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Budget: Is It Time For Trust To Be Critical Friend?

Alfreton Town, Welling United, Tamworth, Woking, Southport FC, Nuneaton Town, Tamworth, Braintree, Dartford FC and Hyde FC are all considered part time.  Yet with three training sessions a week they could be labelled as what Lincoln manager Gary Simpson has recently described as part-time in disguise.

Perhaps this is why Lincoln struggles to beat sides who have superior budgets and look to raise their game in order to gain the scalp of a big team. The real issue and reality check for Lincoln fans, is that the club is anything but a big team when it comes to the playing budget. The forecast budget is still less than that enjoyed by David Holdsworth last season, this, despite better than expected season ticket sales, higher admission prices due to the closing of the home end and better average crowds than last season. 

After an interminable half decade of misery and decline, the team finds itself mid-table yet we are failing to play the dream football that fans wish to see.  At £18 for an adult they do have a point, but the economic reality and real issue is the competition from the 23 other Conference clubs that the Imps are struggling to match. They show ambition, they inspire, while a club with the potential of Lincoln, does anything but shrouded behind  non disclosure agreements that frustrate fans and keep them in the dark.  Who would like answers on the Stadium, the recent supporter director elections etc etc etc? What about a fans forum and not one that shortens a Trust or club AGM?

But back to money, the route of all evil it would appear. Lincoln and Macclesfield have the lowest full-time budgets in the Skrill Premier League, dwarfed by Luton, Forest Green, Grimsby, Wrexham, Cambridge, Kidderminster and Gateshead.  But these disguised part-time sides are also outspending the club thanks to rich benefactors and commercial deals that allow them to punch above their financial weight.  While geographically challenged Lincoln cannot afford more than 5 overnight stays, Salisbury identified and funded the 15 they face before a ball was kicked in earnest.

When we look at the performance on the pitch of Alfreton, Salisbury and Welling, they are doing so because they have the ability to fund better loans and can pay wages in excess of ours.  Lincoln have an average of £350 per week, but many of our part-time competitors can easily offer far more – sometimes double – our highest earners. Surely everyone realises consistency costs and that you get what you can ultimately pay for on the creative and goals front, which is the lifeblood of the sport.

Alfreton, Welling, Woking and Tamworth all have bigger playing budgets than Lincoln despite our gates.  Southport and even Nuneaton are certainly on a par with the Imps, but able to pay money and get loans that are out of our reach. Only Hyde, Braintree, Dartford and Macclesfield have an inferior budget to Lincoln, but their geography is less challenging when it comes to attracting talent.

We cannot really do anything about it any more either, the dye is cast.  The Trust historically appear in fans eyes to be anything but a critical friend, despite the two long-term gold member and supporter director reigns on the board of the club. The 1 million shares have gone to the Holding Company and even the current supporter Director is now a business partner of one of the board members on the Holding company, suggesting a cosy closed shot relationship remains. All we can do is keep faith it appears and be thankful the club is still in business even if it had to give away the fans crown jewels to sustain itself without any long-term guarantees.  Not that we had a vote on it of course  – this at of all clubs, the one Supporters direct once saw as the model community club.

Please note we have omitted the actual figures for each club for legal reasons, alas, as our regular readers are aware, STMI does not have the legal backing to publish the full truth as bigger publications would.

Neil’s Stats on Wednesday

Nuneaton Town beat Hereford Utd 2-1,  Cambridge Utd drew 1-1 at Alfreton Town and Kidderminster won away at Tamworth 3-0 , but the Imps still sneak up to 4th thanks to a draw for Barnet, and defeats for Grimsby and Forest Green Rovers. It was another terrific team performance with Farman and Miller rating a 9 just behind Newton who edges it with a 10.

thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs.


Lincoln City F.C. badge.png 

To follow a combined stats on Wednesday, as ever lets get straight in ‘Boycie style’,  starting with the match stats & table plus the normal player ratings, minutes, fouls cards and of course concise heroes & villains (goal machines, creators & card collectors count). The full blow by blow a view from the Stacey West Match report is available here – it shows the Imps superiority, even though Southport had more shots off target,

 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png 1  V  0 SouthportFC.png 

Tuesday 17th September KO 19.45

H/T 1-0

 scorers  26′ Miller

Attendance 1879   (1848 Imps 31 Sandgrounders)

