Woking V Imps: Teams & Schemes

To be or not to be that is the question at the Kingfield Stadium of Woking FC. Cunning Card chief Hill has sprung one surprise with a late addition already, as we warned earlier in the week, but he could spring more with at least another (Simmo did this when Brown and Diagne appeared) today. He could also opt for an open opener with a flowing 4-4-2 or revert to a 4-5-1 that will see little space. Should the midfield see a 5v 5 as happened against Boston Utd the carpet football will suffer. Mind you a one nil win would do at a side that confounded their part-time status, as well as the critics, last season, the Card or Cardinals first in the Division.  Perhaps City, with a Cathedral that is a man-made wonder of the world should have asked the Bishop to bless us? We could do with some good fortune for once this season and we’ll get it here to start with a win.

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Woking.png V Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Sat 3rd August, ko 3.00 pm (see bottom for travel guide & prices)

Opening games are so hard to forecast, despite the respective scouting parties gleeful reconnaissance snippets.  Woking, fresh from a 2-2 draw with QPR U21’s, used  The Cards played 4-4-2 against QPR, which would be terrific for our traditional 4-2-3-1, but the 4-5-1 will be back today one fears. They have to or we would simple rip that back four apart. Hill has also been forced to announce one of the late cards up his sleeve in McNamee who replaced ex-Imp McCallum, up front in the two, against Rangers, though both could feature wide.

Two lads Nolan and Fofana will have to watch are Captain Ricketts and Williams, best avoiding free kicks if possible as the latter’s 20 yarder against Rangers was equal to that Boston beauty from Newton.  Sawyer and Williams made up the central midfield duo against QPR, with Ricketts out wide. Betsy also made up the four, but his position is on a par with The Official Secrets Act. Will Akinde retain the target man role or will Thomas or Betsy, who have also featured at the sharp end of a 4-5-1 that will deny the Imps space we crave?

The Imps have doubts over Yussuf, which would be a shame as this is his and Wright’s kind of game, whichever formation the Imps would face. Nutter, brave a captain as he was, could never cope with pace and power, especially if Nolan and Rowe, the key holders to pick the locks, can mix it up for the team. Tomlinson will be a different beast against Conference back fours and could even feature in something akin to a front two, with an 11 v 11 trial game at Washingborough preparing the Imps for the incoming 4-5-1 and 4-4-2.   If it is the latter Newton will run riot down their right and, as we said before the left has its weaknesses too.


G Hill (451)



Newton,  Johnson, Parkinson, Nutter

McNamee, Ricketts, Sawyer,Williams, McCallum

Betsy /Akinde


The Bench 

5 From GK Beasant , Cester, McNerney, Frith, Wright, Sole, Thomas and Betsy/Akinde.


The Teams & Schemes

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


Miller Boyce Foster Newton  

Fofana Nolan

Power  Rowe Wright



The Bench 

31 GK Preece,  and 4 from the following 23 Brown,  4 Jordan , 7 Fairhurst, 12 Sheridan, 17 Dixon, 20 Robinson

£££’s & Travel

£ Tickets £  TERRACE
£15 £10 £5

The away fans stand on the Tennis Club Terrace and there is no extra charge or segregation when it comes to seating. The full GROUND GUIDE, including stand views, map, pubs & grub is  HERE  thanks as ever to Duncan Adams.  Drive safely, have a good time and don’t forget to bring at least a point back with you.

SATNAV: Kingfield, Woking, Surrey, GU22 9AA


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