Could Striker Knock-back See Shock Robinson Return In Cup?

Gary Simpson has been on the trail of a target man for some time, with a 6’3″ Conference target man the latest to slip through his grasp for either financial or contract and loan duration reasons. However with Yussuf failing to inspire, Gainsborough manager Housham on a striker search,  sweet Imp ray of sunshine could Connor Robinson be moving up the pecking order  now his loan at Trinity has come to a close?

Rose Tinted dares to dream

 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Yussuf gives the Imps pace, but his ongoing issues seem to rule him out in the short-term at least. Connor Robinson though has that spark, but had lacked the strength and stamina to break into the first team to show the promise and panache that has excited Imps fans since those cameo scoring appearances while he was just a babe in stripes. However since going to Trinity on a months loan the lad has toughened up and looked very sharp in day to day training with the Imps. Connor, when on loan at Trinity, still spent just a night training plus match time at the Blues.

With Housham looking for even more strikers now Connor is returning to Lincoln for good he could get an FA Cup break this weekend. Judging by his training performances and his time at Trinity could Connor be about to follow Lee Frecklington into Lincoln folklore? Lee ‘Frecktanian’ Frecklington went on from the youth team to become a fantastic midfielder for the Imps under Schofield with 23 goals in 110 starts before fetching six figures plus add-ons when he moved to Posh. His second big money move last January to The Millers has seen him score 13 times including 5 so far this term.

If Connor can just catch a break and make the step up we could well have the pace and width the Imps need.  We know Connor has the ability and Imps fans are sure to have patience for one of our own wouldn’t we? Playing him on Saturday would be a massive gamble for the club, the manager and the lad himself of course.  But Connor turned 20 last week, is full of beans even if he is young and raw – but he’s lightening with a ball at his feet and with nothing to lose he could be the ace up our sleeve.


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