Martinez Magic Will Make Everton Smile

It looks like Roberto Martinez will finally be installed as the new Everton Boss subject to last ditch talks with Dave Whelan today. His FA Cup success, though tempered by relegation this year, is a fitting reward for keeping Athletic  in the Premier League.  For Everton it is a flamboyant, gesture, but would Bill Kenwright, who met him earlier this week, really want it any other way? The West End Producer knows how to put on a show and the Martinez brand will certainly do that.

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After success – a 50% win rate to boot – at Swansea Bobby Martinez spent four seasons at Wigan and, to be fair, his utilisation of the smallest budget in the league, has been the football equivalent of turning water into wine. Everton, may have vastly superior resources, but they too are paupers compared to the top 6, so it will take a special kind of character to emulate, let alone eclipse David Moyes. But Roberto is the man who can.

His best quality is his ability to bring things back from the brink he did it three times and failed at the fourth attempt. During his first season at Wigan, Bobby dodged the trapdoor in 2009/10, beating 3 of the big four. During the late charge, the Wigan trademark, they came from 2 down to beat Arsenal 3-2 and beat Liverpool. They failed to do the double over Chelsea, losing 8-0 on the final day. The Toffee’s won’t tolerate that kind of hammering, nor the 9-1 defeat at Spurs earlier in that season, but they have a strong spine and the defensive quality to allow his attacking instincts to entertain the Gwladys Street End at the heart of one of English football’s most atmospheric stadiums.

It is a big step up for him, because the expectations are high at the School of Science, also nicknamed the Peoples club. Apt then that one that champions the finer points of the people’s game, throughout his playing journey from Real Zaragosa to Chester, will do it with style and an optimistic smile.  That will be good for football and the Evertonians, who, perhaps more than most, deserve to be bashing the Big 5 Bastille door down.

Team From To G W D L Win %
Swansea City 24 February 2007 15 June 2009 126 63 37 26 50.00
Wigan Athletic 15 June 2009 Present 176 51 47 78 28.98
Overall Record 302 114 84 104 37.75

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  1. martinez is worse than i expected. Not only do i know everton are making a mistake if they appoint him but i am flabbergasted how lacking the director is as he considers someone who has just achieved relegation but wants to reward this manager for winning the FA Cup…….wake up kenwright! Seriously WAKE UP! Just listen to the Wigan fans. Each and every one of them have said that they would prefer to stay in the premiership than win the FA Cup………LISTEN Kenwright to them! Listen to the Everton fans too and stop being soooooo out of touch and miles apart from the ‘People’s club’ Plus sort that badge out! Some poor mistakes are being made and show some humidity and courage to do what is right for the fans sake. Or you will have a large fan base turn their back on Everton this season. ….I for one of them will be one despite being a fan all my life. .

  2. I’m not sure on Martinez myself but he’s about the best we’re going to get with the current list of candidates. He’s not a tithead, too, which is good.

  3. Yes, Martinez is a very sensible choice. Pereira is an option, but he is likely to use Everton as a stepping stone only. Martinez, on the other hand, is likely to prove a loyal servant of the club. Just the kind of man we need.

  4. Everton might struggle for a while in the transition to Martinez style if he goes there. He is very uncompromising and expects every player to play his way, regardless of their ability. Latics defence came under a lot of pressure trying to play this way and it cost them. See how Everton fans will react to Howard, Distin and Jagielka playing triangles in thief own 18 yd box.

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