Barnet Bound? Good Show! It’s Winco’s Recce

Scramble chaps & chapesses,  Bogey’s, well the Bees of Barnet FC are at 3 o’clock on Saturday. With  another long and dangerous daylight mission ‘deep dine sithe’ we’d best get chocks away early  though because there are Bees all Over our birds. According to the Snowdrops (RAF Police) over 300 could travel again.

Wair-hair- lair & thanks awfully for reading Winco’s Recce………………….


Looks like another of those What’s The Odds jobs,  so good luck to the rear gunners because these Bees went for a Burton last week just like our chaps. Come back with a point and HRH herself will be dishing out the fruit salad upon the heroes return.  Talking of which those who have served on tour so far this season Good Man Gongs and trebles all round. As the sun is ite and the sky is blue any WAAFs will be able to wear twylights and Greens aren’t mandatory as the old red and white striped still bring a tear to the eye. Thanks this week to the old man ( should pension him off really, wears false teeth and when he chews a ginger nut biscuit he sounds like 60 chaps on jankers marching on gravel)  who kindly took time out from the old mahogany spitfire to fly the Shuftie Kite with the fairies. Their bravery brings you the Pukka Gen to ensure a safe journey there and back.  Fly drive/ safely and don’t try to land at RAF Uxbridge as they have no runway – I know about as useful as breasts on a fish what! what!

Barnet FC.svg  V  Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Saturday  14th September K.O 15:00 pm

Away Fans Pricing  Adults £17  Cons £13
U14 £9  The North Stand covered terrace – 750 + some seats in West Stand

Click   Ground Guide  for  stand views, map,  pubs & grub and enemy INTEL can be found here  FANS Forum 

SAT NAV – Camrose Avenue, Edgware, HA8 6AG

Wincos Code Breaker…………………

  • Fruit Salad – medal ribbons on a uniform
  • Fairies – Personnel in Signals Intelligence
  • Gong – a service medal
  • Good Man– well done
  • Mahoganny spitfire – desk.
  • Old man –  Squadron Commanding Officer
  • Shuftie Kite – reconnaissance aircraft
  • Snowdrops – RAF Police
  • Pukka Gen – Good general Information.
  • Twilights – WAAF underwear, light coloured, summer-weight

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