Vic’s Rant: It’s About Sticking Together

After Luton Town and Hereford United, two long and tough trips the doom and gloom hereabouts has done little to help the team or the moral of the supporters. Both the Hatters and the Bulls – fresh from the financial precipice – have much bigger budgets than the Imps, had home advantage, yet only edged the Imps by the odd goal. We outplayed the Hatters and should have been two-up against the Bulls by half-time.

 Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Aside from the fact that I feel the Bulls did a number on us as well as the ref as they kicked their way  (14 fouls to our 15) to a one nil win at a cost of one yellow to our five, we totally shot ourselves in the foot at Luton.  But doom and gloom, lets have a good old moan – bully Imps, negative Imps, then get the word crisis into a title along with injury speculation. Yes, that will sell the papers and the pop up adds and voice-overs on web pages you have to click 2-3 times to get off of.  I should know with  the name, Vic Erzantarz,  that scandal, sensationalising and of course good old Vicars and tarts stories get people reading.

But the reality is far from it and maybe on quiet news days where there are no stories (and a link to multiple fans views and opinion – although important and the lifeblood of the club – does not constitute journalism either) people should get on with their lives away from football and let the players and management get on with their jobs too. The Injury list is not as bad as it seems either when you peer below the headlines and look at the facts.  Jake Sheridan (calf) and Danny Rowe (ligaments) can be added to the virus that has claimed most of the management team and weakened the squad over the last few weeks, but Wright and Fairhurst are now chomping at the bit. Job done there then!  We do have the usual long-term sick-note of course but it has hardly threatened the start to the season has is? So why any talk of crisis, other than to sell the weekly papers ahead of  a game against the bottom club?

The Imps will beat Hyde, although both sides are due some luck, but the fact is Lincoln are a side that fight and punch above their weight, even if the manager is shouldering the burden to protect his players who have battled for our club in every game this season.  It is not rocket science is it? Lincoln have a tiny budget, so we have to be tight defensively first and then look to build slowly both from an attacking perspective and an ambition one. Therefore the true acid test of a good manager comes in to play – that of man-management skills.  Given a bottom third budget, if the club is to have any chance of exceeding the realistic expectations of the 50 point survival target,  Gary Simpson must show the side that helped to forge the dressing room spirit at Lincoln, Peterborough and Macclesfield Town.

A great talent spotter he may be, but if you haven’t got the cash you have to be able to manage. That does not mean we should expect him to plait fog or polish turds – although the Mrs has a fossil that suggests there could be money in that – but he has to have the time to develop a T-E-A-M. It has hit the ground running but you cannot expect Rolls Royce performance for the price of a Rolls Cannardly (scrap dealers get £350 for them they Roll down hill but can hardly get up them). That means backing the players, motivating them and getting the best out of blokes before they spread their wings and fly away for a fee. It’s tough at times when the approach play fails due to a poor final ball or shot, but that is where Lincoln finds itself. So before all the toys get thrown out of the pram again at 5 PM why don’t the fans give the team the benefit of the doubt for a while?

That is because this side –  cobbled together on lower weekly wages than more than half of us are fortunate enough to get out of bed for, gives a hoot about Lincoln City and fight every game for its honour and name. This  – after years of relegation battles – is the best and perhaps only opportunity this club has for getting out of this glorified pub League at £18 a game.  Some backing for the team please because this negativity and sub 2,000 gates will mean an even smaller tin box stadium behind Morrison’s.


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