Ins & Outs Hereford, Grimsby, Gateshead FC & Forest Green Rovers Part 4.

STMI present the transfer  ins & outs for Forest Green Rovers, Gateshead FC, Grimsby Town and Hereford United up to July 5th 2013. With Lincoln City on the verge of what looks to be an exciting season how have our competitors  lost or gained since last a ball was kicked?  Our pre-season guide to each side is also on the verge of completion, as ever if we have missed any confirmed deals please ping us a comment.

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Forest Gren Rovers FC logo Gateshead FC Logo Grimb Badge.png Hereford United

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To cut to the chase then

Forest Gren Rovers FC logo

Forest Green Rovers

Three quality signings look set to ice a cake that did not quite bake last season. Definitely contenders for the play-offs who flexed their muscles to outdo the Dragons on Wright and Mangan.

IN Player From Pos Fee
8th May Danny Wright Wrexham For  Free
16th May Andy Mangan Fleetwood T. For Free
17th May Tony Barry Fleetwood T. Mid Free
Out Player To Pos Fee
3rd July Jamie Collins Eastleigh Mid Free
Released James Rowe

Gateshead FC Logo


Perhaps things will turn out OK for the Heed, who were homeless last term. A ground is in the offing and they are certainly investing in the team. Brodie – yes Richard Brodie – Larkin and Boyes are fantastic signings and at least two of the new defenders have pedigree too.

IN Player From Pos Fee
12th May Colin Larkin Harrogate For Free
18th May Adam Boyes Barrow For Undisc
31st may Joe Tait Darlington Def Free
4th June Craig Baxter Bedlington Def Free
7th June Luke O’Brien Oxford Utd Def Free
1st July Richard Brodie Crawley T For Free
Loans In
Loans Out
6 months Callum Patton West Aukland For
Out Player To Pos Fee
24th May Ryan Donaldson Cambridge Utd Mid Undis
3rd June James Marwood No club Mid Free
27th June Josh Gillies Carlisle Utd Mid Undis
1st July Jack Lillie No club Def Free
1st July Lance McGlen No club Def Free
1st July Lee Mole No club Def Free
1st July Michael Roberts No club Def Free
1st July Jamie Barton No club Mid Free
1st July David Luke No club Mid Free
1st July Peter Ravenhill No club For Free
1st July Michael Sweet No club For Free
Released Yemi Odubade
Released Chris Bush
Released Peter Bore
Released Ryan McGorrigan
Released Glenn Wilson
Released Nathan Fisher
Released Liam Henderson

Grimb Badge.png

Grimsby Town

The Mariners have been quiet in the market for sure, with quality and steel to the fore. Winger Scott Neilson has arrived from Luton to complement a new look midfield thanks also to York raids for Scott Kerr and Patrick McLaughlin. Oh Scotty Kerr how you made young Frecklington purr! They have kept Craig Disley suggesting this foursome are a formidable force who can and will dominate games at our level. A ball winning crew and supply line to boost an awesome array of attacking talent.

However the Mariners have lost inspirational characters and talent as part of a nine-man clear out, with even financial benefactor Mr Fenty, eager to balance the books in the face of new fair play break-even rules.  Defenders, Wood, Miller and Ford, have gone to pastures new. Artus, Niven, Soares and Josh Morrall have vacated the midfield, but the replacements see improvement rather than concern. Greg Pearson is the only forward to leave, suggesting the duo are more than pleased with the multitude of blessings up front, in the form of hitman Hearn Hannah and Cook.

IN Player From Pos Fee
13th May Scott Neilson Luton T Mid Free
1st June Scott Kerr York C Mid Free
28th June Pat McLauchlin York C Mid Free
OUT Player To Pos Fee
29th May
Player To Pos Fee
Released Greg Fleming No club Keeper Free
Released Ian Miller Cambridge Def Free
Released Simon Ford No club Def Free
Released Josh Morrall No club Mid Free
Released Derek Niven No club Mid Free
Released Frankie Artus No club Mid Free
Released Louie Soares No club Mid Free
Released Greg Pearson Nuneaton For Free

Hereford United

Hereford managed to find £300,000 over the summer to halt the exodus and allow Martin Foyle – the second best manager in this league – to build a side.  Sam Smith is an one, but then Bush, Pilkington, Purdie and Walker have a reassurance to build on.  Foyle has not got money to burn but at least he can start to pull in some of those irons in the fires over the next couple of weeks. The young keeper is very useful.

IN Player From Pos Fee
3rd July Rob Purdie Shrewsbury Mid Free
26th June D Lloyd-Weston Market Drayton Keeper Free
20th June Dominic Collins Chester Def Free
19th June Chris Bush Gateshead Def Free
19th June Dan Pilkington York Winger Free
5th June Dan Walker Luton For Free
Loans In
Season Sam Smith Cambridge Utd For Wages
OUT Player To Pos Fee
6th July Joe Heath Chester Def Free
21st June Sam Clucas Mansfield Mid Free
May James Bittner No Club Keeper Free
May Stefan Stam FC Bosch
May Ryan Bowman York
May Marley Watkins Inverness

All Conference Transfers articles Parts 1 – 6 can be viewed HERE


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