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Lincoln 3 Grimsby 2 Lincolnshire Derby Thriller As Hamza Rocks The Kazbah!

City and Grimsby shared a five goal thriller, in the Lincolnshire Derby, one fit for the Football league but it has done the People’s Premiership proud once again.

Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

First the teams & schemes, then the match report and finally more stats than you can shake an Imp or Gull at.

Teams & Schemes

 Lincoln city (2014).png  V  Grimb Badge.png

Tues 9th Sept 2014
H/T 1-1
Scorers 8′ Burrow, 43 Disley, 57 Newton (Pen) 59 Pittman 88 Bencherif
Attendance 5,209  (3,414 Imps 1795 Mariners)
Ref Mr England


Teams & schemes

Lincoln city (2014).png

Simmo goes 4-2-3-1
26 Townsend
17 Caprice 23 Brown (Y)  6 Diagne 3 Newton
12 Mendy (Y)  14 Nolan
8 Power 5 Bencherif 11 Tomlinson (Y)
9 Burrow

Vanarama Conference logo.png

 18 Pittman   14  LJ-Lewis 
11 Nielson  
     16 Clay 4 Brown  8 Disley    
6 Magnay   5 Pearson 22 Nsiala   2 Bignot (Y)
1 McKeown
Hurst goes  4-3-1-2

Grimb Badge.png

 Subs & substitutions

The Imps Bench: 1 Farman, 7 Kabba, 15 Sam-Yorke, 10 Leadsham,  4 Jordan
Substitutions:   Sam-Yorke on for Jon Nolan. 
The Mariners Bench:  7 Macreth 10 Hannah 12 Doig 24 Walker 26 Mclaughlin 
Substitutions: 56′  Doig on for Pearson, 72′ McLaughlin on for Clay & 90 Hannah on for Neilson.


To the game fellow football fans to the game…………


The Imps press but then Mariners hit back amidst the Hurley burly and the hyperbole as Yellow belly tustles with the northern foes from the fisheries.  A good passage of  play from the Imps sees Power play to Caprice to Burrow, back to Caprice who feeds Tomlinson but his drive is deflected off Bignot for a corner.  Keeper McKeown double fists with the ball finding its way to Mendy, who in turn, clears the stand.  Pittman gets a yard but misses at one end and then McKeown turns a drive round the post, at the other, for a corner.  With all the six-foot soldiers up The Mariners clear off the line, with Burrow slow to pounce.

It is definitely a pulsating box-to-box Lincolnshire Derby and well worth the loud and proud attentions of an impressive 5,209 crowd.  The Imp that never quite was, Lenell John-Lewis,  is through at the one end only for Townsend to make himself big to save the day.  Seven minutes in elbows and whistles, Tomlinson,  roasts the full-back, centres an out-swinger and, Burrows splits the centre backs to head home an absolute beauty. Right in the bottom corner to give the Imps a dream start and rare Lincolnshire derby lead.

Neilson, a graceful gifted gent,  sends in a beauty, Pitman heads back across, but, Diagne heads out and, Nat Brown finishes the clearance to end the danger.   The Mariners threaten again, box-to-box centre-half Pearson, this time, wins a terrific header to feed Neilson, who hits a hay-maker full on the volley that Townsend superbly saves.  Tomlinson is a off again but he and Bignot’s full-throttle  50/50 end in a throw.

Less smile more guile, old-skool centre-forward Pittman is putting in his normal shift.  He swings the right pickaxe, passes to John-Lewis, away and scampering across the hallowed turf, only to be cut down on his prime by the wise young Newton, who escapes a card.  The free-kick is poor and moments later Tommo also gets away with a rather rash one.  Neilson roasts three but, Newton thinks up a theory to block brilliantly.  Tomlinson is through with everyone in the ground on their feet and baying for blood, only to be brought down by  Nsiala for a penalty as boos and hisses turn to defiant roars from the main stand.  Tomlinson picks himself up to send McKeown the wrong way but, shock, horror, he hits the post to the delight of football’s equivalent of a jubilant shoal leaping like salmon for the Stacey West skies.

Incredibly and, apparently down wind of the smell of fish for those following the banter exchange,  we are just crossing the twenty minute mark as John-Lewis superbly brings down a Neilson ball on a sixpence. Thankfully and typically Lenny, his left foot finish is poor.  Fabulous, fast and furious plus frustration in equal amounts should be his biopic, methinks.  The marauding Mariners passing game is trying to show itself with City contesting every second ball as if it was our last.   Nolan is beaten by Disley but has Townsend to thank for a terrific save from the overlapping Bignot, with oh so determined  John-Lewis slyly sniffing for scraps.

A masterful Mendy challenge gets Power away, but boo-hiss, the ball is behind Caprice eager and early.  Another world class ball from Newton is just begging for a head to get on the end of it.  Some pin-ball in the box finds Power who thunders against the bar, with Pearson rising amongst those six-foot plus Sincil clouds to clear for a corner. Newton’s set-piece finds the head of Bencherif but he heads over the bar.

John-Lewis  is away for the Mariners until Brown takes a yellow for the team.  Neilson’s deft chipped free-kick, to the far post, is headed over by Pearson, powerfully getting one over on Nat Brown. With Bignot off with a blood injury, Burrow beats stand in Disley – from gifted gamekeeper to defensive gatekeeper in the Lincolnshire derby – but his effort does not quite drop for big-bad-Bencherif, lurking with intent.  Diagne intercepts a nifty exchange between John-Lewis and Pitmann,  comes away and gets Tomlinson thundering across the turf until he is body checked with the referee continuing his open-minded take on the derby proceedings. The two exchange smiles, this contest and the fun is set to run and run.

