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Thanks Gary Simpson AKA The Chosen One

STMI cant use The Special One as José Mourinho of Benfica,Porto, Chelsea, Internazionale and Real Madrid has deservedly bagged that title. These fans will say it is an insult to compare the two, but Simmo has never had a budget over £9,000 a week , yet his player sales are £6 million and rising. Could Jose with his undoubted achievements even sign one player for that weekly outlay?

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But we knew you were the one for the Lincoln City gig. A roll on the well beaten rusted drum please for here are the deeds that Saved The Mighty Imps in 2012/13.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

20 points taken

The initial target needed to be increased from 12 points due to the form of the sides around us.  Taken across 46 games our form would see us on 71 points, sufficient for sixth place this season. That was one place and 9 points off the play-offs, but certainly there or thereabouts.

Tenure P W D L F A Win % Draw % Loss %
28/2/13 –  13 6 2 5 19 16 46.15% 15.38% 38.46%

Previous 13 games

Tenure P W D L F A Win % Draw % Loss %
DH/GB  13 2 4 7 21 26 15.38% 30.76% 53.84%

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

The Games

Woking 1 1 Lincoln City
Johnson (02) Oliver (25) 1,766

193 Imps

Macclesfield 2 1 Lincoln City
Garner (47 og)
Barnes-Homer (55)
Power (Pen 23) 1,557

106 Imps

Lincoln City 1 0 Southport
Power (Pen 14)
sent off Oliver (81)
sent off Byrne (81) 1,827

 1719 Imps

Lincoln City 1 2 Wrexham
Westwood (34 og) Ormerod (61)
Adebola (66)

 1266 Imps

Nuneaton 1 0 Lincoln City
York (93) 1,122

423 Imps

Lincoln City 3 2 AFC Telford
Jordan (12)
Taylor (77 & 88)
Jones (39)
Leslie (53)

 1712 Imps

Braintree Town 0 3 Lincoln City
Diagne (26 & 74)
Boyce (79)sent off Dali (04)

124 Imps

Alfreton Town 0 2 Lincoln City
sent off Franklin (07) Hobson (41)
Oliver (81)
Lincoln City 0 0 Cambridge Utd

2418 imps

Kidderminster 3 0 Lincoln City
Jackman (27)
Storer (80)
Vaughan (89)

194 Imps 

Luton 3 0 Lincoln City
Martin (41)
Gray (43)
Martin (72)

173 imps

Lincoln City 2 1 Tamworth
Taylor (67)
Power PEN (83)
OG -Gray (7) 3,174

2965 imps

Hyde 1 5 Lincoln City
Ashworth (50) Power (PEN 27)
Fofana (45+1)
Oliver (48, 62 & 86)

850 Imps

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Gary’s Historic Managerial Comparison

Tenure P W D L Win Rate Draw Rate Loss Rate
Lincoln City 13 –  13 6 2 5 46.15% 15.38% 38.46%
Macclesfield 10-12 111 32 32 47 28.82% 28.82% 42.34%
Lincoln City 03/4 11 5 4 2 45.45% 36.36% 18.20%

DATE OF BIRTH 11 April 1961 (age 51)
PLACE OF BIRTH Sheffield, England
LINCOLN CITY Manager until end of season
YEARS Team Apps (Gls)
1980 Stoke City 0 (0)
1980–1985 Boston United 160 (8)
1985–1986 Stafford Rangers 30 (3)
1986–1987 Weymouth 14 (3)
1986–1988 Stafford Rangers 66 (5)
1988–1990 Boston United 33 (1)
1989–1991 Altrincham 25 (0)
1991–1993 Gainsborough Trinity
1993–1995 Arnold Town
1994–1995 Hyde United 3 (0)
1986–1990 England C 9 (?)

Lincoln City Banter Q & A Ben Wright

We would like to thank Ben Wright – the Chelsea slayer and globe trotting ex Imp striker aka the Sincil Swan for taking the time to kick off the Lincoln City Banter Q & A season.

With Ben now in New Zealand the opening question has to be what is a guy who scored 26 goals in a dozen games doing at the other End of the world from his almost native Lincolnshire?

