Welling 2 Lincoln 0 Wings Wound Imps – A Case For The Defence And Quick

On a warm summers evening on a train bound for Welling, I met up with a gambling man and we were both too tired to sleep…. let alone discuss the case for the Imps defence……  But it takes two teams to contest the ball, entertain and enthral.

Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

First the teams & schemes, then the match report and finally more stats than you can shake an Imp or Wings fan at.

The Teams & Schemes

SaveTheMightyImps - Lincoln City Football Bingo

WellingUnitedBadge.png  2V 0 Lincoln city (2014).png

H/T 1-0
Scorers  Gallagher 25 Marsh 78
Attendance 504  (400 Cards  104 Imps )
Ref Mr Lymer


teams & schemes


Day goes 4-3-3
1 Henly
14 Jefford 6 Bush 5 Fagen (Y-33) 3 Fyfield
23 Williams 4 Gallagher  8 Beautyman
21 Sho-Silva      24 Hudson
11 Marsh
 Vanarama Conference logo.png
9 Burrow
11 Tomlinson  5 Bencherif  8 Power (Y-86)
14 Nolan 12 Mendy
3 Newton (y-24)  5 Bencherif  6 Diagne 17 Caprice
26 Townsend
Simmo goes 4-2-3-1

Lincoln city (2014).png

 Subs & substitutions

The Wings Bench:  13 Turner 2 Fazakerley (Y-92) 15 Baselle 20 Corne 33 Healey (Y-88)
Substitutions:  54′ Heeley on for Sho-Silva  56 Corne on for Fagan 79 Fazackerley on for Hudson.
The Imps Bench: 31 Preece, 4 Jordan, 10 Ledsham,  15 Sam-Yorke, 22 Marshall
Substitutions:  30′  Ledsham on for Brown, 45 Sam-Yorke on for Nolan, 77′ Marshall on for Jordan

To the game fellow football fans to the game…………

An untidy start from two sides is further disrupted when a drilled free-kick from Beautyman sees Marsh and Brown go up, with the Imp needing treatment for a shoulder injury.  Its hoof ball and throw ins tonight, although Hudson shows some skill to skin Caprice, but Diagne clears the danger.  Beautyman gets forward and sends a fierce drive into the bottom of the stanchion.

Nolan switches the ball to Newton and his one-two with Tomlinson earns a corner. Bush wins the header and Welling  get the ball to Beautyman who runs into Mendy. Brown is still struggling with Marsh and Sho-Silva looking lively as the two combine and Marsh has a dig that sails wide.  A scramble in the Imps box, thanks to a wrong choice from Caprice, almost gifts Marsh but Diagne recovers to block the shot. The full-backs and wingers are two on one against the Imps full-backs, moving the ball quickly and causing all sorts of problems with umpteen crosses.  Sho-Silva has a dig which Townsend saves comfortably.

That said Caprice and Newton are getting forward with Tomlinson and Burrow looking dangerous against the two centre-backs.  Sho-Silva goes on a run cuts it back,but, Mendy reads it brilliantly.  Its end to end as Sho-Silva roasts two and feeds Williams who brilliantly controls then comically fluffs his lines with what golfers would call an air shot and the Imps keeper smothers.  In an instant Townsend’s kick finds Tomlinson only for Jefford to bravely block his goal-bound effort.

A Marsh drive is well saved by Townsend.  Newton gets it wrong and fouls Marsh, taking a card for the team.  Beautyman curls in a beauty from the touchline an Gallagher gets in front of Brown to volley home a bullet from point blank range. It has been coming although the Imps have not been negative by any means, but the final ball to Tommo and Burrow has let us down.  Brown is replaced by Ledsham although Mendy is the one going into the back four. A long Tomlinson throw looks like a hand-ball from here but you don’t expect those away.

Fagan gets a yellow for some retribution on Bencherif, the two number fives have certainly had a titanic battle thus far.   Newton’s delivery is double fisted out as the Imps pressure continues. A Tomlinson drive whistles past the post.  The pace is fast and furious at times, just lacking the quality as might be expected at this level, although Beautyman, Sho-Silva have quality as does Nolan and Hamza with his back heels.  A beautiful low one from Newton confuses Henly, fortunately Fagan flicks the ball clear.

Mendy gets lucky with a rather crude challenge on Sho-Silva.  Beautyman tries a cute one to the near post but Diagne is wise to that one and clears.  Caprice roasts the right and delivers only for Fagan to hoof high to clear.  Newton is beaten by Sho-Silva, he’s away, only for an alert Townsend to avert the danger.

Beautyman conjures and feeds Bush. He unleashes a bullet – full on the volley – that is brilliantly saved by Townsend. The ball falls to Beautyman, in and sniffing,  but the young keeper recovers brilliantly to  tip the cute chip onto the bar.

Second Half

Simmo gambles, on comes Sam-Yorke, questions over match fitness, but preferred to Nolan for this vital 45 minutes. The Imps turn defence into attack Burrow turns brilliantly but  Gallagher fouls him cleverly.  The Imps have certainly disrupted the Welling rhythm of the night but a rather long and optimistic ball from Newton is asking a lot of even Tommo. Power has a dig but Hamza inadvertently supplies the block.  Welling are going long, meat and drink to Diagne although a Beautyman ball looked like a hand-ball as the half-time burgers prematurely touched cloth.

Might have been the coffee, the strength of which, acts like match-sticks under the eyelids. Then again the Imps have started brightly with Sam-Yorke needing the service from the full-backs to get us back in the game. More good news (a tad unsporting so apologies to the Wings readers) as Sho-Silva is forced off to be replaced by Heeley for a début.  Keeper Henley weakly punches at a Newton free-kick as the menacing six-foot soldiers salivate against the size of the opposition.

