Woking Are Not Called Cards For Nothing.

Woking have been quiet in the market with just 3 raids on Yeovil, Aldershot Town and the re-signing of a former forward, an ex-Imp, who was released last season. Is clever Gary Hill holding out ahead of the opener with Lincoln City?  He used the loan market well last season and with just two strikers on the books could there be a shock or two by 5pm tomorrow night?

Thank-you for reading part of STMI’s Skrill Premier Guide by Neil Gentleman-Hobbs



Manager Gary Hill
Formation 4-5-1 / 4-4-2
Position 2012/13 12th in BSP
STMI Forecast Upper mid-table
Ave Gate 1596
Away following 102

Ground guide  Away ticket prices FORUM

Well we said Gary Hill would pull it off and he did with the Cards finishing a credible 12th. This season sees a bigger budget than the Imps have with ex-Imp McCallum optimistically tipping the play-offs.  They will presumably be helped by an even tougher Josh Payne, who has just got ‘out’.  Indeed Mills has signed a trio of midfielders with Payne (no club but latterly of Aldershot),  Gavin Williams from Yeovil and McCallum who was released, but earned a second go.

With a decent 1600 average gate last season and some clever loan signings the Cards could surprise everyone again.  Remember last season Brett Williams (Reading) and Bradley Bubb (Aldershot) arrived on loan and delivered in spades (see Woking in Focus 2012/13).  Those surprises could start with Lincoln on Saturday, because so far Hill only has 15 signed keeping the Imps guessing right up until the last minute perhaps? Two of those could be strikers, so far just McCallum and Giuseppe Sole are on the books and its very quiet down there at an already talented pack of Cards.

IN Player From Pos Fee
24th June Josh Payne No club Mid Free
22nd July Gavin Williams Yeovil Mid Free
22nd July Gavin McCallum Resigned Mid Free
Player To Pos Fee
Released Adam Doyle
Released Loick Pires
Released Gavin McCallum
Released Elvijs Putnins
Released Josh Griffiths
Released Jack Mazzone


Woking Squad 2013/14


1 Aaron Howe,

2 Adam Newton, 3 Mike Cestor, 5 Joe McNerney, 16 Brett Johnson, 26 John Nutter,

4 Mark Ricketts (captain), 8 Jack Parlinson, 11 Kevin Betsy, 15 Lee Sawyer
22 George Frith, Josh Payne, Gavin Williams,


10 Giuseppe Sole, Gavin McCallum,

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