Will Hatters Get BSP Reprieve As Aldershot Overshoot CVA

Stockport County could get a Conference reprieve after Aldershot FCs Administrator admitted they will miss the BSP June 1st deadline for solvency compliance. Aldershot also had to reform in 1992 and make their way back up the pyramid.

The Conference drive a hard bargain when it comes to insolvency and will insist on demotion.  Although the Aldershot supporters Trust (let us hope they have more about them than our lot) are still attempting to rescue the club things are certainly looking pretty dire. The players have now not been paid since April and the Administrators have gone awfully quiet on mystery new investors. The fact that players have been made redundant is farcical given they will have to be replaced by people in the same positions should the Shots raise a squad for next season.

This would be fantastic news for Stockport County, who have had a terrible run of luck of late.  A club with such fantastic support could do with a bonus after two relegations. They have also lost some great players, some of whom will be playing for the Imps next season.

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  1. Erm, I think you´ll find they´re NOT “great players”.
    Sorry to disappoint you.

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