Ref Mr Kavanagh


The  teams & Schemes

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Simmo 4-2-3-1


Miller  Brown  Boyce Newton 

Fofana  Jordan     

Power Nolan Sheridan




71 Wright on for Tomlinson 80 Dixon on for Sheridan 90 Foster on for Power.

The Bench 

15 Gray, 27 Foster, 17 Dixon, 9 Rowe, 10 Wright


Wright goes 5-3-2


4 Akrigg  2 Smith 18 George 

12 Challoner                                                    20 Fitzpatrick

26 Irie-Bi

10 Ledsham (Y-14)                                    6 Brown 

15 Hattersley 9 Tames 



D/S 66 Almond on for Akrigg & Osawe for Hattersley 73 Milligan on for Irie-Bi.

The Bench 

7 Chalmers, 8 Milligan, 11 Almond 19 Stevenson, 21 Osawe




shots on includes  goals and saves includes crosses claimed


(thanks WIKI)

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png v SouthportFC.png

51% Ball 49%

4 Shots on 3

4 Misses 6

3 Saves 5

10 Corners 5

5 Offside 3

5 Fouls 4

0 Yellows 1

0 Reds 0


 The Table 17/9/13

P W D L F A +/- PTS
1 Nuneaton Town 9 7 2 0 16 7 +9 23
2 Cambridge United 9 6 3 0 15 4 +11 21
3 Kidderminster Harriers 9 6 0 3 16 11 +5 18
4 Lincoln City 9 5 2 2 9 5 +4 17
5 Barnet 9 4 4 1 17 10 +7 16
6 FC Halifax Town 9 5 1 3 17 15 +2 16
7 Alfreton Town 9 5 1 3 15 13 +2 16
8 Forest Green Rovers 9 4 3 2 20 12 +8 15
9 Salisbury City 9 4 2 3 11 9 +2 14
10 Grimsby Town 9 4 2 3 9 10 -1 14
11 Luton Town 9 3 4 2 8 4 +4 13
12 Southport 9 4 1 4 10 13 -3 13
16 Hereford 9 3 2 4 11 12 -1 11

Posted in

Match stats

Sq No Starts Sub Mins Saves Let In C/S YC
1 Paul Farman  9  0  810  25  5  4  0
31 David Preece  0  0  0  0  0  0  0

Outfield Heroes

(nb: St= starts, Sub= On as Sub, Mins = minutes on the pitch, Ass= Assists, F’s= Fouls, F’ed=Fouled, YC=Yellow Cards, RC= Red Cards) 
No NAME St Sub Mins G On M Ass F’s F’ed YC RC
2 Miller 5 0 450 1 1 0 0 4 6 1 0
3 Newton 9 0 810 0 4 4 4 7 3 1 0
4 Jordan 3 0 229 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0
5 Boyce 8 0 720 1 3 3 1 14 5 1 0
6 Fofana 7 1 640 0 1 1 0 6 6 0  0
7 Fairhurst 4 0 311 2 3 6 0 2 1 0  0
8 Power 6 0 540 0 2 6 0 7 4 1 1
9 Rowe 5 2 429 1 6 6 0 6 4 2 0
10 Wright 2 2 146 0 2 1 0 2 3 0 0
11 Tomlinson 9 0 791 3 12 7 0 17 9 2 0
12 Sheridan 4 2 389 0 0 3 0 1 2 0 0
14 Yussuf 0 1 6 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
15 Gray 4 0 360 0 0 1 0 4 1 1 0
16 Robinson 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
19 Nolan 8 0 810 1 7 4 0 7 5 0 0
20 Dixon 0 6 135 0 3 4 0 3 2 0 0
23 Brown 9 0 810 0 1 1 0 6 4 0 0
24 KK 0 0 0 0 0  0 0 0 0 0 0
27 Foster 5 3 428 0 1 3 0 9 7 1 0
29 Thomas 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

 KEY = St= starts, Sub= On as Sub, Mins = minutes on the pitch, Ass= Assists, F’s= Fouls, F’ed=Fouled, YC=Yellow Cards, RC= Red Cards. 

 Heroes & Villains

Goal Machines   Card Collectors    
  Goals   Yel Red
Tomlinson 3 Power 1 1
Fairhurst 2 Rowe 2 0
Rowe 1 Tomlinson 2 0
Boyce 1 Boyce 1 0
Nolan 1 Gray 1 0
Miller 1 Foster 1 0
Assists   Miller 1 0
Newton 4 Newton 1 0
Boyce 1 Yussuf 1 0
Brown 1  

STMI Man of match awards 2013/14


  Foster 1                    
  Brown 1                    
  Newton 1 1 1 1              
  Boyce 1                    
  Fofana 1                    
  Tomlinson 1                    

STMI Average ratings.

