FA Cup Means Line In Sand & 20 Grand In The Hand

The Worcester City FA Cup tie is a massive opportunity for this promising Lincoln City side to draw a line in the sand and come back with £20,000 in our hands. Worcester normally get 600 to a game but with Kidderminster fans and some romantic neutrals plus the Lincoln City hordes, the gate should top 2,000 on Saturday. Add the £12,500 prize money and the winners should walk off with at least £20,000 after costs.

Vic Erzantartz as ever imparts with sparks

 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png 



This Lincoln City side is not getting the credit it deserves, largely down to the fact that the strikers are failing to convert the guilt edged chances that the patient passing football has been creating.  The 4-1 defeat to Kidderminster has added to the storm clouds almost as much as the weather, making for a heavy pitch that could even things up and work to the advantage of Worcester City who are struggling to score.  The Dragons do pose a threat with tricky right-winger Danny Williams, who is a bit hit and miss, as well as striker Danny Glover (ex-Port Vale) and Phil Trainer on loan from Nuneaton who may be given permission to play.

But in all honesty we will win on Saturday so keep the faith, hoist up the Lincoln flag and here the red Imps sing.  Yes indeed this is a massive opportunity for  a great day out for the Imps on and off the pitch.  Wright Yussuf and Tomlinson should be more than a match for the ageing Exodus Geoghaghon – yes him again –  with this match giving them the perfect opportunity to get their confidence back as they get amongst the goals ready for Welling, Southport and Forest Green away. Losing is not an option for Lincoln – it never has been for Simmo’s six-foot soldiers –  who have battled  every step of the way.

Now its time to grab that rainbow by the scruff of the neck and nick the whole pot of gold at the end of it.  This is the part of the season that can give us some cash to strengthen the side  and kick-on.  This team needs a winger and an ugly beast up front to  ensure we get our just deserts this season but we need to earn the cash to do it on Saturday.  This game will show the fight and desire we know the team has and ensure the gates continue to stay above the 2500 mark.

Worcester and the swamp of a pitch will not make things easy, but a Cup run is vital to the club the team and the aspirations of the fans. Win this and we look forward with optimism, lose it… well that is just not up for discussion is it?


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  1. Exodus Geoghaghon doesn’t play for our squatters any more; he refused to play in the last round to avoid being cup-tied if any big sides came in for him and so they kicked him out.

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