Who’s Darting To Dartford? It’s Winco’s Recce

With the Dartford dawn raid almost upon us STMI has sneaked into the mess to ask the Wing Commander at Imp Bomber command for a detailed plan of action with chocks away again this Saturday. For those in a hurry the ground guide and ticket prices come after our raconteur Wingco’s take on things (we have also put a key at the bottom for those not well up on our county heritage) but he is well worth listening to and very much part of the Lincolnshire furniture.

Wair-hair- lair & thanks awfully for reading Winco’s Recce………………….

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V Logo

Hello chaps & chapesses, with Bogey’s at 3 o’clock again on Saturday, it looks like another dangerous daylight mission ‘deep dine sithe’ with chocks away for some of you from 07:00 this Saturday. As the breadbasket of Britain makes for the garden of England stores basher advises all ranks to avoid the Oast houses – anything in there is strictly off limits, even to the Brass hats. The beers not ready in there (arf! arf!) and it will only get your tummy rumbling. Anyone caught doing so will be on Bull Night for the foreseeable.

The Groupie gave the area a quick ‘buzz’ to ensure everyone arrives safely and knows the gen even if he did have to bang out himself on the way home. Pleased to say he left his  Fairies (minus parachutes) in the drink when he ditched.  The dress code will as ever be smart casual for officers with best blues / greens / football shirts and banners apparently a must for the ranks.  Navy-blue winter-weights for the ladies please, we want the chaps on the field to put on a show and not the WAAF Imps.

Good show and all the best to the 11 chaps who will as ever do their bit for Impdom and St George!  Our hopes as ever are for the safe return of one and all be you in the 617 squadron or not. Can’t join you this weekend as I am piled high with bumph… and like the Trust it is on a strictly need to know basis.  My apologies to younger Imps and others in Civvy street who do not understand the Queens RAF English, therefore below the following more pertinent and concise information is a code breaker.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png V Logo

Saturday  31st August K.O 15:00 pm


Away Fans Pricing Adults £15  Cons £8
U12 £3 Car Park End terrace 700

Concessions apply to Over 65′s & U18’s

The full GROUND GUIDE, including stand views, map,  pubs & grub is HERE   

Thanks as ever to Duncan Adams, who is a jolly good egg.  Fly/Drive safely, have a good time and don’t forget to bring at least a point back with you.

SATNAV: Grassbanks, Darenth Rd, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1RT

Wincos Code Breaker…………………

Bang Out – the action taken by a jockey when he has to eject Lancaster  or jet.

Best blues – No 1 uniform

Bogey’s – enemy

Brass hats –  officers

bumph – useless paperwork

drink – an ocean, sea, river or lake

Fairies – Personnel in Signals & Intelligence e.g Wireless Operators (Also Electricians and Instrument Techs etc) as opposed to Heavies – Engines and Airframe trades.

The Groupie  – Group Captain.

Navy-blue winter-weights – knickers worn by the WAAF also Black-outs.


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