to please Mr Abramovich is a whole different ball game. After just 8 months in charge he was gone ,dividing fans and pundits alike. Even a champion of the glass half-full club five minutes before closing time, could not envisage Stoke being able to give him the head start he enjoyed at MK Dons and Chelsea. To change the style of the side to his way of thinking will take the sort of time and cash they will not have in the Potteries next season. The romantic in us hopes so for the underdogs sake, but surely it is to dream the impossible dream?

Roberto’s Record

Club Managed Start End Record
G W D L Win %
Milton Keynes Dons 2008 2009 52 27 11 14 51.92
West Bromwich Albion 2009 2011 83 40 19 24 48.19
Chelsea 2012 2012 42 24 9 9 57.14
Overall Record 177 91 39 47 51.41

Mr Hughes has a decent win percentage (39.53%) but he has had the money at every club he has been at. After the less than dreamy, perhaps impossible and deary, dragon’s den days in the fiery Wales job, he guided Blackburn to a top six finish and UEFA cup qualification. The expensive rebuild in the summer of 2005 saw Rovers finish tenth, with a somewhat physical reputation. In the four years Mr Hughes held the helm at Ewood Park his side finished bottom of the Premier fair play League, but never finished outside of the top ten and managed three FA Cup semi finals.  Mr Hughes then chose Manchester City over Chelsea (2008/9) but, despite spending tens of millions (Robinho alone cost £32 million) City could only finish a disappointing tenth. They did reach the UEFA Cup quarter-finals but alas, decent home form cannot make up for frequent no shows on the road. Mr Hughes card was marked, much to the benefit of his bank balance one supposes.

After a year out he also managed just a season at Fulham,  before questioning the club’s ambition. Will Stoke be able to afford him that level, or will it end in a spat similar to the one at the Lillywhites, one that saw owner  Mohamed Al-Fayed call Mr Hughes a “strange man” and a “flop”? Mr Hughes soon returned to management with awash with money club QPR in January 2012 and kept them up. An expensive rebuild saw Rangers worst ever start to a top flight season, as they went 12 without a win. Stoke, at a crossroads, will certainly hope history does not repeat itself should he get the job.

The Mark Hughes Clues.

Club Start End Record
G W D L Win %
Wales Sep 1999 Sep 2004 41 12 15 14 29.27
Blackburn Rovers Sep 2004 Jun 2008 188 82 47 59 43.62
Manchester City Jun 2008 Dec 2009 77 36 15 26 46.75
Fulham Jul 2010 Jun 2011 43 14 16 13 32.56
Queens Park Rangers Jan 2012 Nov 2012 34 8 6 20 23.53
Overall Record 382 151 99 132 39.53

Tony Pulis Record

Just for the record, here is what Tony Pulis has done. One has to feel that some club will be lucky to have him. Bournemouth (Div 3 Champions 1986/87), Gillingham (Promoted as runners up Div 3 1995/96 and Div 2 Play-off winner 1998/99) and Stoke (Promoted as Championship runners up 2007/8, FA Cup runner up 2010/11) all did well under him, albeit ‘enjoying’ some physical, long ball tactics.

Club Start End Record
G W D L Win %
Bournemouth 9 June 1992 5 August 1994 107 31 38 38 28.97
Gillingham 31 July 1995 1 July 1999 216 94 62 60 43.52
Bristol City 5 July 1999 14 January 2000 33 10 14 9 30.30
Portsmouth 13 January 2000 12 October 2000 35 11 10 14 31.43
Stoke City 1 November 2002 28 June 2005 131 47 32 52 35.88
Plymouth Argyle 23 September 2005 14 June 2006 39 12 15 12 30.77
Stoke City 14 June 2006 21 May 2013 333 122 98 113 36.64
Total 894 327 269 298 36.58

Man City & Trinity Are The Noisy Neighbours For Reds To Fear

Manchester City may be the noisy neighbours on everyone’s lips, but relatively speaking Gainsborough Trinity appear to be the ones on the rise as neighbourhood former giants Grimsby Town and Lincoln City both contemplate continued decline.  Money talks with City and Trinity ambitious and able to spend their way to the top. Could it be that the power base in Manchester and Lincolnshire is about to turn?

