Will Imps Catch A Striking Break Tomorrow?

With the FA Cup tie at Worcester City almost upon us, can manager Gary Simpson pull a rabbit or two out of the hat tomorrow in time to play on Saturday? Its not easy getting someone in who can also play in the FA Cup, especially in its early stages, but given the effort and miles the manager has put in he and the 100’s set to travel to Aggborough are due a break.

Vic Erzantarz has a gut feeling

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Given the luck the manager has had with strikers he and the fans are due some luck in all fairness after two blow outs this week and thousands of miles travelled in search of the right talent at the right money.  Your Uncle Vic’s gut feeling is that if you buy enough tickets sooner or later your number will come up and that miracles do happen if you work hard enough.

The Imps are due a break. Rowe is still weeks away with his ankle blowing up every time he tries to run. Wright and Yussuf are still struggling with hamstring problems and Fairhurst is under the weather. Much maligned Todd Jordan has been bravely struggling through the pain and could do with a rest or perhaps even an operation.

So I’m up off up the the Cathedral tonight to pray that his prayers are hopefully answered tomorrow . If they are we are up and running again, because we are patiently creating the chances yet the forwards and midfielders have been unable to hit a barn door.


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