As the season progresses STMI will detail up to the the last 7 appearances along with the Cumulative average and total.

Name                     Tot Ave
Farman 7 6 6 7 8 8 7 7 9   65 7.2
Miller       8 7 8 7 8 9   47 7.8
Newton 7 7 9 8 8 9 7 9 10   74 8.2
Jordan       7       8 8   23 7.7
Boyce 8 7 8 9 9 9 7 8 8   73 8.1
Fofana 7 6 8   10 8 7 8 8   62 7.7
Fairhurst     9   7 8 7       31 7.8
Power 6 7 7 7       9 8   44 7.3
Rowe   7 7 8 7 8 7 7     51 7.3
Wright 6 7           7 7   27 6.7
Tomlinson 6 7 8 8 9 9 8 8 8   71 7.9
Sheridan       7 7 7 7 8 8   44 7.3
Yussuf             7          
Gray 7 7 7   8           29 7.3
Nolan 7 7 7 7 7 8 7 9 8   67 7.4
Dixon 7 7   7 7   8 7 7   50 7.1
Brown 8 9 8 8 9 8 7 8 7   72 8
Foster 9 8 7 8 7 9 8   7   63 7.9

All stats are property of Save the Mighty Imps although please fee free to put a link on your site/forum to this or any of our other pages.


The Mighty Imps 2013/14 Squad & Contract Status

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


1  Paul Farman   (contracted to June 2015) 31 David Preece  (contracted to June 2014) 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


Tom Miller  (contracted to June 2015)   3   Sean Newton   (contracted to June 2015) 5  Andrew Boyce   (contracted to June 2015)  15  Dan Gray,  (contracted to June 2014)  23 Nat Brown   (contracted to June 2014)   27 Luke Foster  (contracted to June 2014) 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


Todd Jordan  (contracted to June 2014)  6 Mamadou Fofana  (contracted to June 2014)  7  Wade Fairhurst   (contracted to June 2014)  Alan Power  (contracted to June 2015) 

Danny Rowe  (contracted to June 2014)  12 Jake Sheridan   (contracted to June 2014)  19 Jon Nolan   (contracted to June 2014)  24 Karl Cunningham  (contracted to Dec 2013) 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


10 Nick Wright   (contracted to June 2014) 11 Ben Tomlinson  (contracted to June 2015)  14  Adi Yussuf   (contracted to June 2014) 16 Conner Robinson   (contracted to June 2014)  20 Bohan Dixon  (contracted to June 2014)  29 Jordan Thomas  (contracted to June 2014) 

Conference Fans Must Back Grassroots Petition – nearly 18k have heard MP Crausby’s Call Already

STMI urge fans of Aldershot Town, Alfreton Town, Barnet FC, Braintree Town, Cambridge United, Chester FC, Dartford FC, FC Halifax, FGR, Gateshead FC, Grimsby Town, Hereford United, Hyde, Kidderminster Harriers, Luton Town, Macclesfield Town, Nuneaton Town, Salisbury City, Southport FC, Tamworth FC, Welling United, Woking FC, Wrexham FC, to back the petition to ensure grass roots football gets 7.5% of the from broadcasting rights. MP David Crausby’s petition already has 17,700 signatures so please get on board before the 20th September. Please get this on your forums.

Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

HM Government

The petition, to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, calls on the Government to ensure that grassroots football receives financial support from the Premier League. At a time when Government cuts mean that many Local Authorities are no longer able to fund grassroots football transfer fees and players wages are spiralling to obscene levels and, very much wasting the bounty.  Similarly fees for basic facilities are climbing to the point where ordinary people are being priced out of our national sport.

