FA Cup Prize Money 2013/14 – It’s Vital For Non-League

The FA Cup prize money 2013/14 will as ever be regarded as a lottery win to non-league clubs.  Aside from a draw at Luton Town,  Stockport County, Grimsby Town or Wrexham FC  a home win against underdogs and the chance of a tie against  League teams in the first round proper will do for most clubs. the £12,500 prize money would come in very handy along with 40% of the gate.  The first Round proper also affords the opportunity of meeting a League team with £18,000 in prize money going to the winners. It could fund those £1500 away trips and the target man we need.

It’s good to dream according to The Oracle Of Optimism 


The FA Cup can mean some serious money, with the First Round proper also paving the way to the telly money, making the 4th Round Qualifying a vital hurdle to clear.  Win through and a draw at a League club in the next round could attract the TV companies making for a season changing £67,000 appearance fee, or £33,000 for a replay before the gate money and £18,000 prize money is even considered.  A TV fee would fund 4 Imps wages for the season, it’s that lucrative.

With a Round 3 draw at any of the top 6 teams worth in excess of a million even if your team loses the tie plus TV money (see the second table below) a non-league side could get a serious cash-flow injection that could increase their first team budget into the realms of the football fairytale. Then again just two wins could see the Imps boost our £400,000 budget beyond recognition.

FA Cup Round Prize Money
Extra Preliminary Round winners      £1000 
Preliminary Round winners          £1750 
First Qualifying Round winners       £3,000
Second Qualifying Round winners       £4,500
Third Qualifying Round winners      £7,500
Fourth Qualifying Round winners      £12,500 
First Round winners              £18,000 
Second Round winners          £27,000 
Third Round winners           £67,500
Fourth Round winners  £90.000
Fifth Round winners          £180,000 
Sixth Round winners          £360,000 
Semi-Final winners          £900,000 
Semi-Final runners-up          £450,000 
Final runners-up               £900,000
Final winners              £1,800,000 

The TV Cash……

Round Live Match fee
Round 1 67,500
Round 1 Replays 33,750
Round 2 72,000
Round 2 Replays 36,000
Round 3 123,500
Round 3 Replays 62,000
Round 4 123,500
Round 4 replays 62,000
Round 5 212,000
Round 5 Replays 106,000
Round 6 212,000
Round 6 Replays

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