The Waiting Game

It would appear the released lists of Rotherham UnitedChesterfield FC, Mansfield Town, Grimsby Town and Macclesfield Town have caught the attention of Lincoln City manager Gary Simpson, if the agents are to be believed. Laughable, to the cynics and sceptics, I know, but most of the gossip does tend to ring true, even if the deals can change at the last minute, or the 11th hour of the 27th day to be exact.

Lincoln City F.C. badge.png

Yes it is Poker time, with the manager aiming to nail down a left back, two central and one wide midfielder, plus three strikers. The fans clearly have the faith in him with Lincoln City fans flocking to back Simmo and his Six Foot Sincil Soldiers assault on the BSP play-off places next season.  Season ticket sales are 20% up on the same point last year, as manager Gary Simpson continues to put the jigsaw pieces into place. Despite any news on the released and retained list, expected either side of the weekend, the fans are buzzing. Blind faith perhaps, but one gets the feeling next year will be one to remember.

Contracts have now been offered to players, but the rules are that they have 28 days in which to reply. This gives the agents four weeks to hawk their clients talents around, before trying to squeeze the budget until the pips squeak. This can work both ways of course, with the Imps gaffer having to wait for decisions from his own targets.

The camaraderie within the squad and the faith in the manager’s vision, should see the majority of the squad stay together. The youthfulness of the squad will also ensure we get a fee, should any choose to take up offers elsewhere. This will only boost the budget further.  It was therefore of no surprise to see Tony Diagne offered a deal by Macclesfield. They need to make every penny count until fresh money comes into the club.


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