Vic’s Verdict: August’s Been Anything But Dire

There we sit with Cambridge Utd, Barnet and Nuneaton just a point ahead, with Forest Green Rovers, Luton Town, Grimsby Town, Kidderminster Harriers not far off, but, still behind us. Anything but dire you have to say with Team Lincoln, the Mighty Imps, punching above our weight big-time.

Vic Erzantarz gives his verdict…………………

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

When Dartford FC manager Burman brought on three of the biggest human beings ever to wear anything but a Cambridge Utd shirt – well Money does it every year against us even to the point of playing his lads out of position (of course its their quality and versatility too)-  you had to laugh. But again the Imps just rolled up their sleeves and kept on fighting. I’m not one for mocking the afflicted but I bumped into an academic down there and his eyes were so far apart I though they were sapphire earrings.

It is good to see teams defy nature, the critics and the odds, take Kevin Wilkin, not a greedy man –  just prays for four numbers on the lottery each week to pay for a loan fee no doubt – who has guided the Boro to third, iced with a win at The Fishy Foe. Double chuffed that he won manager of the month as it should give us a chance of moving up to at least third on Saturday when the curse arrives just behind the telegram.   Once again the ex-Boston duo can call on Fenty’s millions to be there or thereabouts, but its nice to see them a win away from us – something they wont be getting Boxing or New Years day – as we go into September sporting their long-johns ready for another 9 month football winter.  Nice to see us four points clear of Luton – 3 draws apart Still is getting them going –  and Kidderminster but we will have to keep it going to stay ahead of those two.

Cambridge are a terrific (and tall side) and deserve to top the table, they are the only side to beat us thanks to a Berry strike.  Luck followed that up with a brace of Lamb before going on to win the player of the month and get an England C nod. Check your shoes son, you must have stepped in something, although Lucky Luke would be a bit unfair on a quality player. If he was 3 inches taller Simmo even might be interested. Power saw red in that one, getting a three match ban for a two footer, bit harsh in my view although you could count everyone of his studs.

The only side to beat Forest Green are the Imps thanks to a Fairhurst double that saw me put Louis XIII brandy in the hip flask all week.    Thomlinson got a brace against Wrexham who just could not get going then followed it up with another at Dartford. All have been poacher efforts, a fitting reward for some tireless running. Dartford pushed the Imps second half but in reality we could have been three or four up in the first half as the midfield exploited the openness of just four adversaries.

The Imps ability to work for each other, to back up your team-mate, to not know when you are beaten is the real secret. It lays the platform for a quick counter with the forward awesome foursome knowing they will have six to back them up when they are stranded. That is not to say Rowe, Fairhurst, Sheridan or Power have not done their bit to press and shut down the space.  No that’s starts from the front with in your face Thomlinson, with the Imps disrupting the rhythm as soon as the ball starts coming back.

Simpson does seem to have a good tactical knowledge, but then he has needed to have from day one. He reorganised, galvanised and inspired a side that were down last year. This year he has kicked on and brought in some terrific little – did I say little – footballers who really can play the game, but none can be called badge kissers because they all put in a shift. So has the manager, putting in the miles and making a paupers budget into a feast fit for a King. Mind you he did that at Macc and King blew it faster than a giro on a Diamond White Double discount Thursday.

Bring on September because no manager is going to take Lincoln lightly and few players will fancy 90 minutes against these dogs of war.

Player of the Month:

All of ’em

Performance of the Month:

Wrexham – kicked the wheels right off their cart

Managers Pearl of Wisdom:

They run their stones off

Moan of the month:

Ridiculous that 4 fans are banned for Political reasons

Room for Improvement:

Farman could get more involved – maybe coming up for corners

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