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 A badge depicting a shield with a eagle behind it. On the shield is a picture of a ship, the initials M.C.F.C. and three diagonal stripes. Below the shield is a ribbon with the motto "Superbia in Proelia". Above the eagle are three stars. & File:Gainsboroughtrinityfc.png

It certainly looks like the Red might could be eclipsed by the Blue shadow of the noisy neighbours in both Manchester and Lincolnshire. With the lighter blues atop the Premiership, the darker Blues club hereabouts, looks set to join the Blue Square Premiership. One man’s dream, an emerging Town’s awakening passion,  but none the less the belief to take a leap of faith to reclaim a League status they lost in the early years of football history.  In 1912 Gainsborough Trinity were voted out of  the Football League, replaced by of all teams their local rivals Lincoln City.  Lack of fan base and financial backing rather than relegation led to the demise, but now both these factors appear a thing of the past.

Ominously for the complacent Imps,  the three ancient Lincolnshire rivals appear on the verge of meeting next season thanks to the help of Peter Swann’s deep pockets and an ex Imp connection.  Leon Mettam’s hat trick in the 3-2 win at Altrincham, put them in the play-offs.  Paul Connor got a brace in the first leg over Halifax and then yesterday ex-Imp Shane Clarke’s winner decided the affair  and put them in the final against Nuneaton next week. Two of these three were prodigal sons of Schofield’s youth set up, now run by under threat Grant Brown.

On April 29th STMI asked Are Bob, Reg & Trust Equal To The Trinity Threat?, questioning the folly of Steff Wright & Co, those who   justified that it was not for the directors to put their hands in their pockets when a club should be able to sustain itself on budgets alone.  Peter Swann of the Wilkinson family meanwhile  began to put his money where his mouth was to back his local passion. Lincoln attempts at makeovers and takeovers at the same time were just too much for a Ray Trew comeback (County was less hassle believe it or not)  and of course Mike Foley was also treated like a lepar. An EGM was defeated,  the Trust refusing to ballot its members on this, a vote of no confidence in the board and the scandalous decision to gift over a million shares to a new Holding Company. But let us not look back in anger dare we Imps heed the lessons to be learned.

Well wake up you committees as Chris Sutton refers to you – or cabal as Chris Travers claims.  Because if Trinity beat Nuneaton next Sunday at the Northolme,  parity is restored.  With plenty of Imps again in attendance, the tables will be turning just like they did 100 years ago.  Yes we may have the fan-base now as we did then, but complacency in an entertainment business is financial suicide and catchment areas are bigger now.  Once in the BSP Trinity’s budget will be bigger than the £400k Reg is wrangling over with the board.  They will get the players and then at least share the hearts and wallets of folk who want to see some good football and ambition.   The die-hards will not turn but how many  heads of local football fans will?  The teams will have to play on alternate Saturdays and money man Peter Swann is under no pressure to almost double the entrance fee either as he attempts to build the club.

Bob and the Board need to act fast or else the clock will rewind 100 years and perhaps this time change for the worst and perhaps for ever.  Because many of those floating fans, their children included just want to see a success story. Are they glory supporters or people that just want to see a decent game of football? Who does not admire someone who wants to put something back – local pride via the people’s game – at a time when the economic need for distraction is  paramount.

Perhaps one day soon a famous son of Lincolnshire may get a chance to come in and rally the Imps. Must it get worse before it gets better ? Because for all Lincoln’s potential we appear a town and club run by a very small and inward looking circle.  It certainly looks like the Red of the County Town will inevitably fall into the Blue shadow of the noisy neighbours just like in Manchester. Unless of course something is done soon.