Edgar Davids & Barnet’s Promotion Prospects Plummet as Guy Fawkes Mask Sales Soar

The likes of Luton Town, Wrexham, Grimsby Town, Cambridge United, FGR, Kidderminster Harriers and Simmo’s six foot soldiers will all have a picture of Barnet FC No1 Edgar Davids on the dressing room wall come the start of the season in a league where SKILL has an R in it.  A marked man? Why this is to Skrill Premier pre-match positive mental attitude what processed real ale was to guy Fawkes…. now just where is that V for Vendetta mask?

thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Confused? Well a wee faux pas on elegant Edgars part, a potentially interesting career move to boot, has inadvertently made him public enemy number one with the hard working players of the non-League equivalent of the Premiership. Mr Davids has come out with an absolute gem for the headline makers at the big-boys of the national media.  These remember do not normally give our League the time of day, with rare column inches  normally afforded only for end of year ups and downs, clubs going under or bad behaviour on and off the pitch . This from the Guardian, my favoured read (although the Daily Mail on line et al have run the same).

After wearing No1 during Barnet’s 4-1 friendly defeat to MK Dons on Saturday, Davids told Barnet’s Times newspaper he had made the shirt his own. “That is my number for the season. I am going to start this trend.”

Indeed, that is going to come across as some pretty humble stuff, from a legend who has, remember, led his side to the non-league.  For that is how it will be perceived at the 23 new neighbours, in the dressing rooms, in the pre-match pubs and on the much berated no mercy fans forums. One might say it is a gaff, nay an own goal, that puts them 1-0 down in every game they play. The comments undervalue the rest of the league, putting them in second from the off.

Now The Conference is perhaps blessed to have someone of Mr Davids undoubted ability playing in it, raising the bar, so to speak, in a Division where the beast oft slays beauty during a marathon war of a season full of battles of attrition.  But this has made Barnet’s bounce back a whole lot harder because everyone will be looking prove themselves against a 40 year-old number one even if he is going to spend most of his time on the bench.

Every-time they see a team sheet or the back of a programme they will be wanting to prove that true Brit grit rules the Conference and not the euro-aristocrats.  The drop is hard enough for ex-league teams, just ask Luton, Wrexham, Lincoln, Hereford, Macclesfield et al. When you first come down you are seen as a scalp with an ex-League ground and a decent crowd seen as a stage that lifts players to the heights of cup heroics.  The Bees have also just traded in the old slope  for the shiny new spick and span Hive.  A new ground for fans to visit and a new stage upon which to star in front of the watchful gaze of non-league’s new number one.


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