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Barnacles of Botchulism

After a creditable result at Forest Green Rovers and with the Big Luton game…. and Wrexham…and Mansfield…. in front of us Mr Chris P Bacon gives his unique take on the road ahead.

It was good to hear Lord Bob on the wireless this morning with Squire Steve, the dynamic duo of Lincoln City who should both be given the freedom of the city for the faithful, in my humble opinion.

Lord Bob came over so well I think he needs his own show on the station and I’m sure he will play a lot of hits from the 1950’s very well!

Anyway tonight the Faithful are off to Forest Green.  I’ve looked into my A to Z that is glued to my clipboard and haven’t a clue where it is, but probably somewhere in Nottinghamshire.   I’m so happy finding these places and it’s so much nicer than going to Rotherham, I can tell you!

Well we got there in the end and I don’t know why I was told it’s in Nottingham, but in the Gotswoulds, wherever that is!  When I heard the Wolds bit I thought I’d be turning back East up the A46 towards Grimsby but thankfully we had a good navigator with us and we got there just in time to see Forest Green nick it one nil in the onion bag.

Well the club is struggling again and I’ve said it before but being in a Premier League isn’t for Lincoln City.  We need to get into the North or the Unigate as quickly as possible!  Forest Green got three more in the onion bag against nothing for the Mighty Imps.  My prediction of playing in the Blue Square North next season is coming up fine and I’ll be delighted to find Vauxhall on the map, too!  Don’t forget that if you finish bottom all you need to do is turn the League upside down and you are top.  That’s what I’ll be doing from now on, the charge to the BSN is on for the Mighty Imps and don’t let any cockneys tell you otherwise!