The Premier League continues to grow in popularity around the world. Domestic broadcasting rights for 2013-14 to 2015-16 have been sold for £3bn, combined with global rights the Premier League could bring in as much as £5bn over the next three seasons.
This cash boost must not be wasted on ever-increasing wages for players when grassroots football is struggling. Just 34% of the starting line ups during the Premiership’s opening weekend were home-based talent
The Government must encourage the FA to ensure that 7.5% of money from broadcasting rights goes to fund grassroots football. If the FA and Premier League are unable to do so voluntarily the Government must be willing to take further action to make this compulsory.
Sign this petition and pass it on to everyone you know.
Current Number of signatures: 17,700
Created by: David Crausby MP
Closing Date : 20/02/2014 10:21

The Big Fat Conference Premier Guide

For fans of Aldershot Town, Alfreton Town, Barnet FC, Braintree Town, Cambridge United, Chester FC, Dartford FC, FC Halifax, FGR, Gateshead FC, Grimsby Town, Hereford United, Hyde, Kidderminster Harriers, Luton Town, Macclesfield Town, Nuneaton Town, Salisbury City, Southport FC, Tamworth FC, Welling United, Woking FC, Wrexham FC,  here is the STMI Skrill Premier guide.  Nearly 30,000 of you have read your own team’s now you can have a nosey at the rest.

Thank-you for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs – this labour of love has kept me sane (ish) through a foot crush injury this summer

The guide comprises transfer ins and outs, the squads, typical formation, last years position and crowd, tickets, ground guide (thanks Duncan Adams) and plus a gander and forecast for the coming season. Notice no side is foretasted to go down because everyone starts with a clean sheet in a league where everyone can beat anyone. Why, because every big stage is seen as a giant killing opportunity with ex-League giants viewed as scalps. Get your beer-goggles out, Believe, be pure, be vigilant and behave.

STMI looks forward to seeing you all in 2013/14, although you will not bump into me at Sincil Bank as I am still denied the ability to watch my community team. But enough of that to cut to the chase just CLICK ON A NAME, below the badge our heroes kiss.

Ins & Outs -P1 Alfreton, Aldershot, Barnet & Braintree

STMI present the transfer  Ins & outs for Alfreton Town, Aldershot, Barnet FC and Braintree Town up to July 5th 2013. With Lincoln City on the verge of what looks to be an exciting season how have our competitors  lost or gained since last a ball was kicked.  Our pre-season guide to each side is also on the verge of completion, as ever if we have missed any confirmed deals please ping us a comment.

Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

Alfreton Town FC.svgAldershot Crest.pngBarnet FC.svgBraintreefc.png 

All Conference Transfers articles Parts 1 – 6 can be viewed HERE

To cut to the chase then

Alfreton Town FC.svg

Alfreton (now part-time)

IN Player From Pos Fee
29th May Bradley Wood Grimsby Def Free
13th June Kristian Dickinson Sutton Coldfield For Free
15th June Michael Wyle Tamworth Def Free
1st July Tom Shaw Cambridge Utd Mid Free
5th July Chris Westwood Wrexham Def Free
1st July Ross Atkins Derby Co Keeper N/A
OUT Player To Pos Fee
1st May Phil Barnes Gainsborough Keeper Free
1st May Anton Brown Harrogate Def Free
1st May Leigh Franks Harrogate Def/Mid Free
1st May Ashley Worsfold Harrogate Def Free
1st May Theo Streete Nuneaton Def/Mid Free
1st May Gavin Holohan Free Agent Mid Free

Aldershot Crest.png


The admin / CVA has precluded any signings and we thought it unfair to name the 13 made redundant unless a transfer to another club has gone through. Good luck to Shots fans, the players and their families at this difficult time.

IN Player From Pos Fee
OUT Player To Pos Fee
18th June Danny Hylton Rotherham For
21st June Troy Brown Cheltenham Def
21st June Ross Wormer Wimbledon Keeper
29th June Doug Bergqvist Exeter Def
16th May 13 made redundant

Barnet FC.svg

Barnet FC

The Bees have that £250,000 parachute to soften the blow and will benefit from an Academy that has cost a fortune. On a par with the Crewe vision it should serve them well.

IN Player From Pos Fee
26th June Tony Acheampong Welling Def Undis
26th June K Marsh-Brown Yeovil Mid Free
OUT Player To Pos Fee
13th May Oliver Lee Birmingham Mid Free
13th May Liam O’Brien No club Keeper Free
13th May Chiro N’Toko FC Eindhoven Def Free
13th May John Oster No Club Mid Free
22nd May Michael Kuipers No club Keeper Free
22nd May Barry Fuller Wimbledon Def Free
22nd May Clovis Kambdjo No club Mid Free
22nd May Craig Beattie No club For Free
22nd May Ishmail Kamara No club For Free
21st June Ricky Holmes Portsmouth For Free



Alan Devonshire always starts slow, however the proximity to the smoke and his contacts will serve the Essex Boys well again this season.

