In Simmo & Team Lincoln We Must Trust.

The weekly press call gave the IMPression that Gary Simpson is still looking to conclude his quest for a target man, although despite a clear loyalty to his players he has not ruled out a move for a midfielder should the need arise. But he is in no rush and will keep his options open it would seem, with injuries to Jordan and Rowe more the excuse for change than the failure of his middlemen.

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Simmo is an old school man manager and coach, for him loyalty is a two-way street.  In a recent interview he answered ‘neither’ to Twitter and Facebook who should really have no place in the dressing room as they do not ever get you a goal on the pitch.  His only ostentatious comment was a penchant for an Audi as a car, but the miles he has done in one of late suggests it is more the workhorse element that drives him the the Fancy-Dan label thrown at him and his team by the vanquished FA Cup foe of Worcester last week.

In reality, something Lincoln has needed almost as long as a rich and ambitious chairman, his side works hard and fights for every ball. The inspiring ‘none shall pass’ mantra has only failed them once against the brilliance of Kidderminster Harriers. Yes the Imps have lost other games, but that is down to lack of goals scored more than the ability of the side to compete against ambitious clubs, with deep enough pockets to throw more than the club generates, through its own endeavours, in order to chase the promotion dream.

This and, the style of the team, may frustrate certain sections of the support that would like to see Lincoln go gung-ho, but we are where we are because of what we are and how the club has been run. For now mid-table is a vast improvement on a slide that has seen perpetual relegation dog-fights for half a decade. Perhaps like Simmo we should back the side and give them time? Perhaps even allow the manager to generate the funds to build the club instead of the October itchy feet syndrome that drives out manager after manager.

This is no quick fix and his record is better than the start the great Enticer Graham Taylor made, which showed patience is a virtue. Therefore if the manager wants to back his players and keep his options open then In Simmo we trust. We have to,  we have just his wits his contacts plus some much needed FA Cup funds to play with if we are to further improve the side.

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