McCammon Wins Race Case Appeal

Former Imp, Brentford FC, Doncaster Rovers, Gillingham FC, Millwall FC & Brighton & Hove Albion striker Mark McCammon will keep the £68,000 he won from The Gills last season. Gillingham FC have lost their appeal over the ruling it sacked the ex-Imp striker Mark McCammon  ‘in an act of racial victimisation, See original STMI article HERE

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A shield with the words "Gillingham Football Club" in the top portion and the remainder divided into two sections, the left containing black and white vertical stripes and the right a depiction of a white horse rearing up on its hind legs on a blue backgroundLincoln City F.C. badge.png

Back in July 2012, Mark McCammon won an unfair dismissal case against Gillingham FC,  with the tribunal ruling he was was unfairly dismissed  and that the dismissal was  an act of racial victimisation.  The Gills were –  ”disappointed – in fact, staggered” by the decision and would be consulting their lawyers, Mark was awarded £68,000.

Mark brought the case against the Gills in June 2012, claiming he and other black squad members were treated differently to white players.  He sued for race discrimination, breach of contract, unfair dismissal and failure to pay him.

Gillingham’s statement at the time said: “We are hugely disappointed – in fact, staggered – by this decision. As an organisation, we are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against, nor victimise our staff. This case is the first of its kind to be brought against the club in its entire history – a history that has seen the club employ many thousands of staff of various race, religion and creed, none of whom have ever felt the need to bring such a claim.”

Gillingham said at the time that they would “discuss the judgement with our lawyers and decide upon the next course of action, whether that be an appeal against the findings, or another form of action, as deemed appropriate”.

The club subsequently lodged an appeal against the ruling that it sacked the striker in an act of racial victimisation, saying the case did not look at the main issues. At a hearing yesterday a judge upheld the original tribunal’s decision.

Mr McCammon, now 35, said: “It was traumatising and it sort of sabotaged my career in the football world, my progress. I had football clubs after me and that just deteriorated. It’s very, very unfortunate.”

Gillingham chairman Paul Scally told BBC South East: “We are confident that we dismissed Mark McCammon for the right reasons.

“It is unfortunate, very frustrating, but people associated with this football club are very well aware of the circumstances around this case and that the club is very much an equal opportunities employer.”

Mr Scally said after the appeal decision on Tuesday the reference to racism should not have been in the letter and said the tribunal and appeal ruled against the club because of the technicality of the term being included.

STMI would like to offer you all the the best Mark – is he still a good target man if fit, even at 35?

Sq no Player name Starts on as sub BSP Mins Goals Shots Shots on Assists YC RC
37 Imps 2 4 244 2 3 1 1 0 0
  Braintree 1 4 131 1 7 3 1 0 0
  Goal every 125  mins
Mark McCammon2.JPG
FULL NAME Mark Jason McCammon
DATE OF BIRTH 7 August 1978 (age 34)
PLACE OF BIRTH Barnet, London, England
HEIGHT/WEIGHT 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)/14st 3lb (90.25kg)
YEARS Team Apps (Gls)
1997–1999 Cambridge United 4 (0)
1999–2000 Charlton Athletic 4 (0)
2000 Swindon Town (loan) 4 (0)
2000–2003 Brentford 74 (10)
2003–2005 Millwall 21 (2)
2004–2005 Brighton & Hove Albion (loan) 7 (0)
2005–2006 Brighton & Hove Albion 18 (3)
2006 Bristol City (loan) 11 (4)
2006–2008 Doncaster Rovers 54 (6)
2008–2011 Gillingham 52 (5)
2010-2011 Bradford City (loan) 4 (0)
2011-2012 Braintree Town 5 (1)
2012- Sheffield FC 0 (0)
2012- Lincoln City (loan) 4 (2)
2006–2008 Barbados 5 (4)

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  1. McCammon was always a trouble maker with an victim complex. He once rang the BBC Sussex phone in after a match for Brighton as we was upset that fans were calling in saying he was rubbish.

    A troubled character me thinks. The fact is, he was rubbish!!

  2. Sorry meant as “he” was upset…..

  3. Even if you think a player is rubbish does should that mean that clubs should break the law? clearly it can be seen football is in the dark ages when it comes to race and employment law Mark felt and still feels no one wanted to listen hence he had no choice but to sue the club only good can come from his case now that is why setting up a black football union similiar to black and asian

    asian organisations here that black players will feel confidient in complaining against there own clubs and clubs who feel because the bar has already been lowered for swearing it should be the same for racial abuse black people do. not plat the race card to my experience quite often its the opposite way round.

    i wish mark all the best this won’t be the last of such cases but i hope with the support of the football elite they would back 100% the setting up of a transparent indep black football union which is as i speak ready to be launched.

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