R.I.P – Is The Imps Trust Dead?

As Lincoln City face a massive test against Macclesfield Town long suffering Lincoln fans may  also have to say goodbye to its supporters Trusts, the custodian of largest shareholding of ordinary voting shares within in the club.

Concerns grow for the Lincoln City Supporters Trust and the future of its 1 million shares currently held in the holding company that controls Lincoln City Football Club. Concerns should grow after a statement appeared on the trust site on 22nd September 2014 see below word for word).  Clearly STMI – still banned from attending games – cannot comment on the apparent on-going litigation, but, surely this is not the end is it? Can the Trust old guard, who also served on the Supporters Direct Board, not come and save it?

Father of The Imps Rob Bradley had been attempting to reignite the Imps Trust,  with a working party, although his recent comments on BBC Radio Lincolnshire were less than promising. What a shame that an institution once seen as the model for Supporters Trusts throughout British football has become mired in controversy for the last two to three years. There have been controversies over that great share give-away without a membership vote, the elections, accounts, and a former board member. These have been the talk of the forums, the Radio and, on (very rare)occasion even the local press.

The Lincoln City Supporters Trust was a beacon of the Supporters Direct movement.  If it has come to what the statement below infers it could open a huge can of worms for numerous parties connected with the Trust and its dealings.  Fans must band together quickly, the shares bequeathed by the late John Reames were intended for the fans and the wider community ethos as a whole.

Please draw you own conclusions from the following fellow Imps and remember that the time to act is now.

From http://www.impstrust.uk/trust-board/


The constitution/rules of the Lincoln City Supporters Society Ltd includes provision for 9 elected Directors and up to 6 co-opted board members. Excepting for Anthony Smith, on 06 June 2014 all the existing board plus secretary Geoff Forbes resigned with immediate effect. A Working Party comprising past board members including some involved with the foundation of the Society was set up to assist/guide its reconstitution. As at the present date there is no progress regarding this matter.

Because the Society Board has fewer than 9 members it is currently unable to defend itself against ongoing litigation regarding Rule 54(a) {eligibility to stand for the board) and aspects of the elections held at the 2012/13 AGM.


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