A New Imps Striker must Observe Strict Wage & Budget Structure

Lincoln City, like many clubs,  find putting away the chances to be the only achilles to an otherwise harmonious and functional team.  This presents the club and manager with a problem, or should that be Pandora’s Box, when it comes to reinforcements.

Vic Erzantarz chews the cud

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


Tomlinson has been fabulous in the loan striker role this season, but his in your face style will cost him bookings, it always has with double figures to be expected from the tough requirements of the ask. When Tommo reaches 10, not goals but yellows  he will miss two games.  He will inevitably land 10 this season, although the goals tally will exceed the card count from a player that does the miles on the pitch hoping for a sniff of goal. His next milestone could well coincide with the change to the pitches that will make the Imps passing game redundant in the swamps, sand pits or ruts of this league’s pitches until the new grasses of the spring.


Clearly the manager would only bring in better than he has got,  no easy task given the budget, the logical and subsequent wage structure plus the fact that the club is full-time and professional. With Imps on around eighteen thousand a year plus the top 8 bonus few full-time players with goals in them are likely to be tempted to drop or go from semi-pro to full-time.  Even the Skrill North sides are adding £150 appearance money to a players weekly wage, equating to £6,000 over the forty weeks (or 42 games) for one night and the Saturday gig – not bad overtime that is it?

In some ways with the club ‘spent up’  it saves the manager the hassle of trying to shoehorn a decent striker into a hard-working side at the risk of players in turn asking for more on the grounds of fairness.  This leaves him only the loan market, where funds afford him very little either, but at least the clubs contribution to higher wages will not put noses out of joint. Loan contributions could get us a £1000-1500 a week striker for a month or two, if we are paying half to a third of his wages.

Players are out of a side for various reasons which presents opportunities and potential liabilities, making the gamble a hard one if you only have the one shot.  Aldershot have four from the higher divisions and have and will chew through more during the season. Five is the maximum in a match day squad, a luxury that Lincoln do not need to be concerned with for the foreseeable future.




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