Please Give Fans Backing for Funding Imps Away Trips

The STMI call for the funding of overnight stays in the Imps promotion quest back on September 19th (Let’s Make Imps Away Days Even Better) has seen two trips now funded. The first sees a joint venture between the fan’s sites Lincoln City Banter and Vital Lincoln, with a second mystery fan also offering to fund a £1500 overnight stay for the team, leaving just 5 more to fulfil this season’s requirement.

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As we highlighted in our previous call for help, The Imps have 10 long trips that Simmo sees as vital for the club to sustain a play-off push. Three of the directors agreed to do so, so now with the additional two, there are just 5 needed if our lads are to be afforded the same playing field as recently promoted Salisbury City.

So the big question is who will help?

The Lincolnshire Echo funded one for David Holdsworth last year – will they do the same or perhaps even put an appeal out to local businesses and fans in next week’s publication?  Would BBC Radio Lincolnshire be able to do the same on the Friday night and Saturday Broadcasts? But most of all – and we exclude Bob, the Two Davids and Chris Moyses here – maybe some of the other prawn munching board can put their hands in their pockets to help (no white fivers or notes where the queen is winking or blinking will do though). They can afford it far more than the 400 or so that will pay to get in at Nuneaton and sing their hearts out for the lads.


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