Jeepers-keepers, tragedy, Townsend does a sack-the-juggler to bungle Scott Brown’s cross. It falls to the one guy you don’t want it to,  drat and double drat Disley, he shapes brilliantly and, with top technique, volleys a screamer into the top corner to send the Mariners mental. The tide has turned for the Cleethorpes crews and they are dancing on our graves in the  Stacey West now. Townsend redeems himself, saving well from a John-Lewis half-volley as Grimsby go for the jugular.  The Imps rally with a terrific 25-yard bullet from Bencherif that McKeown magnificently saves.

Second Half

Both managers keep the faith and its lively again with the Imps not getting a ball-to-hand involving Pearson. The defences are denying the space and any real chances early doors .  John- Lewis has a dig from outside the box but drags it wide. The Mariners do seem more composed until Nsiala gifts one to Power. Alas he gives it straight back to Grimsby and the Mariners counter culminating with Neilson thundering a bullet against the post.  The nippy Neilson, for again it is he, gets free, sending another decent rising effort over the bar to ‘oohs and aghs’.

With the Imps outnumbered, both Mendy and, then Brown foul Neilson, although with no advantage the card fortunately goes to the earlier one from Mendy.  With Pearson off the pitch Nolan gets Tomlinson away until Bignot brings him down for a sensational second penalty. Newton takes this one, putting left peg and laces through it, he thumps home from the spot, just inside the Stacey West left-hand post and into the net to silence the Mariners.  Pearson finally goes off to be replaced by Doig, Manager Hurst’s desire to keep King Cod on is what had cost them.

A mesmerising moment of Mariner magic as Pitmann gets a couple of yards free in the box and buries a beauty into the top right for 2-2.  The tempo is relentless as Newton gets up the line and sends in a glorious drive that McKeown is equal to, a fine save just the same.  Pitman rifles an effort wide of the post and then Neilson forces another competent save from Townsend.   Both Mendy and Brown ask a lot of Townsend with a couple of tired back passes.  McLaughlin now comes on for Clay to join the fray.  Newton gets another chance to stretch his legs and deliver a payload but Doig gets the clearance in ahead of Tomlinson with the taste of blood and goals in him. Tomo is made for Derby days like this, as is Newton, Mendy and the mighty Moor Hamza Bencheric.  With destiny beckoning for the ex-Imp, John-Lewis gets away, but,  one on one, he fluffs his lines to put it wide of the far post.

Tomlinson delivers a peach of a foul throw to earn a corner. Newton gets ready to take with eleven plays challenging yett missing only for Tomlinson to twist turn and thunder straight across the six-yard box – it was just begging for a any part of the anatomy that one. On comes Sam-Yorke for Nolan with eleven minutes to go.  The final twist in the trilling tryst as Townsend  makes a brilliant save to deny a Nsiala header from a Brown ball at one end, to pave the way for the road to derby heaven.  In a flash Newton delivers a deadly corner and Bencherif belts in a right-foot bullet that cuts every blade of grass as it whistles inside the post. All in Impdon rise, Sincil Bank salutes as Hamza rocks the Kazbah for a priceless derby Win.


Stats & Table

Vanarama Conference logo.png

Note: shots on includes  goals and saves includes crosses claimed


Potential Teams & Schemes

 Lincoln city (2014).png  V  Grimb Badge.png

Tues 9th Sept 2014
50 % Ball 50 %
9 Shots on 9
5 Misses 7
6 Saves 8
6 Corners 3
2 Offside 2
 10 Fouls 12
3 Yellows 1
0 Reds 0

Vanarama Conference logo.png

The Table


P W D L F A +/- Pts
1 FC Halifax Town 8 6 1 1 16 6 +10 19
2 Barnet 7 6 0 1 18 3 +15 18
3 Woking 8 5 3 0 17 6 +11 18
4 Gateshead 8 5 1 2 17 13 +4 16
5 Torquay United 8 4 3 1 14 5 +9 15
6 Kidderminster Harriers 8 4 3 1 9 4 +5 15
7 Eastleigh 8 4 2 2 14 10 +4 14
8 Macclesfield Town 8 3 4 1 9 6 +3 13
9 Lincoln City 8 4 1 3 14 15 -1 13
10 Wrexham 8 4 1 3 10 11 -1 13
11 Grimsby Town 8 3 3 2 19 7 +12 12
12 Braintree Town 8 4 0 4 13 9 +4 12
13 Forest Green Rovers 8 3 3 2 8 6 +2 12
14 Aldershot Town 8 3 2 3 9 7 +2 11
15 Bristol Rovers 8 3 2 3 6 8 -2 11
16 Southport 8 2 2 4 8 12 -4 8
17 Altrincham 8 2 1 5 9 13 -4 7
18 Dover Athletic 7 2 1 4 8 14 -6 7
19 Chester 8 2 1 5 8 17 -9 7
20 Nuneaton Town 8 2 1 5 3 13 -10 7
21 Dartford 8 1 3 4 7 13 -6 6
22 Welling United 8 1 3 4 6 15 -9 6
23 AFC Telford United 8 0 2 6 9 20 -11 2
24 Alfreton Town 8 0 1 7 5 23 -18 1