Vics Rant: Give The Imps A Break!!!

Lincoln City aka The Mighty Imps are not getting the credit they deserve. Blanked by Skrill Premier broadcaster BT, when it comes to live games, now Wrexham’s media are blaming ineptitude…. and… I’m nearly choking on me Pimms here … even the Imps fans sites are still failing to give the manager and the team the credit they deserve.

Drink responsibly feed a bird with any unused cucumber! Cheers Vic (Hic! Very much in Pimms mode)

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

The manager has cobbled together a winning, hard-working side from the perennial embarrassment of a budget for a club of our stature.  Where the other million or so our club generates the Imp himself only knows, leaving just just over £400k despite some wonderful season ticket sales.  The team sit fifth, with Dartford completing an opening six that even the optimists didn’t fancy. Yet Cambridge apart and a cross-cum-shot from goal from FGR, we have lost one and conceded just two goals.

Thomlinson and Fairhurst both have two goals from the opening five with Rowe grabbing the other against Macclesfield a side who also outspend us despite financial upheaval in the summer.   Ok so the side have to defend in numbers but this policy sees us with a 100% home record for a change with some fabulous footballers and a strike force that all look good for double figures this season.

For too long Lincoln City Football club has been a joke and a place where opponents only need to roll up to get three points. Now our midfield – its a 2 and a three for those who have not cottoned on with the trio doing the attacking behind Thommo – are strangling the opposition to the extent that they cannot put two or three passes together.

Our defence has been brilliant. The full-backs are so attack minded it beggars belief. Newton – I would give him 9 a game – gets up the line and delivers a more deadly cross than Van Helsing or  Wesley Snipes in his Blade prime.  Fofana had such a good game on Saturday  that he too is like garlic to anyone left with any fangs once they have tried to cross the half-way line in broad daylight.

As for Nat Brown – Cap’n Nat for now – his style of defending is never going to be for the purist yet his heart and soul is IMPspiring. Ask Andy Boyce who would have been in the team of the week all through August if anyone took any notice of the Imps. Maybe that is working to our advantage at the moment.  But long may it continue because this is a Lincoln team that is going places. They personify everything that is Imp. They punch above their weight, stick together, back each other up and want success for this football club.

Surely no Imp can ask any more than that – I mean what do we want Jam on it?. Come on start smiling because the sky isn’t going to fall in any time soon, this side wins and it can play football when it gets the chance.  Simmo’s Six-foot Sincil Soldiers  are starting to look as if they can go up.  So dust off the Lincoln loco, stoke up the boiler and lets all get in line for a turn at a good toot!


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