Grimsby threatening to Sell Full Allocation For Lincolnshire Derby

Grimsby Town fans have already snapped up 1550 of their 1795 allocation for next Tuesday’s local Derby at Lincoln City. The remaining 250 go on sale from 9 this morning at Blundell Park. Fantastic support as ever from the Mariners who will turn out any day of the week come rain or shine. And there has been plenty of ports and plenty of storms to test The Fisheries. Alas Fishy foe there will be another one Tuesday night with Impdom on the rise

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 Lincoln city (2014).png  V  Grimb Badge.png

The Imps have taken and, it appears got away with a calculated risk moving this one.  Despite disruption to the all Lincolnshire Christmas double header it has not deterred the home or away support, who will be housed once again in the traditional home end – The Stacey West.  Lincoln had asked for the change this year with Alfreton the next most local. They will be the guests this Boxing Day with the away game on New Years Day.

As for the home support,  Lincoln will be out in force for this one to cheer the Mighty Imps onto three points. City fans will  occupy the vast 5,600 Co Op stand and will make some noise. With both sides on fire the gamble appears to have paid off for the Imps with an early pay-day guaranteed. The game looks set to attract 5,000 fans, just in time for the loan window to boost the play-off push.


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  1. Looking forward to this one for a change lol

  2. Best supported team in rhe conference.

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