Imps Trust Shambles Returns

Apologies for something non-football readers but The Lincoln City Supporters Trust is having another moment, indeed its penchant for own goals despite a brick-wall defence would be hilarious if it was at County etc etc, but it is not. Having announced a new Website and propaganda tool last week any positive PR (and intentions of openness) were soon swept away with the latest events from a Trust that was once respected throughout the game. We will not use the word supporters –  for the opinions of the fans meant little when it came to any consultation by Impstrust over the great share give-away (only a million of them so no need to concern the membership).


We have kept names out of this, particularly as we do not want the Council career and reputation the former Chair to be in anyway tarnished. To cut to the chase then.

Over the weekend the new Chairman resigned as did the new dedicated fundraiser – had either even warmed their seat –  with a third resigning in protest. It would appear the Chairman’s resignation  came about after he had been confronted with a list complaints about his good self read out in the style of a charge sheet.

One of those who resigned was also advised ‘to watch who you speak to’  prior to taking the decision to step down once he had got home.

Before STMI is accused of Trust bashing once again, this article relates to postings on two Lincoln forums and facts within the public domain.

The Trust has done nothing to support the Sincil Bank four who are banned from going to matches for political reasons and has refused to answer members questions by shrouding itself in secrecy.

We could go on but life is too short and fortunately the football club still continues in spite of an organisation that is most certainly not worthy of having ‘Lincoln City’ or ‘Supporters’ in its name.  Wise up! open up! and Do Your Job!


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