Who Is Geoffrey Dennis – New Imps Director?

The Imps have appointed the CARE International CEO, Geoffrey Dennis, as a non-executive director. The appointment and accompanying announcement would suggest he will join in a fundraising capacity with no reference made to him taking up shares in the club. The current prerequisite, to be considered for full-board membership, is £75,000 i.e. 150,000 shares, which currently gives one a place on the board for life.

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Speaking to the official site, The Chairman said: “With a long background and great experience of raising money, investment and sponsorship, we are hoping that Geoffrey can help us to achieve our aims of a place back in the Football League. We wish Geoffrey well in his role at the Club and as a Board will support him in any way we can.”

There is still confusion over his role and involvement both financially and in terms of remit, given the title.  A non-executive director  or outside director is a member of the board of directors of a company who does not form part of the executive management team. They are not employees of the company or affiliated with it in any other way and are differentiated from inside directors, who are members of the board who also serve or previously served as executive managers of the company (most often as corporate officers). Non-executive directors are sometimes considered the same as an independent director, while other sources distinguish them from independent directors saying non-executive directors are allowed to hold shares in the company while independent directors are not. In effect all of the board can be classed as N.E.D.s.

So who Is Mr Dennis?

Geoffrey Dennis is a lifelong Lincoln City supporter with far reaching contacts in international aid and fundraising circles.  He is a respected spokesman on humanitarian and crisis issues. Mr Dennis has been the CEO of CARE International since 2004, taking up the post after doubling the size of a homeless charity over a three year period. Prior to that he was the International Director of the Red Cross.  Mr Dennis entered the charity sector 15 years ago, taking a very much hands on approach in Rowanda, Somalia and former Yugoslavia. After an initial career working on development issues in the private sector, he became Director of the Economics and Finance Division at Ewbank Preece Consulting and was later Managing Director of Travers Morgan Environmental Consultancy.

Care International is one of the few Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) permitted to access central funding when an emergency or international disaster strikes.  it is a not for profit association that operates independently of government, usually to deliver resources or serve some social or political purpose. The World Bank classifies NGOs as either operational NGOs, which are primarily concerned with development projects, or advocacy NGOs, which are primarily concerned with promoting a cause.

Two examples of their far-ranging work would be emergency food packages and micro-loans that empower people to start and grow their own business in Africa. The CARE International Annual Report and Accounts are available to download  HERE.

Good luck Geoffrey. The Imps needs may not be on a par with what you are used to (and indeed the horrors you have no doubt witnessed first hand), but, as a fellow Imp you realise there is a massive need for a catalyst to ensure a return to the Football League.


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