Luton Town Bound? Good Show its WingCo’s Recce

With the Luton Town dawn raid almost upon us STMI has sneaked into the mess to ask the Wing Commander at Imp Bomber command for a detailed plan of action. With Bogeys at 3 O’clock on Saturday and, a jolly long mission to boot, best get chocks away early again. Sad to hear the team will be travelling on the day again (can you help here) For those in a hurry the ground guide and ticket prices come after our raconteur Wingco’s take on things (we have also put a key at the bottom for those not well up on our county heritage) but he is well worth listening to and very much part of the Lincolnshire furniture.

Wair-hair- lair & thanks awfully for reading Winco’s Recce


Luton Town F.C. badge  v Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Saturday 21st Sept KO 3PM

Looks like another of those What’s The Odds jobs what what with a tough mission on the cards. Some of the chaps who flew last season will of course not be with us due to the ongoing Jankers, so be prepared for a tad more activity from the Snowdrops above the norm.  Splendid turn out last week – 574 left and 574 returned safely.  The Old man said it was a better result than Dresden!

Thanks again this week to the old man (should pension him off really, poor chap limps like he’s chewing a Callard and Byser creamyline toffee with his arse)  who kindly took time out from the old mahogany spitfire to fly the Shuftie Kite with the fairies. Good man!

As the sun is ite and the sky is blue any WAAFs will still be able to wear twylights. Thanks awfully to the young lady who sent me a pair complete with name rank and serial number-by Jove if I were but half a century younger! Greens are not mandatory as the old red and white stripes still bring a tear to the eye. Perhaps spats for the officers and full number ones as these gentlemen could well be sporting top hats. Toodle pip!

Luton Town F.C. badge  v Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Saturday 21st Sept KO 3PM


Away Fans Pricing Adults £18  Cons £13/£10
U16 £8 U10 £5 Oak Stand 1500

Concessions apply to Over 65′s & U22’s however over 75’s get in for £10

The full GROUND GUIDE, including stand views, map,  pubs & grub is HERE   

Thanks as ever to Duncan Adams, who is a jolly good egg.  Fly/Drive safely, have a good time and don’t forget to bring at least a point back with you.

SATNAV: 1 Maple Road, Luton, LU4 8AW

Wingcos Code Breaker…………………

  • Jankers –  punishment excersises
  • Fairies – Personnel in Signals Intelligence
  • Good Man– well done
  • Mahoganny spitfire – desk.
  • Old man –  Squadron Commanding Officer
  • Shuftie Kite – reconnaissance aircraft
  • Snowdrops – RAF Police
  • Twilights – WAAF underwear, light coloured, summer-weight

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