Dartford V Lincoln Teams & Schemes

Dartford FC Manager Tony Burman has suggested that this is a stiff test for his lads and that he will not be changing his team. Why should he it is a winning one after defeating Tamworth FC 2-0. He is a 4-4-2 traditionalist, that’s for sure, be he is also a great talent spotter with a sense of cunning that achieved 8th for the Darts last term.  Although 4th plays eighth in reality just 4 points separate the two sides and with Dartford on two wins and three defeats this could tip the scales of justice for their season ahead.

Thank-you for reading by Neil Gentleman-Hobbs


Logo V Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Saturday  31st August K.O 15:00 pm

Away Fans Pricing Adults £15  Cons £8
U12 £3 Car Park End terrace 700
Concessions apply to Over 65′s & U18′s

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The Schemes... those best laid plans.

Simmo and the Imps will not be rolling up for this one expecting the points, indeed let us hope there is sufficient money in his meagre budget for a stop-over at a B & B to get some life back into those limbs after a 5 hour drive.  Yussuf is responding well to his injections and could even play some part today, Fairhurst is fit and Miller and Gray will vie for the right-back and javelin throw event.  Rowe, Thomlinson and the effervescent Newton are particularly looking forward to this one. But then so is every member of Team Lincoln at a Club reborn with the City as a whole beginning to back Simmo’s Six foot Sincil Soldiers crusade for a place in the Football League.  Already record holders this would be the 7th time Lincoln would have achieved such a feat, a Rise of the Imps indeed.

The big question is will Tony Burman tinker with a winning side that ended a three match run of defeats with an impressive win at the Lambs who are throwing the green stuff (not mint sauce I hasten to add) around this season. Harris, who normally plays on the left wing,  replaced no 9 Prior up top and scored along with no nonsense defender Clark, to end a depressing sequence where the Darts had failed to score in their previous three outings.  Birchall, back on loan this season, is also off the mark and needs to be watched. It could well be the Burman decides to fight fire with fire by putting all three up front with a changed trio in midfield, perhaps Cornhill may get the nod with Noble or Rogers and Bradbrook? Cornhill was a cracking midfield player at Chelmsford before his move and Rogers may not pull up any tress but he can be a chainsaw in the trunk of The Imps six-foot oaks.

Clever Burman started the mind games early by blowing smoke up the Imps bottoms, but, he knows this will be a tough ask if 4-4-2 faces 4-2-3-1 with the midfield pulled in more directions than a fat kid in a sweet factory.  Captain Bradbrook and Woodyard are a creative, courageous and combative unit in the middle but Nolan and Fofana are a duo they will find it hard against, especially as the probing runs of our advanced trio of midfielders will also require their attention – or they risk the triplets and Thommo four on four.  Well five, the capture of keeper Julian from Newport looks to be a good one.

The Darts defence is pretty solid bar the odd lapse, not dissimilar to Brown and Boyce our own central defensive heroes. Clarke has, as expected, adjusted to the step up from Chelmsford and is beginning to form a good understanding with Mitchel-King. Full-back Fry, who arrived from Concorde Rangers in the summer, also looked solid on the left in the last game, replacing Sterling with style. Burns is a good solid right back, but, you  would have to fancy Dixon against him if he plays and of course Newton and his neutron bombs. If Yussuf is back for tomorrow he and Fry will have a time too, with Miller or Gray also keen to overlap. This suggests Dixon will start on the bench as Fairhurst (fit as a fiddle) Rowe and Sheridan will be vying for a place in a starting line up that may be allowed to roam freer than last week.

Sterling from Cray Wanderers and Noble, the two wide boys will cause us problems down the flanks with Birchall – a proper centre-forward – from Gillingham. Simmo may therefore opt for the pace of Miller at right-back. Burman also brought in Prior from Wimbledon who was dropped last week, so let us hope he does not return and finally find his form against us. The thing with Burman is his eye for talent, matched by the ability to motivate his players to fulfil their abilities. He and Simmo are very similar in that respect, thus we should not rule out a real ding dong affair down at Princes Park.  If we get the first goal we will go on and win it but if the Darts do they will be flying and some big budget teams found out just how hard they are to contain last season. Eighth in the Conference is no mean feat.

The potential teams


T Burman 4-4-2 (poss 4-3-3)

1 Julian

20 Burns 5 Clark 14 Mitchel-King 19 Fry

8 Noble 10 Bradbrook (C) 30 Woodyard 4 Sterling

11 Harris 16 Birchall

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Simmo 4-2-3-1


Miller  Brown  Boyce Newton

Fofana Nolan     

Rowe Fairhurst Dixon       



The heroes, Villains & Results

Heroes Goals Heroes Goals Results  
Birchall 1 Fairhurst 2 Tamworth 0
Clark 1 Thomlinson 2 Dartford 2
Harris 1 Rowe 1 Lincoln 2
        Wrexham 0
Dartford 0
Braintree 2
Cambridge 1
Heroes Assists Heroes Assists Imps 0
Harris 1 Newton 2 FC Halifax 2
Boyce 1 Dartford 0
Brown 1 Imps 2
        FGR 1
Aldershot 3
Dartford 0
Villains Yellows Villains Yellows Imps 1
Bradbrook 2 Rowe 2 Macc 0
Rogers 2 Foster 1 Dartford 1
Clark 1 Gray 1 Alfreton 0
Mitch-King 1 Boyce 1 Woking 0
Noble 1 Power 1 Imps 0
Birchall 1 Thomlinson 1    
Miller 1
Villains Reds Villains Reds
Power 1

 The Table 30/8/13

P W D L F A +/- PTS
1 Barnet 5 3 2 0 9 2 +7 11
2 Cambridge United 5 3 2 0 9 3 +6 11
3 Nuneaton Town 5 3 2 0 8 4 +4 11
4 Lincoln City 5 3 1 1 5 2 +3 10
5 FC Halifax Town 5 3 1 1 9 9 0 10
6 Kidderminster Harriers 5 3 0 2 9 7 +2 9
7 Alfreton 5 3 0 2 9 8 +1 9
15 Dartford 5 2 0 3 3 7 -4 6



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