IN Player From Pos Fee
14th May Chez Izaac Borehamwood Mid Free
OUT Player To Pos Fee

All Conference Transfers articles Parts 1 – 6 can be viewed HERE

The BSP Trapdoor Tango

Tuesday’s BSP version of Dancing On Ice saw Hyde get 3 points at Luton and Stockport win at Barrow as The Mighty Imps went down at home against Wrexham.  Ebbsfleet look beached after Alfreton sunk them, but Nuneaton, Telford and Gateshead did not play. Get out your fancy dress, posh frocks,  whistle and flutes, reinforced stays and suspenders, because everyone needs to get their skates on.  STMI looks at our adversaries Ides of March and urges our fellow Imps to travel in numbers to Nuneaton on Saturday.  Lose this and four figure gates or our C-List celebrity status could be a luxurious thing of the past next season. Thank god no-one has Trapdoor Broughton playing for them as the bookies would be boarding up the doors.

Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs 

Just one place and one point below the Imps come Hyde, who won at Luton 2-1 on Tuesday after losing 6 on the spin.  As to whether they can now beat 10th placed Dartford and 9th placed Hereford the following week, is anyone’s guess.

March games
Sat 16th Hyde v Dartford 15:00
Sat 23rd Hereford v Hyde 15:00
Tue 26th Hyde v Cambridge Utd 19:45
Sat 30th Hyde v Wrexham 15:00

Barrow are back in the bottom four after losing 0-2 at home to Stockport. The Hatters jumped to 17th on Tuesday, something Barrow could go close to emulating if everything goes their way on Saturday. The trip to 9th placed Hereford will not be easy but they have a game in hand and are just 2 poits behind Hyde and 3 behind the Imps.

Sat 16th Hereford v Barrow 15:00
Tue 19th Dartford v Barrow 19:45
Sat 23rd Barrow v Ebbsfleet United 15:00
Tue 26th Barrow v Macclesfield 19:45
Sat 30th Grimsby v Barrow 15:00

Nuneaton will see the game against us as a key opportunity if they are to prove their BSP credentials.  They have only lost to Kidderminster (0-1) in the last five games, so a win over the Imps could set them up for a month that could then see 8-10 points. Let us hope not as their April looks as clement as ours did last season.

Sat 16th Nuneaton v Lincoln City 15:00
Tue 19th Nuneaton v Grimsby 19:45
Thu 21st Braintree Town v Nuneaton 19:45
Sat 23rd Nuneaton v Woking 15:00
Tue 26th Mansfield v Nuneaton 19:45
Sat 30th AFC Telford v Nuneaton 15:00

Ebbsfleet were hammered 3-0 at Alfreton on Tuesday and one has to get the feeling that the fleet will sink from the Blue Square this season.  They have lost 4 of the last 5 games since two wins and a draw gave a glimmer of hope in early February.  Southport is a key one on Saturday, bar Barrow in the middle of the month, who can see more than a point?

March 2013
Sat 16th Ebbsfleet United v Southport 15:00
Tue 19th Cambridge Utd v Ebbsfleet United 19:45
Sat 23rd Barrow v Ebbsfleet United 15:00
Tue 26th Luton v Ebbsfleet United 19:45
Sat 30th Ebbsfleet United v Forest Green 15:00

New manager John Psaras has a mountain to climb at Telford.  The Bucks have managed 1 point from 7 games and not won in 23 (Dartford away 4-1 on October 9th).  They are 9 points off safety with 9 games to play.  The home game tonight against Gateshead is vital, followed by tough trips to Woking, Macc and Lincoln, before a home game against Nuneaton.

Wed 13th AFC Telford v Gateshead 19:45
Sat 16th Woking v AFC Telford 15:00
Tue 19th Macclesfield v AFC Telford 19:45
Sat 23rd Lincoln City v AFC Telford 15:00
Sat 30th AFC Telford v Nuneaton 15:00

BSP 12/3/13

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 up 10 Braintree 32 13 5 14 44 54 -10 71
17 down 17 Stockport County 37 11 9 17 49 61 -12 42
18 up 2 Gateshead 33 10 10 13 41 41 0 40
19 down 19 Lincoln City 37 10 10 17 51 62 -11 40
20 down 20 Hyde FC 37 11 6 20 49 62 -13 39
21 down 6 Barrow 36 9 10 17 39 68 -29 37
22 down 22 Nuneaton 35 8 12 15 40 56 -16 36
23 down 1 Ebbsfleet United 35 7 11 17 45 71 -26 32
24 down 24 AFC Telford United 37 5 15 17 44 59 -15 30

Holdsworth’s Last 5 Imps Trials – The first By TV.

