Reality Check! Welcome To Lincoln

Gary Simpson cannot in truth fault the effort of the Lincoln City players after a disappointing 0-1 defeat at Hereford United.  A reality check is long overdue one feels for fans, media spectators and those at the helm of the football club.  Time for credit where credit is due, because it is so easy to criticise when in reality we are what we are and the answers are not out there any time soon.

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Firstly let’s deal with this notion that Lincoln, without question a big team, appear to be ‘bullies’.  It is making the team’s life harder because this misconception may have led to a referee dishing out 6 yellow cards last night in a game that saw 15 fouls for Lincoln, 13 for the Bulls, yet yielded 5 yellow cards for us and just one for the hosts.  Hardly just was it?


Then comes the issue of Lincoln not being attack minded, even though our shot statistics have been far better under Gary Simpson than, ‘Fer sure’, ‘Reg’ and Sutton.  Tomlinson does have to forage alone up front but he has three advanced midfielders to help and they do.  The full-backs are loading the guns but unfortunately the quality is not there when it comes to firing the bullets. There have been a few unfortunate near misses but we cannot realistically expect consistency for the money the Imps are paying.


Of course having the strikers to put away the chances costs money and our £400,000 budget tends to cut us out of the thousand pound a week that two thirds of the division can put the way of one or more strikers. Clearly such a low budget also makes many question why they should be asked to fork out £18 a match for the privilege.  Then add in the fact that the secretive ground move seems to be taking a higher priority than investing in the team (planning costs wont come cheap) and there we have the reality of supporting a non-league side like Lincoln with the potential to be so much more once that jolly old off-field income kicks in of course.


So well played for another hard working performance lads and good luck putting it right and staying there or thereabouts for the rest of the season.  At least we are not getting stuffed out of sight every week and looking like rabbits between headlights every time we defend a set-piece.




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