Vics Rant: Give Lincoln Fans A Break

Ask Barnet FC, Cambridge United, Nuneaton Town, Woking FC and Dartford if they like  the hordes of the Imps and they give you a big Yes! Yet the top headline grabber  that greets us on Monday – this after the local police had praised both sets of fans behaviour –  gave the impression of a day of shame.

Its the Vic Erzantarz Monday morning moan

Once again the Imps support on Saturday was nothing short of fantastic with non-stop support from start to finish from the 483 that travelled to Nuneaton. So far Lincoln have taken  574 to Barnet in a gate of 1913, 447 to Cambridge in a gate of 3022, 370 to Woking (1845) and 265 to a very distant Dartford (1386). We even took 147 to Hereford on a Tuesday in a very poor crowd of under 1400 and there looked far more Imps than the figure suggested.

Whenever teams take large regular followings away, the Imps are the 4th best supported in the Premier,  there will be the odd incidents that the local press can stir up, yet in reality it gives a false overall impression and can influence families fancying a day out supporting our local club. That can hurt the bank accounts of the Imps and  our fellow Skrill Premier neighbours, many of whom need the away following to balance the books.

With so few incidents and arrests it is time to give the Imps a break!

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