Luton Town, Mansfield Town, Wrexham FC and Stockport County follow the FGR Friday TV match. After wins against Hyde FC and Nuneaton, draws against Ebbsfleet and AFC Telford, losses against Alfreton and Tamworth; Forest Green Rovers are arguably the toughest of the seven games, that many felt would define Holdsworth’s Imps.

Thank-you for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

Forest Green Rovers FC logoLuton Town F.C. badge Logo   logo  Wrexham FC.png 

The Imps sit 15th, having garnered eight points from a possible 18 so far, with the next three points a tough ask and the next four games nothing short of a mountain to climb. The Chairman stated that we need to give him a chance at the anticlimactic meeting with the 8 fans representatives. Just 1486 die-hards did on Tuesday, suggesting the fans have just stopped caring, trusting little of what seems to be doing the rounds, via The Boardroom Blog, the media and the forums.

We seem to need sides to just role up at Sincil Bank and hand us three points, although divine intervention seems to have helped where it can. Yet Ebbsfleet should have been a win, as should Telford who are just two places and two points above us. We lost to Alfreton who are level on points with us, two places below us, albeit with a game in hand.  The 1-0 defeat at Tamworth, may be excusable, but an 8 point haul against these sides is not. Especially with the next 5 fixtures coming up on the horizon.

Whatever the excuses, for the missing thousands to venture a return any time soon, at between £16 and £18 pounds, the team need to win. We have certainly blown the easier chances, now comes the really tough questions.  The history with the Stags, the Wrexham and Luton challenges, plus Gannon’s County, suggest none of the above will be rolling over for us. This month is massive. To stay alive, we must not only get results but inspire against these five.  October is the key  to the future destinies of both Lincoln City and David Holdsworth. Whether Bob wants rid or not.

Is this the biggest challenge in our history, one that will pave the way on and off the field for our club? Or will, poor and uninspiring Lincoln City Football Club, be  on  our way to the unthinkable all over again.  Because Bob will not go, Lincoln City Holdings will not come cheap and David Holdsworth looks like he will outlive us all.  Remember how he stated he would never bankrupt a football club?  We may well have enough to avoid going down without any points deduction complications, but perhaps his tenure might still see that come to pass after all.  Because without enough fans, who are the lifeblood and the raison d’etre of a Football Club. The sums will simply never add up.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

The September Seven
Sat 01st Lincoln City 1-1 Ebbsfleet United
Tue 04th Lincoln City 1-2 Alfreton Town
Sat 08th AFC Telford 1-1 Lincoln City
Sat 15th Lincoln City 3-2 Hyde
Sat 22nd Tamworth 1-0 Lincoln City 15:00
Tue 25th Lincoln City 2-1 Nuneaton 19:45
Fri 28th Forest Green v Lincoln City 19:45

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

October’s Games
Sat 6th Lincoln City v Luton 15:00
Tue 9th Mansfield v Lincoln City 19:45
Sat 13th Wrexham v Lincoln City 15:00
Sat 27th Lincoln City v Stockport 15:00

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Newport 11 8 1 2 12 25
Forest Green Rovers 11 7 3 1 10 24
Wrexham 11 6 4 1 11 22
Grimsby 11 5 5 1 11 20
Luton 11 6 2 3 3 20
Dartford 11 6 1 4 7 19
Macclesfield 10 6 1 3 4 19
Tamworth 11 5 1 5 1 16
Woking 11 5 1 5 0 16
Mansfield 10 5 1 4 -1 16
Hereford 11 5 1 5 -3 16
Gateshead 11 4 3 4 0 15
AFC Telford 11 3 5 3 2 14
Southport 11 3 4 4 -5 13
Lincoln City 11 3 3 5 -2 12
Braintree To 11 3 3 5 -4 12
Alfreton Tow 10 3 3 4 -5 12
Stockport 11 2 5 4 -2 11
Cambridge 11 2 4 5 -6 10
Nuneaton 11 2 4 5 -7 10
Barrow 11 2 4 5 -8 10
Ebbsfleet 11 2 3 6 -8 9
Kid’minster 11 1 5 5 -4 8
Hyde 10 1 3 6 -6 6

