A massive thanks to our Lincoln City and Skrill Premier readers, but I have decided to throw in the towel. The fact is football writing  is just too much hassle and I have an eye and foot injury to contend with.  Wordpress will continue to host us and our archives, but after this post like the bubbles and dreams, STMI will fade and die.

Thank you for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

A lot of Lincoln and Conference fans will probably miss us for a while but an independent writer or  blog has no chance of protecting itself legally even if you are in the right and can back up your facts. I cannot watch Lincoln games due to a ban that the nameless hecklers find humerus and several copyright infringements from other sites have not helped matters. There are other issues but I do not want to labour what is a courtesy post to our readers.  It has to be about the football for that is what makes the turnstiles and my keyboard click.

Thanks, health wealth and good luck to the thousands that travel home and away every week. Oh and apologises for using ‘I’ so much, its bad form and football clubs, managers and players can ill afford that.

Good luck to the Imps against Plymouth on Saturday – remember who dares wins.


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  1. Your prolific funny and informative posts have kept me in touch with LCFC over the last 18 months it so when I would have otherwise been in the dark bar the fractured updates via the Echo website. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated Neil. All the best.

  2. Your efforts have not been in vain Neil, thankyou for your prolific Informative and funny updates that have spared me the fractured updates via the Echo website or the thoughts of less balanced bloggers.You have documented a very dark time for the club and done a commendable job. All the best.

  3. Luton fan here – Your links pop up on my news alerts from time to time. Always thought this was the best fan site I’d seen. Love the match report layout style and humour. Hope you have a change of heart but good luck if not.

  4. That’s a great shame. I’ve always come to this site first to find out about the Mighty Imps as I felt it was the only place that was balanced and honest. There’s no way that would happen on the official site. A true love of football shone through and the reports, reviews and news will be much missed.

  5. You will be missed don’t go…it will leave a big hole in our information link, what am I going to do in my coffee breaks at work?

  6. you seem to have aggravated LCFC in some way. I don’t know the background or the rights & wrongs of that. What does come through very strongly is your passion for the club & I hope bridges can be built to allow you to follow your chosen club in the future. I shall miss your blogs – good luck

  7. Not sure you will be missed by LCFC fans Neil and what is going on with the Butcher family and book at the moment is absolutely disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself!!

  8. Very sad to read this – your work is an example to all of us of how a genuinely original and alternative voice adds massively to our enjoyment of the game.

  9. Sorry to hear of your health issues fella. A sad day for football when another ‘good guy’ gets hounded out for the amusement of the Joeyettes.

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