Imps Wont Let Striker Go Cheap

With Crewe Alexandra now in a tug of war with Crawley Town for Aldershot FC striker Danny Hylton, manager Steve Davis, backed by strong season ticket sales, appears to be keen to lay out a small fee for a 6′ 3″ striker. Many feel this to be unsettled Lincoln City striker Vadaine Oliver. In football finances the term ‘small’ is relative but , to the Imps, a fair return could make a massive difference.  Tribunals also seem to be favouring non-League clubs in tussles with League ones, over the last few years.

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Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngCrewe Alexandra crest

It is fair to say Vadaine, 22 in October, has been touted everywhere by his agent and co. Of the three Imps yet to sign (Andrew Boyce, Miller and his good self) he is the one you feel is set to leave.  But a small fee is not on the cards. The Imps have taken the player from obscurity, rebuilt his confidence and will have a very strong case at a tribunal. As the player is under 24 we are guaranteed a fee  for him, one that we deserve and, for that matter desperately need. Crewe, who have one of the most profitable youth set-ups in the football League, should be more  aware of that than most. Aside from full Academy status and good funding they have argued the youth case well raising millions in transfer fees and add-ons (the clauses ensured they profited well out of  David Platt’s £20 million in fees). The Railwaymen have also seen 75 players go on to play for the first team before being sold on, so clearly their Academy is a vital artery for the clubs continued prosperity.

Not so the Imps, with Mr Moyses putting his money where his mouth is, unlike many of our directors, as our centre of excellence endures a hand-to-mouth existence.  With an additional 5-6 players required to complement the first-team squad, the budget is a tight one, even if season ticket sales and directors undertakings have seen it grow (3 sources suggest the £400,000 budget is now closer to £450,000). But with Hawkridge under contract, plus another target likely to require a small fee, a tribunal is likely to favour the Imps. We do not get the youth subsidies enjoyed by League sides, something tribunals are mindful of.  The chances are that we would not only get a decent fee, but also some add-ons and a slice of any future sell-on.

Vadaine’s long-term career would be better served by signing for a club who will play him every week.  Just ask Tyrone Barnett who waited before going to Posh for £1.1 million. Tyrone is just one of many confirming both, that our manager has a pedigree for developing young players and, that he has never stood in anyone’s way.  The reality is that we are always going to be a selling club, but one that deserves the right to emulate Dario’s Crewe Youth vision. To do that we need a return for enduring the ups and downs on the way to seeing the glimpses one would expect as a player begins to blossom. Surely the Imps are entitled to see a bit of the Spring before a predatory club comes in and enjoys the sunshine?

Vadaine is certainly about to blossom as the stats below confirm. Surely Gary and the Imps deserve him until January at least or anywhere between £50k and 100k down payment plus add-ons.  That is hardly a small fee is it?

Vadaine Oliver’s 2012/13 Impstats

Sq No NAME Starts Sub Mins Goals Shots Assists Fouls Fouled YC RC
14 Vadaine Oliver 22 19 2326 13 81 3 48 38 5 1

scores every 176 minutes.

File:Lincoln City F.C. badge.pngSTMI Biopic

FULL NAME Vadaine Oliver
DATE OF BIRTH 21 October 1991 (age 21)
HEIGHT 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
WEIGHT 12 st 4 lb (78 KG)
Playing Position Centre forward
CURRENT CLUB Lincoln City 
2004-2008 Sheffield Wednesday
2010-2012 Sheffield Wednesday – 0 apps
2013-date Lincoln City 37 Apps 13 goals

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  1. Tim Robinson

    A little research wouldn’t go amiss.

    The selling club does not ever receive endless sell-ons for every future transfer of a player, only the very next one. So Crewe could not have “done very well out of David Platt’s £20m in transfer fees”, only in the first one, the £5.5m sale from Aston Villa to Bari. But, actually, Platt did not have any sell on so the only fee they received was the £200,000 Villa originally paid for him.

    As for this fella, judging by the fees Crewe paid for Michael West and Michael Pogba last summer, the going rate will be £30,000-£80,000.

    • Thanks Tim, given a talent like Platt went for just £200k that is a surprise as I had, wrongly supposed that the low would be balanced by a sell-on, as is the norm. You are again quite correct on the endless sell-ons element. Given the size of our budget (£400-£450K), most Imps would be ecstatic with your £30k – £80k range, were there to be a sell-on percentage as well. Good luck next season in L1, the Alex appear to be on the up, a just return for a hard-working club who have a good pedigree in terms of footballing style and youth development.

      • Tim Robinson

        £200k in 1988 was massive for Crewe. Our record fee before that was £80,000 for Gary Blissett. I don’t think anyone at the club honestly thought Platt would go on to play for England or be a £5m player multiple times over. It did however teach the club to put it sell on fees, and Seth Johnson, Dean Ashton, Nicky Maynard and others netted millions through sell-ons with their next transfer.

      • I was fortunate enough to see Platt play for Arsenal, albeit in an Indian summer, when he signed along with Bergkamp (thanks to Daniel Fitzman’s huge financial input and David Dein’s vision more than Bruce Rioch’s input). He was magnificent against United at Highbury. He always saw the opportunity and did the first 5 yards in his head, but the winner in a three-two thriller showed his technique. I spoke to him once at a dinner. He had a soft spot for the Railwaymen and the staff that had set him in good stead for a career he had never dreamed of. A modest (in my experience as opinions probably vary), model pro who worked hard and reaped deserved rewards.

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