Hoist up the Lincoln flag:6-Foot Sincil Soldiers Set For FA Cup Run

The FA Cup Replay tonight sees Alfreton Town stand between Lincoln City and an awkward Round One tie at Eastleigh FC. With so much pressure being heaped on the players given there is a combined  £30,500 prize money on offer, clearly the game is important.  However to put so much pressure on one game is not doing any good and in reality the club is in this position for a lot more reasons than a 1-1 draw on Saturday. So the potential banana skin ahead of an apparent £150,000 forecast loss this year, is worsened by  the opposition only having 11 fit outfield players? Certainly our FA Cup form is littered with these kind of slips, but, a cup tie is a one-off and games of football can only be won or lost on the pitch. Passion from the terraces can even the odds, lift the fallen and make zeroes into heroes, for that is what the FA Challenge competition is all about. And yes a cash lifeline to the cash-strapped.

Thanks as ever for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

The Grimsby Telegraph are gleefully reporting that are Alfreton will also have to play with an outfield keeper in goal after on-loan Scunthorpe keeper James Severn ruptured a thigh muscle.  Indeed so is the Echo, although the fact that the news broke on the official Alfreton site first should surely bring a wry smile to any wise heads. After all smoke and mirrors is a big part of pre-match psychology in football. Fans are already hot under the collar after a couple of heated exchanges with players during the 1-1 draw on Saturday.

However now is not the time for fans to want Simmo and the team to fail in order for some kind of change. This is the time to stand our ground and believe. The fact is Lincoln are the underdogs nowadays. With 75% of the Vanarama Conference enjoying a budget well above ours, even a mid-table finish is punching above our weight. Sad, but true. We love the team, they are our life partner, so this sorry state of affairs is something we will have to live with. Unless of course someone can buy out the holding company and then plough in the millions to match the ambition of our fantastic football club.

So hoist up the Lincoln flag, let’s here the Imps sing. We will win tonight if we are as one. We will then win at Eastleigh and who knows get a decent draw and a TV game to insure this £150,000 short-fall is overcome.  Do the maths fellow Imps and believe.  Dare to dream Hoist up the Lincoln flag – The 6-foot Sincil Soldiers are set for FA Cup Run

Fourth Round Qualifying Prize Money winners get £12,500
First Round Proper Prize Money winners get £18,000
Second Round Proper Prize Money winners get £27,000

The TV Cash……

Round Live Match fee (each)
Round 1 67,500
Round 1 Replays 33,750
Round 2 72,000
Round 2 Replays 36,000
Round 3 123,500

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