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Are Imps Half Way There

According to the Blue Square Premier Official Site and ,  or rather STMI’s optimistic nature, the Imps could be half-way there in their quest to build a fifty grand Renaming Raffle – a veritable Lincolnshire-wide-pride fighting fund for David Holdsworth’s summer plans.  The Imps CEO is eager to see pledges turn into pounds but the arrival of Adam Smith does appear half of the high calibre duo DH appears to be gunning for.

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Steve Prescott suggests that the initiative is gaining momentum too, in an article on the official Blue Square Premier Site today. Says the Imps CEO

“The Name Our Stadium sales are progressing very well with a consistent number of entries being received each week,” Prescott said in the Lincolnshire Echo.

“I am very grateful for the support shown by those who have entered already, and those that have pledged to do so.

“The playing budget is obviously the biggest single expenditure of any football club, so the extra funds that are being raised from Name Our Stadium are making a significant difference.

“It is enabling the board to release funds for the manager to sign his preferred targets.

“We need all Imps fans and local businesses to get behind the campaign by submitting at least one £50 entry.

“And I would ask the large numbers of fans and businesses who pledged to enter, to submit their entry as soon as possible.”

Prescott revealed he has submitted two entries and would like to name the venue Community Stadium, Sincil Bank if he were to win.

“That would reflect how our facilities are used every day of the week by local community groups,” he said.

That’s interesting because the Imps Trust, could, thanks to new blood ideas as well as rising membership thanks to Lincoln City baner, be able to utilise the event more. Chairman Chris Ashton’s hosting of the Race Night in the last few years has been legendary and seen a princely return for the Raconteur and punters.  It was standing room only when the LadyImps were the Bookies a few years ago.

The Imps Trust AGM 2012 Synopsis.

The Lincoln City Supporters Trust AGM took place on 21st June in the Trust Suite, leaving more questions than answers. Proceedings will necessitate a further meeting with regards to the Society’s accounts,  now set for July 9th, blamed on The Co Operative Banks apparent loss  and inability to provide bank statements. There was also insufficient time for questions to be completed, with regard to Lincoln City Holdings limited. Indeed Chairman Chris Ashton stated in his opening address, one of two lengthy and time-coming monologues, that only questions relating to 2011 were to be asked.

Trust Imps – Imps Trust.

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Surely we can vote all the membership money and funds we raise straight to the first  team budget


It is so sad to see little more than 50 fans at an AGM to discuss the great Share Give-away and the make-up and intentions of the Holding Company. There were two solicitors from both the club board and the Holding Company present, yet we did not have the time to press them.  To hold an AGM prior to a fans forum and then split the 1 hour into 2 half-hour sections ensured questions naturally went unanswered.

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Questions over the accounts handled by the now incarcerated ex-treasurer Mike Thompson have been delayed until July 9th with his membership now also taken from him. With no questions allowed outside of 2011, only two of the questions under any other business could be asked. At least we got the chance to vote on that one,  although the chairman’s reasons for seeing no need for a vote on the use of the trusts share vote prior to the failed EGM and share give-away insults the intelligence as much as it does the credibility of our Trust.

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The second phase of proceedings was under half an hour and incomplete and underutilised the time of a solicitor for Lincoln City Holdings. He was there to answer on the Trusts behalf.  Surely a conflict of interest from the membership’s perspective and the sooner a solicitor is co opted onto the Trust board the better as Jane Powell of  Lincolnshire Cooperative and the club board was also present with another cluster of fellows to the side of the main Trust board table.

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But onwards and upwards, for that was a reflection of those entrusted with the Trust management in the past. Some have already left what can only be described as a rudderless oil tanker.  This must change as the Trust is vital to our club receiving grants or community based matched-funding opportunities.  Democracy is achievable, we live after all in an electronic age, with time frames for postal ballots also feasible. When questioned on the fact that Supporters Direct  support such practice, we were told that although the Trust pays to be a member we – for every Imps fan should be a member of ImpsTrust –  do not have to adhere to their recommended practices.

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We the fans need to get behind what is a growing groundswell of opinion that desires change.  Apathy is our enemy as much the other 23 teams that will seek to keep our Football League birthright from us.  We need to join our Trust, warts and all, for it is the vehicle for fans to band together and force change within it and our football club before it is too late .  New blood is already in place,   Jonathan Battersby, Ty Corcoran, Fran Martin and Marlene Beaumont  will be fantastic ambassadors to a brand that can be as big a fundraiser as the club itself.  We need co options too so who can simply say I am prepared to try rather than say goodbye?

Trust Imps – Imps Trust.

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Surely we can vote all the membership money and funds we raise straight to the first  team budget?


LCB’s Ty & Jonathan Elected To The Board!

Congratulation are in order for Jonathan Battersby and Ty Corcoran for making it onto the Lincoln City Supporters Trust Board.  Fran Martin,  Marlene Beaumont, Kevin Clayton and Andy Townsend have also successfully navigated the election and re-election process.  Confused? Then let us enlighten you.


As there are 6 places available  and just six candidates standing, there will be no need for a ballot this year.  John Pearson confirmed the good news on an email earlier today.

That is not to say we do not want to see Lincoln City banter members at the the AGM on Thursday 21st June at 6.30 p.m.  Chris Ashton currently stands unopposed for the position of Chairman and Andy Townsend will also be standing for a position on Lincoln City Holdings – the people who have our million Trust shares.

Several questions need answers.  Mike Thompson’s incarceration has left the Trust accounts requiring an Independent audit and there will be several question sent either via email to be dealt with under any other business.

Imps Trust Need To Open Up the Closing Shop.

Whether the decision by the Lincoln City Supporters Trust, to transfer all bar 70,000 shares to the holding company (or £35k if they had actually paid for them at the full price) has been done for the right or the wrong reasons, only time will tell. However the transfer of 1 million shares to the holding company has to be seen as an unquestionably large statement of intent. An intent that does not include the will of its members given they did not even get to vote – again.

How can the Trust Board and the Supporter Director David Beck, credibly suggest in the local media that the supporters still have a significant voice in the club in the future?  We the faithful have hardly been a central part of their modus operandi for some time. The Trust did not see a vote as important at the recent EGM – handily siding all those shares with the board.   Then surprise, surprise,  the fans did not get a vote in the transfer of 90% of the Trusts shares into the new holding company.  To show just how important we and the Trust are, the share transfer got a 30 second  tag-on at the end of the clubs  pod-cast of the £500k announcement on the official site.

It is no wonder a once renowned organisation will continue to fall from grace. Indeed the Trust now only represents a very small fraction of the supporters,  falling to little over a third of the 1,000 plus enjoyed when a season ticket included membership. Remember the days when a season ticket was £5 more expensive without membership? Since then the Trust has done nothing to pro-actively help with fundraising, shown no desire to increase its membership and seen the person responsible for the accounting and auditting functions within the society sentenced to imprisonment for fraud.

Perhaps these reasons may account for the fact that such an aloof, alienated and secretive organisation have managed to do what they have just done without anyone having a clue as to what has been ,  is currently,  or will be, going on behind the scenes.  They were aware and happy with the new stakeholders plans all along we will be pleased to note. Perhaps the Supporter directors blog might one day be put to its intended use  as opposed to a need for cosy chats in the Trust Suite before a game.