Shaymen & Imps Team Line-ups – Diagne Shock Reprieve

Tony Diagne will play against FC Halifax today following a successful appeal against his red card. Maybe the luck is turning our way at long last. In reality justice has been served as he was not the last man.

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Club logo  3-2   Lincoln city (2014).png

 Teams & schemes

Club logo

Aspin goes 4-2-1-2-1
27 Glennon
2 Bolton 4 M Roberts 14 Williams 3 McManus
5 Pearson 20 Maynard
8 Marshall
 7 Smith           12 Peniket
19 Boden 

Vanarama Conference logo.png

11 Tomlinson  5 Bencherif  8 Power
14 Nolan 12 Mendy
3 Newton  6 Diagne  23 Brown  17 Caprice
26 Townsend
Simmo goes 4-2-3-1

Lincoln city (2014).png


The Shaymen Bench:  1 Senior, 6 Ainge, 15 K Roberts, 9 Jackson, 22 Schofield
The Imps Bench: 1 Farman, 7 Kabba, 16 Robinson, 10 Leadsham, 22 Marshall

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