Alfreton, Telford, Barrow, Braintree, Cambridge United and Dartford – Pre season so far

An update of the  ins, outs and shaping squads for Alfreton, Telford, Barrow, Braintree,  Cambridge United and Dartford up to and including 1st July

Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

Alfreton Town FC.svgAlfreton Town

Latest Gossip – Anton Brown has penned a new one-year.  Rob Brookes has been named as the best groundsman in the Football Conference. Defender Greg Young moves to to Gainsborough. Nicky Law talking to Macc Town striker Ben Tomlinson. New Training facilities courtesy of a joint venture with Somerlea Park Community Centre. Adie Hawes leaves for Worksop. Manager Nicky Law is after a keeper or 2. He feels survival this season will be a tough ask given the wage demands and big money deals in BSP this summer. bought 500 new seats from owners of Kettering’s ex ground at Rockingham Road to replace old black ones in Tom McRoy stand.

Transfers –

Out – Jamie Mullan to Stalybridge Celtic

Out – Young to Gainsborough

Out – Adie Hawes to Worksop

Out – Nathan Jarman to Chester

Released – goalkeeper Dan Lowson and winger Jamie Mullan. and central midfield man Nicky Deverdics,
New deals – 2 year deal for Darran Kempson & Daniel Meadows, 19, & 1 year for Josh Law, Connor Franklin and Leigh Franks.

In negotiation Nathan Arnold

Goalkeepers 18 Ross Turner

Defenders – 2 Josh Law 3 Connor Franklin 4 Theo Streete 5 – 6 Matt Wilson 12 Leigh Franks, 24 Niklaus Kudiersky 25 Adam Quinn 26 Darren Kempson

Midfielders – 7 Anton Brown 8 Jake Moult 11 Nathan Arnold, Daniel Meadows

Strikers – 9 Paul Clayton 10 Chris Senior 15 Anthony Wilson

Telford United.pngAFC Telford United

Latest Gossip – Released Ashley Cain’s deal with TranCS Gaz Metan Medias is off as he reurns to UK for an op on a ruptured achilles tendon. Andy Proudlock turns down new deal and leaves for Chester City. Chairman Lee Carter has been voted on to the Football Conference Board. Fans to get a place on the club’s board, Telford are after Briscoe from Kidderminster. Proudlock turns down deal. Salmon vows to fight tooth & nail to retain his place as Sinton eyes defensive targets.


Transfers –
IN- central defender Michael Briscoe
Out – Proudlock to Chester City

IN-Luke Hubbins has joined from Birmingham City

OUT-Stockport County have signed Sean Newton on a 1 year.

OUT-Former midfielder Jon Adams joins Nuneaton

OUT-Former skipper Shane Killock has joined Harrogate

Former defender Carl Rodgers has joined Altrincham


Released –

Ashley Cain; Shane Killock; Jon Adams; Carl Rodgers; Robbie Williams & Ryan Robinson
Kyle Perry back at Imps for now
Signed –

1 year deals for Richard Davies, Chris Blackburn, Steve Jones, Ryan Young, Nathan Rooney, Dan Preston, Phil Trainer and Steve Jones Ryan Valentine & Will Salmon,

Chris Sharp is contracted for 2012/13.

New deals on table – Nathan Rooney;


Goalkeepers Ryan Young

Defenders – CB – Michael Briscoe. RB – Luke Hubbins, Ryan Valentine, Will Salmon, CB – Dan Preston, CB – Chris Blackburn, Steven Kinniburgh

