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Let’s Make Imps Away Days Even Better

Will the Luton Town following be even bigger than the Barnet FC one and ensure the team get the best possible chance of a win for those loud and proud Imps that travel the length and breadth of the land?  Let us hope so,  because the 574 take to The New Hive was awesome and with even another draw or a 1-0 smash and grab welcome at Kenilworth Road.  There is something else that will help massively too.

thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs.


Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngThe manager’s program notes on Tuesday highlighted the acute shortage of available funds to help the team in a vital but overlooked area.  STMI would therefore ask readers to get onto their bosses for a unique opportunity to help the teams play-off push.


The current budget has only allowed for a couple of overnight stays for the team, who can hardly be classed as pampered stars but they are athletes as well as artisans.  There are 10 long travel fixtures requiring this, but only a few directors have been generous enough to do it (our money is on Bob, the two David’s & Chris, whilst the usual free-loaders continue to sit on their hands having historically paid between £50 & £75k). What a fantastic sight it was to see 574 Imps travel last week, surely the third best supported away side in the division deserves to see their team arrive in the best possible condition.?

Barnet saw a four-hour drive, including eating a pack-up of sorts on the coach, before the players finally got to stretch their legs with a warm up.   A great team performance earned a draw with the team deserving better. STMI are not asking fans to dip into their pockets, they do that enough already, but companies keen to get on the promotion band-wagon could do so in a massively positive way. After all the team are professional and brilliantly prepared in every way, with this unnecessary Achilles undoing some of the good work and potentially robbing us of that edge.

The cost for an overnight stay runs at £1500 including VAT and even Salisbury have overnight stays organised for all their long distance matches.  Certainly made a difference, as did our win at Dartford. Wrexham travelled same day and looked beaten before we even got at them. Surely there are plenty of companies who are prepared to pitch in and be part of giving the Team an even playing field for the 6-7 games needed. It could see the vital points needed to ensure one of the Skrill Premiers most geographically isolated clubs are there or thereabouts.

Russell Moore is the commercial manager and, understandably the club are not coming out with a sales pitch on what could be a contentious issue.  However STMI feel that if we Imps pass the word round the 7 companies can easily be found to help the team.  Here is Russell’s email address and remember to tell him STMI sent you –  replace the AT with @ and get rid of the gaps for the following.

russell.moore AT