Hatters & Grimsby Town In Cup Would Have Made Trinity’s Season

When Rushall Olympic beat Stockport County to line up a date at Grimsby Town in the 4th Qualifying round of the FA Cup STMI’s thoughts went out to Gainsborough Trinity and young Imp Jordan Thomas. Ditto  Stockport County, a club with a fantastic fan-base that incredibly continues to endure an existence on a par with a train crash.  Surely someone will get to the root of the problem and come up with the answer soon? The Conference is the poorer without them as is the Football League.

Thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

Gainsboroughtrinityfc.png Grimb Badge.png  Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

An away tie at Grimsby Town would have been worth at least £20,000 to Trinity, this after a trip to Stockport that Rushall went on to win. Jimmy Turner bent a 30-yard free-kick into the top corner in the 63rd minute to send the 55 visiting supporters mad in front of the sixth tiers biggest congregation by far.  Having comprehensible beaten Rushall 2-0 in the previous round Trinity could have every reason to expect a win with the reward of a Lincolnshire derby at Grimsby Town, one of the three best supported clubs in non-league football.

A crowd of 2185 at Stockport would have been boosted by expectant Blues fans and if one includes £7,500 prize for the winners Trinity could reasonably have expected to earn £20,000 from the tie.  However an admin blunder saw them booted out of the Cup, stripped of the £4,500 from the previous round and has ultimately cost them tens of thousands.  Even if Trinity had got hammered at The Mariners the Cup run would have yielded the club close to £50,000 pounds.

Trinity have not had the best of things lately seeing their cloth cut dramatically after Peter Swann finally threw in the towel. Ongoing issues with the Blues Club and ground ownership as well as obstacles to a vaunted new stadium saw him take his vast fortunes to Scunthorpe Utd. This ended a promising era for the Blues, in turn, ushering in an alarming start to the season with an unwanted 100% record of five successive defeats. Worrying times for a team that had never seen relegation in their entire history, although they failed re-election in 1911-12 at the expense of local rivals Lincoln City.

In a desperate bid to stop the rot and part the clouds of gathering gloom manager Steve Housham signed almost every striker in Christendom and the wins came with 4 wins and a draw seeing The Blues climb from the relegation zone to mid-table. However just as luck seemed to be turning the loan for Jordan Thomas from the Imps and his subsequent inclusion in the team for the Rushall game ultimately sealed their fate.  Trinity unable to file the necessary paperwork by 12 noon, due to a lack of available personnel, relied on Lincoln City to send the paperwork to the relevant football authorities.

According to the findings of the appeal this was never received even though the Imps maintain the documents were sent at 10.19. No one, it appears, chased the authorities to ensure that the documents had been correctly processed, which given the circumstances and parties involved was perhaps easier said than done, but Trinity have apologised to fans and are in the process of an internal enquiry to get to the bottom of exactly what went wrong.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but ultimately this and a day out at Cleethorpes would have softened the blow of Peter Swann’s departure and provided vital funds to keep the club going.


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