Midfielders – Jay Smith, Phil Trainer, Nathan Rooney, Richard Davies

Strikers – Chris Sharpe, Steve Jones,

Barrow AFC Logo No Background.pngBarrow

Gossip – Former Macc Captain & Centre-back Paul Morgan invited for pre-season training. Richie Baker signs new 1 year deal.Box-to-box midfielder and free Agent (Released this summer by Gateshead) Kris Gate looks set to join. Skelton made Captain for 2012/13. Barrow and Grimsby have avoided a tribunal over striker Andy Cook after the Mariners agreed to pay an undisclosed fee. Manager Dave Baylisswell on way to his planned 19 man squad as Richard Baker set to sign new deal when he returns from holiday. Macc Town captain & centre-half Paul Morgan in talks. Paul Rutherford has signed a new one-year deal.
IN- Matt Flynn from Fleetwood.
OUT – winger Jack Mackreth to Macclesfield on a one-year deal.
OUT- Andy Cook to Grimsby Town
Released – Phil Bolland, Andy Nicholas, Kelvin Lomax, Cliff Moyo & Paul Smith, Robin Hulbert and Andy Ferrell
New deals offered to 9 players: Danny Hurst and Shaun Pearson, defenders Gavin Skelton and Mike Pearson, midfielders Richie Baker and James Owen and striker Andy Cook,
1 year deals agreed for 9 – Forward Adam Boyes, winger Paul Rutherford, Goalkeepers Danny Hurst and Shaun Pearson; defenders Gavin Skelton, Mike Pearson and Matt Flynn and midfielders James Owen & Richie Baker


Keepers – Danny Hurst and Shaun Pearson

Defenders – Matt Flynn Gavin Skelton Shaun Pearson

Midfielders – Richie Baker and James Owen, wingers Jack Mackreth and Paul Rutherford

Strikers – Adam Boyes

 Braintreefc.pngBraintree Town

Gossip – Devonshire beats Cambridge manager Jez George in chase for 20 year old left midfielder Daniel Sparkes who joins from Histon but compensation will be due. 30/6 Alan Devonshire has invited along several trialists for this weekend.

IN- Left midfielder Daniel Sparkes from Histon.

OUT-Ben Wright has joined Forest Green Rovers
OUT-Jai Reason to Eastleigh


New deals – Kenny Davis. Nathan McDonald, Sean Marks



Keepers – Nathan McDonald

Defenders –

Midfielders – Daniel Sparkes, Kenny Davis

Strikers – Sean Marks

logoCambridge United

Latest gossip – Midfielder Adriano Moke is poised to sign from York. U’s boss Jez George rules out Wilmott return. Garner comes in from the Mariners. Keiran Murtagh set for a move to Woking. Gibson aims to prove Yeovil wrong. Gez George aiming to strengthen further . Jonathan Hedge and Rory McAuley blamed for mix-up that led to Russia’s opener in England C’s 4-0 defeat in Moscow last night.
In- Scott Garner from Grimsby Town
In- Billy Gibson from Yeovil
In- Tom Elliott from Stockport (fee not disclosed)
In- Jonathan Hedge in from Tamworth
In- Ricky Wellard from Wimbledon
29/5 New Board Members – Eddie Clark and Robert Smith
Released – Ashley Carew Danny Naisbitt, Jordan Patrick, Robert Ambrusics and Ashley Corker
Re-Signed – Adam Marriott Rory McAuley, Rossi Jarvis, Michael Gash and Liam Hughes, winger Jack Eades and left-back James Bighton
Centre-half Ryan Tafazolli could sign


Keepers – Jonathan Hedge

Defenders – LB James Bighton, Scott Garner, Kervin Roberts, James Jennings, Jonathan Thorpe, Josh Coulson, Michael Wylde, Rory McAuley, Blaine Hudson,

Midfielders – wingers Billy Gibson & Jack Eades, Rossi Jarvis, Ricky Wellard, Luke Allen, Tom Shaw, Kieran Murtagh, Harison Dunk, Luke Berry, Liam Hurst.

Strikers – Adam Marriott, Ryan Charles, Michael Gash, Liam Hughes, Andy Pugh, Tom Elliott

Dartford FC

Latest Gossip – Keeper Deren Ibrahim has joined Maidstone and Paul Goodacre leaves for AFC Hornchurch. Jacob Erskine and skipper Elliot Bradbrook pen 1 year deals
OUT-Paul Goodacre to AFC Hornchurch
OUT-Deren Ibrahim to Maidstone


New deals – Jacob Erskine and Elliot Bradbrook, Danny Harris, Lee Noble, Ryan Hayes, Deren Ibrahim, Louis Wells, Lee Burns, Tom Bonner, Adam Green, Tom Champion, James Rogers & Jon Wallis
Released – Richard Graham, Matt Jones & Paul Goodacre

Goalkeepers – Louis Wells, Deren Ibrahim

Defenders – Tom Bonner, Adam Green,

Midfielders – Elliott Bradbrook, Tom Champion, Lee Noble, Ryan Hayes, James Rogers, Jon Wallis, George Monger, Lee Burns

Strikers Danny Harris, Jacob Erskine, Tony Garrod