Hi  Imps, it was a strange one with me, I got injured towards the end of the 2009/10 season while I was playing at Macc and thought if I just rested it over the summer it would be fine come preseason.But as it was I required an operation and as I was without a club it took a long time to sort out.So I did my coaching badges during that time and then a few months after my op the consultant told me that although my knee was fairly stable there was a chance if I kept playing it would go completly.

This opportunity came up in NZ to do some coaching with the view to play a bit if the knee holds up which I was really grateful for so I took it.It wasn’t a great standard of football. I really enjoy NZ tho a beautiful country with a real relaxed vibe to it. I still always look out for Lincolns result and have a few friends on facebook who are Lincoln fans that keep me updated with whats going on at the club. There aren’t too many people left at the club that I know now but its a good club in a big city and of course I wish them the best for the future.
Nottingham Imp What’s your fav curry house in Lincoln then Ben?

Well I remember going to one a few times i think it was the Bombay,was always a good feed but I do probably prefere a good chinese if im honest i love sweet and sour.

Ricky Frankman – Is the standard of football different in New Zealand from England and does he having any plans of returning to England?

Hi Ricky yeh its completely different there is just the one pro club over there Wellington Phenix all the rest are amateur.Im not one to plan to far ahead but im 31 now so i think my playing days as a pro are behind me.

John Daft Lad Franks – What was your best moment as an imps player Ben?
During my first year at the club i had a few good moments John,my favourie being probably when we won away at Stockport who were a good team at the time.It was under the lights on a tuesday night and i got a couple of goals.

Ben Harrison – Who’s the best manager that you have played for and why?

Hi Ben i would probably say Benny Lenardson who took me from Bristol city over to Norway.He was great with the younger players,really helped them develope.

Colin Morton – Q Ben what attracted you to playing for richmond as opposed to the big two of Auckland city or Waitakere utd ?

Hi Colin yes they are the two big clubs that have dominated the national league over in NZ which is played in the summer period.I only played in the winter league this season.I went over there mainly for the coaching to work with the young kids in the Nelson region which is on the south island.

Stephen Simpson – What was your favourite goal in a City shirt?
Hi Stephen i enjoyed my first league goal for City as it was at home against Peterborough but one i scored away at Rotherham was one of my favourites

Jacob Easterling  – What do you see for the future of Lincoln

Hi Jacob you have to look at the positives.Its going to be a hard journey back but with the right plan in place and everyone working together right throughout the club and with the stadium,history and support already in place there has to be hope.

Neil Gentleman-hobbs – You spent a lot of time in Scandinavia what are your reflections (including the goal against Chelsea) of your time there and how does the style and standard of football compare both their and in New Zealand where you are now?
I really enjoyed my time in Norway Neil,i think its a great experience for anyone living in a foreign country and learning a new culture.I was leading goalscorer in two succesive seasons and got to play with some great players.Its a good standard of football its not as frenetic as in england but more tactical.

Stephen ‘Day’ Freestone  – How did you get on with Adrian Patulea?

Hi Stephen I got on well with Adi he’s very honest and didn’t have any kind of ego to him.

Matthew Coe  – Whose to blame for the mess at Lincoln?
I don’t think any one person is to blame Mathew.Stabilty is vital now if you select a gaffa you have to stick with him and trust in what he does.Its hard in england because everyone wants results quickly.I’ve seen even by just coaching at a semi pro club how important it is for the structure to be right with everyone working together giving 100% and understanding their roles.

Thanks Ben, for some candid answers not to mention  some great goals and moments during your time at Sincil Bank, the Theatre of the Absurd.

YEARS Team Apps (Gls)
1998–1999 Kettering Town 11 (0)
1998–2001 Bristol City 2 (0)
2000–2001 Woking (loan) 3 (0)
2001–2002 Viking 48 (7)
2003–2007 I.K. Start 68 (29)
2006 Moss FK (loan) 11 (2)
2007–2009 Lincoln City 67 (17)
2009–2010 Macclesfield Town 39 (6)
2011 Richmond Athletic 16 (26)