Wrexham Deserve 3 Promotion Places For Conference Clubs

For 3 promotion places to have any chance, Luton, Grimsby, Wrexham, Alfreton,  Braintree,  Cambridge,  Chester FC,  Dartford, Forest Green, Gateshead, Grimsby,  Hereford,  Hyde, Kidderminster, Lincoln,  Macclesfield, Nuneaton, Southport, Tamworth, Welling United and Woking fans need to act now.  Wrexham have for the second year failed to go up, something their flowing football deserved.  Luton have a budget League 2 & 1 clubs would envy, yet they too are marooned.  STMI urge all BSP, Championship and League 1 teams to back us, surely asking League 2 clubs would be like asking Turkeys to vote for Christmas. Please sign our petition  here and copy and paste this article onto your forums – we have 1250 we need 10k so ask your clubs to put it on their official sites. This is a call to arms, a fair and just fight for the right, nothing more, nothing less from, one fan to every other (and any League fans too, if you have a sporting sense of right and wrong)

Please help, please sign and thanks for reading Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

Ahead of a scheduled Football League full vote this summer, this is Football’s chance to be seen as a shining light in an unfair world – to be fair and willing to share. Give that right to fans and teams who dare to dream. You, the fans and the Football League, are the gateway and the custodians of the people’s game in so many ways. Please, surely there has to be at least one more set of golden keys?

Urge your members to give the Conference one more promotion spot. Is it so much so ask with the new TV deal just about to shower your members with even more cash? We are not asking for the cash handout, just give our teams the right to play our way onto the table.

BSP fans, believe we can do this together and rest assured The Football League will get an email every time someone signs.


Please sign our petition  here


Akin to the economy, we are starting to become stale and starved down here, through a two up two down system that blights – is that fair in the peoples game?  No its Feudalism football, an increasing reflection of life designed to stop the dream, kill the passion. Once again the enterprise dies. That may be shaping up to be Modern Britain but surely Football can be seen to send out the right message? We are not asking for your money just the right for 3 teams to join the party each season. Let us increase the natural flow of money through the game for the benefit of all, especially grass roots football. Its like quantitative easing  but without the inflation, it wont affect the nation because those who aspire can achieve higher.


Please sign our petition  here


The more noise we fans make the more they will listen. The football League vote is laden towards the top and it will cost them nothing. 5 Leagues plus two regional feeders could see dreams fulfilled, enticing investors into the game.

Let us force the League and the Blue Square Premier around a table and do what is fair.  In the current climate the last thing we need is to perpetuate ‘Feudalism Football’ – because that is what it is when the few shut out the millions who try to play the game on every park and pitch throughout the land.

Please sign our petition  here

3 up 3 down from League 2 to the BSP would allow passage up and down the pyramid, which could put more of an incentive into lads wanting to play the game now we are in a depression with £400 a week and the chance of getting spotted even though you slipped through the net at 16.

A more affordable football experience, the chance to have a friendly beer with other fans.  That extra place, or two would really fire the imagination fuelled by ambition and local pride and allow people to dare to dream without the fear of failure. 2 up 2 down is not fair is it Mr Clegg and it is most certainly not  British.  Everybody deserves a second chance. 3 up and 3 down will give us a sporting one at least.

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