Preview Imps V Shots: Some Big Names But The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall

Aldershot Town have enlisted from Portsmouth FC (x2), Charlton Athletic, Orient, Millwall FC, Exeter City, Brentford, Torquay Utd, Southend, Burton Albion and Reading FC to allow Andy Scott to assemble the fifth most valuable Skrill Premier Squad on paper.  Lincoln meanwhile have a score to settle against a side that relegated us 3-0 in front of almost 8,000 weeping Imps in May 2011. Besides which the vital top 8 bonus is on the line.

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On-loan Charlton Athletic  keeper Nick Pope, Brentford full Back Emmanuel, Oleyeke, Millwall defender Jake Goodman,  plus the Portsmouth duo of Adam Webster (England U19 centre-back) & Jack Maloney (Right midfield) complement a squad that boosts  football League experience. The Shots are a passing side full of pace and endeavour with Molesley (Exeter) eager to get up and support Brett Williams who signed from Reading FC.  This is a big ask for the Imps shorn of Tomlinson up front, but centre-halves Goodman and Webster have been parted after Webster joined up with the England U19’s last week. England face Slovenia (last night), Andora on Saturday and Switzerland on Tuesday but his omission against the three goal Hatters, albeit one was a penalty, saw Oastler and Goodman less than convincing and suggesting the Imps midfield trio can plunder.

Then again full-backs Barker and Oleyeke will not have come across the quality of Miller and Newton overlapping so successfully from deep this season. The concern, as ever, is the Imps lack of pace and cutting edge, but Miller and Newton can supply the bullets for Fairhurst and Wright to deliver the goods on Saturday. Boyce and Brown will have their hands full against Williams and Molesley too, with Rowlands 60/40 due to compassionate leave, but canny Foster will be there again and he has been cutting reputations down to size for years.  It will be an interesting game with hopefully plenty of goals to boot.

Aldershot Crest.png

Manager Andy Scott
Formation 4-1-4-1/4-3-3
Position 2012/13 Relegated from FL
STMI Forecast Play-off fringes
Average Gate 2189 (17,516)
Away following 216 (1294 Aug/Sept)

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Aldershot Crest.png

The potential Shots team 

Andy Scott 4-3-3 (def)

25 Pope

12 Oleyeke 5 Goodman 2 Oastler 15 Barker

4 Stanley 14 Roberts

24 Young  19 Molesley 22 Gibbs

9 Williams


 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V  Aldershot Crest.png

The Heroes & Villains

Heroes Goals Heroes Assists
Williams 6 Stanley 2
Molesley 3 Molesley 2
Roberts 2 Roberts 1
Oleyeke 2 Oleyeke 1
Goodman 1 Williams 1
Oastler 1 Paterson 1
Wickham 1
Paterson 1
Villains Yellows Villains Reds
Oleyeke 3
Oastler 2
Williams 2
Molesley 2
Webster 1
Barker 1
Roberts 1
Stanley 1
Rowlands 1
Young 1

Form Comparison 

G W D L F A GD Pts Rank
Lincoln (H) 7 5 1 1 9 2 7 16 4
Aldershot (A) 6 1 2 3 3 4 -1 5 15
Lincoln (A) 7 1 3 3 7 9 -2 6 13
Aldershot (H) 8 4 2 2 14 11 3 14 8
Last Five
Lincoln 5 2 1 2 8 6 2 7 10
Aldershot 5 1 2 2 5 7 -2 5 13
G W D L F A GD Pts
Lincoln 14 6 4 4 16 11 5 22 9
Aldershot* 14 5 4 5 17 15 2 9 23
*10 point deduction

The Summer Plans

When Chelsea agreed a ‘lucrative’ deal to use the Shots’  EBB Stadium, for 25 youth games over the next two seasons (including prestigious European ones as the U19′s will play in Europe), it not only helped to save the club but also ushered in the opportunity for Scott to blood blues youngsters as part of their learning curve .  Funds generated from the aforementioned deal with the generous London Giants will go towards helping the Shots to service their CVA which has swallowed the £250k parachute payment in one.

A consortium led by 4 former directors and assisted by an outpouring by fans finally agreed a takeover on Aug 1st allowing boss Andy Scott to rush the paperwork round to his new recruits who had been waiting patiently and faithfully in the wings. Peter Jackson did the same thing at Huddersfield and went up via the play-offs a decade ago, so the 10 point deduction may not be such a handicap given the talent coming through the door in the last 5 days. Andy is a terrific manager and began the rebuild and achieved the intial League 2 championship success that has turned Brentford into the force they are today.

England U19 defender Webster and full-back-cum-centre-half Goodman from Millwall are two fantastic loans until January. One would have expected more but Scott is clearly waiting to see what Chelsea free-bies he can get as he sticks to a strict CVA budget. Brett Williams (Reading) and Matt Paterson (Burton) will get goals in this league.  The new midfield duo of Mark Molesley (Exeter) and Martin Rowland (Orient) will complement the remaining 6 middlemen, including Captain Craig Stanley, from the Football league days.

IN Player From Pos Fee
8th Aug Glenn Morris Re-signed GK
8th Aug Joe Oastler Torquay Def
8th Aug Martin Rowlands Orient Mid
8th Aug Matt Paterson Burton For
8th Aug Brett Williams Reading For
7th Aug Mark Molesley Exeter Mid
Loans IN Player From Pos Fee 
January Adam Webster Portsmouth Def wages
January Jake Goodman Millwall Def wages
OUT Player To Pos Fee
18th June Danny Hylton Rotherham For Free
21st June Troy Brown Cheltenham Def Free
21st June Ross Wormer Wimbledon Keeper Free
29th June Doug Bergqvist Exeter Def Free
6th Aug Craig Reid Southend For Free
16th May 13 made redundant

Having worked as an international  component commodity trader for a former Shots sponsor, not long before their previous demise I will always have a soft spot for the Shots, even if the Imp in me is tinged with a little jealousy, These are exciting times fuelled by that extra spring that always comes from a second lease of life.  So good luck, especially at the Mariners on Saturday, it will still be be down to the ability of a quality side, on paper, being able to blend, but those three remaining loan slots could make for some fabulous football in your season of rebirth.

Aldershot Crest.png

Shots 2013/14 Squad

Aldershot Crest.png

25 Nick Pope 21 Jamie Young, 1 Glenn Morris,

Aldershot Crest.png

2 Joe Oastler, 3 Anthony Tonkin,  5 Jake Goodman, 6 Adam Webster, 15 Chris Barker, 20 Meshak Douglas,  

Aldershot Crest.png

4 Craig Stanley, 7 Adam Mekki, 8 Martin Rowlands, 11 Aaron Wickham, 12 Emmanuel Oyeleke, 14 Jordan Roberts, 16 Jack Maloney, 17 Cameron Brown, 19 Mark Molesley, 22 Jaydon Gibbs,   

Aldershot Crest.png

24 Lewis Young (RW), 9 Matt Paterson, 10 Brett Williams


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