Another substitution as  a rather short Corne comes on for Fagan, who has been doing a great job on Bencherif. Could be an error on the night from Wings manager Day.  Marsh beats two before Diagne picks his pocket perfectly just before he pulls the trigger.   The ball falls to Burrow who spins on a sixpence but drags his effort wide.  A great delivery from Caprice falls to Ledsham who is robbed and, Welling go straight down the other end, to be incredibly stopped in their tracks by Caprice , who has just done an amazing 90-yard round trip.

The Imps are throwing the kitchen sink at a way back into the game with Welling exploiting the stretched formation with quick passing counters down the exposed flanks.  Sam-Yorke and Burrow are getting some timely and subtle blind-side digs in the back , at those key moments, although, if Bush was an Imp we would be proud of his robust tactics.  Built like a block of flats he could head a fridge fifty-yards if it saved  his side. Its route one with the Imps all-right.

Fyfield beats Tomlinson in a real battle to send Marsh away, with Ledsham back to stop him in his tracks.  Heeley plays to Beautyman, but Bencherif blocks his shot and carries the ball forward. He finds Power to Caprice but the ball goes through to Henley.  The Imps get a corner with all the big guns up and crowding the relatively diminutive keeper.  The ball eludes them and finds Power, the ball is good only for Bush to brilliantly head the ball out.

A terrific one two between Fyfield and Marsh sees the latter back-heel and the former curl a beauty a fiver breadth the wrong side of the far post.  Another Welling counter.  With the linesman flagging for a Newton foul, the ref waives play on and Marsh goes on to settle it with a sweet drive just inside the foot of the near post.   A terrific chip from Beautyman goes just over the bar.

With eleven minutes on the clock Fazakerley replaces Hudson for Welling. Bencherif goes down in the box but ref Lymer is having none of that.  Sam-Yorke earns a corner after a terrific run but again the delivery eludes the big men as the Imps fail to make the huge height advantage count.  Power gets a booking for an arm on the back of Beautyman who has run him ragged tonight. Heeley also gets a yellow for a foul on Diagne and then Fazakerley has an interesting 30 seconds. First he is booked for a foul on Newton and then hits a 30-yard hay-maker that Townsend palms round the post.

The short corner eats up some time before the whistle goes to end another disappointing result. To their credit the Wings pace and movement dominated the game with the Imps switch to long and direct failing to find the big men who could do the damage. On this showing one can understand why the Wings remain unbeaten at home and will surely continue to move up the table.  They are certainly not cannon fodder or a relegation side.

To the Stats & Tables then
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WellingUnitedBadge.png  V  Lincoln city (2014).png

Stats & Table

Vanarama Conference logo.png

Note: shots on includes  goals and saves includes crosses claimed


51 % Ball 49 %

7 Shots on 2
4 Misses 4
4 Saves 7
2 Corners 6
2 Offside 3
7 Fouls 8
3 Yellows 2
0  Reds 0

Vanarama Conference logo.png

The Table

SaveTheMightyImps - Lincoln City Football Bingo

1 Barnet 10 7 1 2 23 6 +17 22
2 Torquay United 10 6 3 1 17 5 +12 21
3 Woking 10 6 3 1 18 7 +11 21
4 FC Halifax Town 10 6 2 2 17 9 +8 20
5 Gateshead 10 6 2 2 19 14 +5 20
6 Wrexham 10 6 1 3 13 12 +1 19
7 Braintree Town 10 6 0 4 18 10 +8 18
8 Kidderminster Harriers 10 5 3 2 13 6 +7 18
9 Macclesfield Town 10 4 5 1 11 7 +4 17
10 Bristol Rovers 10 5 2 3 12 11 +1 17
11 Eastleigh 10 4 4 2 19 15 +4 16
12 Forest Green Rovers 10 4 4 2 12 8 +4 16
13 Grimsby Town 10 3 4 3 20 10 +10 13
14 Lincoln City 10 4 1 5 16 20 -4 13
15 Aldershot Town 10 3 3 4 11 11 0 12
16 Chester 10 3 1 6 10 18 -8 10
17 Dartford 10 2 3 5 9 15 -6 9
18 Welling United 10 2 3 5 9 17 -8 9
19 Altrincham 10 2 2 6 12 20 -8 8
20 Southport 10 2 2 6 8 16 -8 8
21 Nuneaton Town 10 2 2 6 5 17 -12 8
22 Dover Athletic 10 2 1 7 9 20 -11 7
23 Alfreton Town 10 2 1 7 10 25 -15 7
24 AFC Telford United 10 0 3 7 13 25 -12 3

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  1. Gutted. So an ex-Imp set to return Simmo. Garner or Gosh Josh

  2. Come on Simmo you can do it if anyone can

  3. Great report and very fair. I feel we are moving forward at last

  4. Handsome win & a handsome read mate

  5. Shows how low we have dropped. What can you expect for the budget.

  6. Aldershot will be tough now. Its all going wrong again. It cant just be the managers fault you get what you pay for

  7. Need to win soon Simmo not that I think any manager will get us up without a lot of luck to make up for the lack of money

  8. Will we ever get out of this poxy League. Doubt it if we cant beat the Welling

  9. 104 Imps ? are you on drugs? closer to 34 and that’s very generous, about 12 behind the goal and a generous 20 odd in the stand. LOL at your forum that you should be beating Welling etc etc… last year Welling won both games vs you and this year won again. You have scored a goal against Welling in 3 games and let in 5 goals.

    Your fans were very moany and quite disgraceful when a Welling player was injured. “Drag him off by his ******* ankles he isnt injured” being one of the lovely remarks.

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