STMI Guide: Lincoln City – Miracles & Morals Can happen

Simpson has plucked from Preston NE, Mansfield Town,  Burton Albion, Stockport County, Macclesfield Town and Alfreton to more than cobble together a side that Lincoln City can be proud of.  Incredibly, Lincoln, though I am embarrassed to have to admit it, has a bottom four budget for the division of under £450,000. Only Nuneaton, Hyde and Braintree have less, with Tamworth overtaking us following their recent flurry, This despite our crowds being the eighth best in the division with more directors around our board table that most. Therefore the manager’s signings and ambitions are perhaps even more remarkable than the surge of season ticket sales that sees the Imps on the march.  But then Colin Murphy’s Moral suggests miracles can happen every now and again if we Imps make a wish and believe.

Thank-you for reading part of STMI’s Skrill Premier Guide by Neil Gentleman-Hobbs


Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Manager Gary Simpson
Formation 4-2-3-1 / various
Position 2012/13 16th in BSP
STMI Forecast Top 8
Ave Gate 2127
Away following 228

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Though dubbed the six-foot soldiers for Simpson’s penchant for big lads, Lincoln’s aerial dominance does not seem that apparent compared to last year, even with the amount of close on two-meter-peters in the squad.  But then the football world over those six-foot five lads never seem to have the spring of those around the six-foot mark, New striker Tomlinson being the perfect example.  The defence therefore rightly raises some question marks although Foster and Brown’s capture will see far more rights than wrongs.  With Boyce, Miller Gray and Jordan retained by the club, the battling qualities are still there as is the susceptibility to pace. New addition Newton, graceful as he is going forward, is not exactly blessed with pace. His free-kicks however are ace.

The Imps are awash with midfielders, but then they need to be with 5 preferred in two banks, to allow for the snap and then a quick counter.  Here Simpson has really excelled with some great footballers arriving, namely Rowe from Stockport, Fairhurst from Macclesfield and a boss called Nolan from Stockport, who can stop them in their tracks, go box-to-box or unlock with a wicked and wondrous threaded ball. Wright, Dixon and Yussuf will be employed in the advanced trio of the five, adopting wider positions to use their devastating pace to come from deep.  Both have something of a target man in them, but despite their respective heights heading is not truly their bag.

Captain Power, should not be forgotten, coming back fitter and stronger than ever and Connor Robinson might start from the bench early doors but much is expected of the lad – on the quiet – because pressure could ruin that optimism and free spirit.  Fofana and Jordan know they will be needed at the back in an injury crisis but their main job will be to partner Nolan.  Up front, albeit just the one when they line up for a centre,  the Imps will rotate Thomlinson, Wright, Dixon and Yussuf, although most will feature along with Rowe and Fairhurst in that trio but five or ten yards behind. If Lincoln had kept Oliver we would have had it all and been a no-brainer for the play-offs.

Of course loan relationships with Middlesbrough, Sunderland, to name but two and, a tank full of petrol to cover the miles, may yet see the manager uncover another unpolished gem.  He certainly has the track record at his two previous clubs, but the Simpson way is as much about day to day development and best use of resources than crying to his chairman when the wind turns. The French and Irish routes do seem very quiet so far suggesting the manager is happy with what he  has.  But then who isn’t?

The Imps play one of the hardest formations to mark, but when we meet 5 in the middle it will be tough as Boston proved.  The team is a passing one but with space at a premium it is difficult. Therein lies another problem, come the winter and the poor pitch quality of the Conference clubs, the passing game struggles, just ask Luton, Forest Green and Grimsby.  That is when the Imps will need to mix it up if they are to crown a season of promise, given the terrific signings. The new grass may not start to come through until March and Lincoln will need results through a tough and, perhaps inclement winter, if they want to be there or thereabouts.

IN Player From Pos Fee
24th July Luke Foster Preston Def Free
23rd July Ben Thomlinson Alfreton For <£7000
1st July Nick Wright Mansfield For Free
3rd June Nat Brown Macclesfield Def Free
23rd May Adi  Yussuf Burton For Free
23rd May Jon Nolan Stockport Mid Free
17th May Wade Fairhurst Macclesfield For Free
14th May Danny Rowe Stockport Mid/For Free
14th May Sean Newton Stockport Def Free
Loans None
OUT Player To Pos Fee
1st July Vadaine Oliver Crewe For £25k(+ Ad)
Released Nick Draper No Club Keeper
Released Peter Gilbert No club (Dag?) Def
Released Frazer Cobb Free Def
Released Nicky Nicolau Chelmsford C Mid
Released Adam Smith FC Halifax Winger
Released Jamie Taylor Sutton For
Released Gomez Dali No club For

Lincoln’s 2013/14 squad.

(dates in parenthesis relate to contract termination)


1  Paul Farman   (contracted to June 2015) 13 David Preece  (contracted to June 2014) 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


Tom Miller  (contracted to June 2015)   3   Sean Newton   (June 2015) 5  Andrew Boyce   (June 2015)  15  Dan Gray,  (June 2014)  23 Nat Brown   (June 2014)   Luke Foster  (June 2014) 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


Todd Jordan  (June 2014)  6 Mamadou Fofana  (June 2014)  7  Wade Fairhurst   ( June 2014)  Alan Power  (June 2015) Danny Rowe  (contracted to June 2014)  12 Jake Sheridan   ( June 2014)  19 Jon Nolan   ( June 2014)  24 Karl Cunningham  ( Dec 2013) 

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png


10 Nick Wright   (June 2014) 11 Ben Tomlinson  (June 2015)  14  Adi Yussuf   ( June 2014) 16 Conner Robinson   (June 2014)  20 Bohan Dixon  (June 2014)  29 Jordan Thomas  ( June 2014) 

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